Lido Neusiedl am See – “sea” for the guests

Lake Neusiedl has been called the “Sea of Vienna” for a long time and is still the most popular weekend excursion destination of the Viennese population. As early as 1927, the first bathing facility on Lake Neusiedl was opened in Neusiedl am See. Today the complex is a modern lido with all amenities for the whole family. But one thing remains the same: the relaxed and incomparable atmosphere on the shores of Lake Neusiedl. Well-kept sunbathing lawns with large shady trees invite you to sunbathe, relax or simply dream. A children’s fresh water pool with slide, a playground and a children’s playground guarantee fun for young and old.

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Status: 20.06.2019 16:05 Uhr

So far, data on children of German IS followers in prisons in Syria and Iraq have been based more on estimates. According to information from theWDR, exact figures are now available for the first time.

By Florian Flade, WDR

According to WDR information, the Federal Government has for the first time a more precise overview of the number of children of German terrorists of the so-called Islamic State (IS) who are currently in prison camps and prisons in Northern Syria and Iraq. So far, the figures have been based more on estimates.

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Home bleaching from dentist costs

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When heating new insulating and insulating materials in combined heat and power plants, methyl isocyanate (MIC) was detected in internal investigations of a power plant operator. The substance is listed with an occupational exposure limit value of 0.024 mg/m³ in the TRGS 900 (occupational exposure limit values). MIC is toxic to humans in contact with skin/swallowing, inhalation is life-threatening. Furthermore it has a sensitizing effect and leads to allergic reactions of the skin and respiratory tract. Two occupational diseases are recognised in connection with the use of isocyanates in workplaces. These are BK 1315 (respiratory disease caused by isocyanates) and BK 5101 (skin diseases).

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London based Web Design studio

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Everyone is super friendly here

Our doctors.

  • Dr. Christina Jürgensen

Dr. Christina Jürgensen

“Young patients are special and therefore require special treatment. Healthy teeth are just as important as feeling safe and relaxed during treatment. For me, it is important that your children feel happy here and experience excellent, child-orientated care.”

Four children (Kjell 2004; Fynn 2006; Bjarne 2007; Kaja 2013) (Formerly: Dr. Christina Imschweiler)

  • Associate in the pediatric dentistry practice of Dr. Butz, Munich
  • Advanced training in behaviour management techniques
  • Advanced training in paediatric dentistry at the University of Texas, San Antonio, USA
  • Training in the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in San Antonio, USA
  • Established in a dental practice exclusively dedicated to the treatment of children since 2002
  • Member of national and international associations for paediatric dentistry

Hobbies: Dancing, skiing and travelling

Dr. Brigitte Baas

“As I am very fond of children and really enjoy being around them, I opted for paediatric dentistry. Because only in a specialised paediatric dental practice is one truly able to cater for young patients!”

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Nena on ZDF: “Hamburg rages, Hamburg rages, people!”

Home game in Hamburg: Nena at her gala in the “More! Theatre

Nena had a home match at the anniversary gala hosted by Thomas Gottschalk. But she could not compete against the ARD crime thriller.

Hamburg. They were all there: BAP front man Wolfgang Niedecken, Italo rock tube Gianna Nannini, Eurythmics head Dave Stewart. But above all Philipp, Larissa, Sakias, Samuel, Simeon – and of course Nena as the main character herself. The patchwork family from Rahlstedt was one of the eye-catchers and listeners at the big “Nichts versäumt” gala for the 40th stage anniversary of the German pop icon in Hamburg’s “Mehr! Theater”, which was broadcast on Saturday on ZDF.

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Overview / German Society of Endodontology and Dental Medicine / Notification of 13.12.2012

Thursday, 13 December 2012, 08:59 hrs

German Society for Endodontology and Dental Traumatology e.V. (DGET)

press release

Myths and facts: The häufigsten misinformation über the root canal treatment

Leipzig – If the dentist suggests a root canal treatment, this drives the drops of sweat onto the forehead of many patients. But the fear of a bad ordeal is usually unfounded. “Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the course of a root canal treatment,” says Dr. Christoph Zirkel, Secretary General of the German Society for Endodontology and Dental Traumatology. (DGET). In discussion with the specialist for endodontics, we clarify the most common errors.

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They’re here: childrens corner

The children’s participation concerts

Patrick Siben and DIE STUTTGARTER SALONIKER invite you to the KINDERMITMACHKONZERT “Childrens Corner” and perform exciting modern music from the turn of the century and the twenties/thirties.

No need to sit still here!

These concerts are aimed at all generations, babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and adults of all ages. The music is performed in such a way that the late-puberating teenager will be just as phasinated as the crawling child. Big and small children don’t have to sit still here. They are allowed to move, crawl to the orchestra, join in, dance, clap, hum and sing along.

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Must the drill buzz so cruelly? Isn’t the anaesthetic sometimes even more painful than the treatment itself? The fear of the dentist is widespread: According to a representative survey conducted by Ipsos* on behalf of ERGO, 61 percent of Germans are affected.

Usually, the pain of drilling is a deterrent to a visit to the dentist – for those under 50, this is 65 percent. Many therefore prefer to do without dental treatment altogether. Health expert Dr. Wolfgang Reuter from DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung explains why regular prophylaxis at the dentist is indispensable and how those affected can get their fear of the dentist under control.

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