Obergurgl: Unforgettable holidays in Austria

In Austria you will experience a summer that you will remember with pleasure: The Alpine world in Tyrol is an inexhaustible reservoir of fascinating nature, holistic relaxation or sporting challenges. During your holiday you can hike through quiet forests, climb rocky cliffs or discover the diverse nature during a family holiday with your children. Mountain bike tours are also very popular in Tyrol. Special routes are offered for beginners as well as for advanced cyclists. A winter holiday, on the other hand, is particularly tempting with alpine slopes for skiing and cross-country skiing.

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  • The seat can be adjusted to make it easier for the child to adjust the leg distance in different age groups.
  • Anti-slip pedal, exquisite process, environmentally friendly polymer TPR encapsulated, non-slip and durable
  • Free inflatable EVA rubber foam wheel, durable and cushioning, driving safety.
  • Golden triangular structure, anti – rollover – design, stable and robust.

Product description:

Frame: With Baosteel steel, high-strength argon arc welding process, stronger, adjustable seat

Quick disassemble: One button to quickly disassemble, assemble is also easy and fast

Handlebars: The entire handlebar design, Anti-Bias, Anti-Mismatch, Anti-lose


Colour blue Packaging: 58 * 37 * 25 / cm Gross / Net Weight: 5500 / 5000g Product Size: 86 * 58 * 46 cm Suitable for age: 2 years old and 5 years old Max. Payload: 25KG

12 reviews for Toddler Tricycle Blue

Stephanie Brückner – November 4, 2015

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Birth photography has become fashionable. Children’s star photographers like Antonia Werz also volunteer to look after children who are only alive for a short time.

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Almost half of the inhabitants of the African continent are children and young people. The EU-Africa Summit in Abidjan must look at their opportunities.

“Africa doesn’t exist”, was how a long-standing correspondent once summed up his experiences on our neighbouring continent. The closer and more intensive one gets to Africa’s diverse reality, the more useless are the widespread terms and images that circulate about it.

Nevertheless – if you come from a country like Germany, the first thing you notice is that you are not a German: Africa is young. Almost half of the inhabitants today are children and young people – according to the new UNICEF report “Generation 2030 – Africa 2.0”. Their energy and strength represent enormous potential – and a challenge for politicians.

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Dentists alarmed over black stump

Sometimes there are eight black milk teeth at once that Christian Splieth has to pull at the Greifswald University Hospital. His patients are just three years old. And they are lying on the operating table under general anesthesia because no toddler would voluntarily undergo this procedure.

Germany’s dentists are rich in such experiences. They sound the alarm because the caries rates among infants and young children are too high for them – especially in socially disadvantaged families without much education, including numerous migrants. Many of these parents know far too little about oral hygiene, say the dentists. They therefore want to have babies in their practices from the age of six months for regular check-ups. So far, children are two and a half when they see a dentist for the first time. Early detection examinations (U1 to U9) from birth are the responsibility of the paediatricians.

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A spoonful of vitamins for breakfast! Sanostol and Sanostol without added sugar taste particularly delicious and contribute, for example, with vitamins A, D, B6 and vitamin C to a normal function of the immune system. So you can – in phases of special stress or when a healthy, balanced diet cannot be achieved – supplement the diet in a targeted and tasty way!

Sanostol to supplement the diet

  • At work, school and kindergarten.
  • In the cold and wet season, when the immune system is particularly challenged.
  • For choosy children who want to eat a one-sided diet (e.g. only noodles, pizza, etc.).
Information on the nutrients contained in Sanostol®: Nutrient content 10 ml% of reference amount* per 10 mlVitamin A600 µg RE75 %Vitamin D35 µg100 %Vitamin E5 mg α-TE42 %Vitamin C60 mg75 %Vitamin B10,6 mg55 %Vitamin B20,8 mg57 %Vitamin B60,7 mg50 %Niacin9 mg NE56 %Pantothenic acid4 mg66,6 %

The product contains vitamin A. Pregnant women and women for whom pregnancy cannot be ruled out should consult their doctor before starting consumption.

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Lido Neusiedl am See – “sea” for the guests

Lake Neusiedl has been called the “Sea of Vienna” for a long time and is still the most popular weekend excursion destination of the Viennese population. As early as 1927, the first bathing facility on Lake Neusiedl was opened in Neusiedl am See. Today the complex is a modern lido with all amenities for the whole family. But one thing remains the same: the relaxed and incomparable atmosphere on the shores of Lake Neusiedl. Well-kept sunbathing lawns with large shady trees invite you to sunbathe, relax or simply dream. A children’s fresh water pool with slide, a playground and a children’s playground guarantee fun for young and old.

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Status: 20.06.2019 16:05 Uhr

So far, data on children of German IS followers in prisons in Syria and Iraq have been based more on estimates. According to information from theWDR, exact figures are now available for the first time.

By Florian Flade, WDR

According to WDR information, the Federal Government has for the first time a more precise overview of the number of children of German terrorists of the so-called Islamic State (IS) who are currently in prison camps and prisons in Northern Syria and Iraq. So far, the figures have been based more on estimates.

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Everyone is super friendly here

Our doctors.

  • Dr. Christina Jürgensen

Dr. Christina Jürgensen

“Young patients are special and therefore require special treatment. Healthy teeth are just as important as feeling safe and relaxed during treatment. For me, it is important that your children feel happy here and experience excellent, child-orientated care.”

Four children (Kjell 2004; Fynn 2006; Bjarne 2007; Kaja 2013) (Formerly: Dr. Christina Imschweiler)

  • Associate in the pediatric dentistry practice of Dr. Butz, Munich
  • Advanced training in behaviour management techniques
  • Advanced training in paediatric dentistry at the University of Texas, San Antonio, USA
  • Training in the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in San Antonio, USA
  • Established in a dental practice exclusively dedicated to the treatment of children since 2002
  • Member of national and international associations for paediatric dentistry

Hobbies: Dancing, skiing and travelling

Dr. Brigitte Baas

“As I am very fond of children and really enjoy being around them, I opted for paediatric dentistry. Because only in a specialised paediatric dental practice is one truly able to cater for young patients!”

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