refresher courses

Ubiquiti- and MicroTik-Administrator

Our refresher courses are aimed at all ubiquitous and micro technology administrators who have been certified in recent years and wish to refresh and deepen their knowledge within the framework of continuous further training. The focus will be on new technologies and updates in line with the certification requirements of manufacturers.

The refresher courses serve as quality assurance for the constantly evolving network technology and as proof of continuous further training and certification according to manufacturers’ guidelines.

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Who is this for now – children with previous knowledge? Everybody is welcome – whether they have previous knowledge or not, every child, every teenager or even adult is sufficiently supported so that we can soon perform as a group. The fitness area is open to young people aged 16 and over.

Do I have to be on site during the course as a parent or legal guardian? No, it is only necessary during registration due to the formalities.

If the children are insured for sports, for example, are they insured from the moment they enter the Europa-Park Talent Academy until they leave the course? We assume no liability for valuables.

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The herding dog

an intelligent, highly sensitive companion

Sensitive, subtle and hyperintelligent – our herding dogs. They like to hunt, bark and are at home a heart and a soul why? We have many years of experience in this field and are happy to help you.

Hunting dog breeds like the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie as well as herding dog mixtures etc. are becoming more and more fashionable. The good-looking and eager to learn sports talents are very popular with film and television. They are usually described as fond of children, easy to educate family dogs, the ideal leisure partner and constant companion.

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Lack of lateral snow >7 days ago

Our mission is tooth perfection. First-class results in the field of dental technology can only be achieved in the perfect interplay of three factors: the high demands of the client with regard to aesthetics, the best training of the producers inpuncto precision, as well as a common feeling for the spirit and beauty >

9 days ago

The end result. Even if today something is hidden by a filter… My mouth corner/skin is simply strapeziert from the tearing at the dentist – sorry. I now have a total of 4 teeth replaced (3 on the right, 1 on the left) plus the crowns for the teeth that have been ground down, so that the teeth that have been replaced can hold. That all amounted to approx. 2500 €. A lot of money for me. I paid the total costs from the health insurance (you send the treatment cost plan from the dentist there incl. proof of income then calculate their share of the co-payment) which is due to the fact that I as a single parent and trainee under the minimum rate to be able to take over a partial payment. (Normally I would have been paid 1050 Euro, the minimum income doubles the fixed allowance. All other costs that include the basic care are then also covered even if they exceed the double fixed subsidy – should you want to have a full veneer of the metal you would have to pay for it yourself) in Germany the regulation is certainly so. Altogether I am proud to have gone the way. And I finally have a bit better self-esteem again. And I can laugh from my heart again without feeling ashamed ❤️ #dentist #dentist #zahnarzt #zähne #teeth #zahnbrücke #teethbr >12 days ago

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  • B. Koletzko
  • C.-P. Bauer
  • M. Cierpka
  • M. Cremer
  • M. Flothkötter
  • C. Count
  • I. Heindl
  • C. Hellmers
  • M. Kersting
  • M. Tie angle
  • H. Przyrembel
  • K. Cousin
  • A. Weissenborn
  • A. Wöckel

Summary of the


“Gesund ins Leben – Netzwerk Junge Familie” is part of “IN FORM – Deutschlands Initiative für gesunde Ernährung und mehr Bewegung” (IN FORM – Germany’s Initiative for Healthy Nutrition and More Exercise) of the Federal Government and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. In this nationwide network, medical and scientific societies, professional associations and institutions have joined forces to provide parents with information on nutrition, exercise and allergy prevention.

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at the family hotel in the stubaital

Ski carousel, marble run and BIG Ron´s Kinderland are the magic words that will delight your children during their winter holiday in the Stubaital. Between wave rides, archways with fairytale figures and colourful hats, the first swings are more fun. And even the lift ride on the magic carpet becomes a unique adventure. All this awaits you directly around our family hotel Stubaierhof.

Relaxed breakfast

Just have a good night’s sleep and enjoy your breakfast. There must be so much luxury! Enjoy your start into the day with the delicacies of our rich buffet. Or maybe it could be a cup of coffee?

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Dentist Dr. Frederic Hermann new member of the Leading Implant Center

Zug/Zug, 7.02.2013 – Top implantologists with distinction present themselves on a new top platform. The newest member among the best is Dr. Frederic Hermann from Zug/Switzerland.

With Dr. Frederic Hermann, owner of Praxis Team 15 – Praxis für Zahnmedizin in Zug, the Internet platform Leading Implant Centers has gained another top-class member. The top implantologist Dr. Frederic Hermann has proven through the award “Certified Expert in Implantology”, which he was awarded by the German Society for Implantology, DGOI, that he is highly committed not only to his own further training, but also to the qualification of young professionals. Extensive practical experience as well as well-founded know-how and years of experience at the cutting edge of science, active and continuous participation in advanced and further training as well as training and teaching activities are the prerequisites that an implantologist has to prove time and again in order not only to win this award once but to earn it again and again. LEADING IMPLANT CENTER

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Do you want to advise customers fairly, transparently and competently? You do not want to sell dearly, but according to your needs? Then share our philosophy!

Good reasons for KIND

With us you never learn from

We see knowledge as the key to success – in technical, organisational and business management issues. The KIND Campus offers state-of-the-art training and continuing education structures in hearing acoustics and ophthalmic optics.

You can make a career with us

We are looking for employees who want to develop themselves further and grow beyond themselves. We provide support in career planning and preparation for new tasks. And because we are constantly growing, there are always opportunities to take the next step in your career.

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AuthorBeat Wäckerle,President SSO

Photos / GraphicsKeystone

What are the Fogen of bilateral treaties for dentistry? SSO President Beat Wäckerle comments in a guest commentary in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

The massive influx of foreign dentists has led to oversupply in cities and agglomerations. Since the bilateral agreements came into force in 2002 alone, 4222 foreign diplomas have been recognised as equivalent (status: 2014). By way of comparison, 8600 dental diplomas have been awarded at Swiss universities since 1892.

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Sports and leisure activities

hiking – tennis – golf – cycling – swimming – surfing – nordic walking – cross-country skiing

Four reservoirs offer gliders, surfers and anglers all possibilities of gliding, archery, mini golf, boccia, boules, table tennis, judo and cycling and hiking tours offered by the health resort administration. Tennis freaks will find their Eldorado here.

The Allgäu offers numerous excursion and leisure activities during your holiday at any time of the year.

Two 18-hole golf courses in the immediate vicinity invite you to a round of golf on well-kept greens in beautiful nature. Within an hour’s drive, you can also improve your handicap in other attractive clubs. Cheap green fees, discounts for guests of partner hotels and free tee times are points that make golf even more fun on holiday. The regular spa guest tournaments are a must for many of our visitors. And an additional reason to treat yourself to a break in Bad Wörishofen – from now on also to attractive arrangements “Golf with Kneipp”.

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