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24.09.2012 Latest news

Kristina Schröder: “Parents want more flexible working hours and company support with childcare”.

Dr. Kristina Schröder and Prof. Renate Köcher

73 percent of parents of children under 16 want more time for the family. Full-time working mothers even express this wish at 88 percent, part-time working mothers at 78 percent. While fathers would like to work less, mothers would particularly like to see relief in everyday family life.

This is a result of the “Monitor Familienleben” presented by the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Dr. Kristina Schröder, together with Prof. Renate Köcher, Managing Director of the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach, on 24 September in Berlin.

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The herding dog

an intelligent, highly sensitive companion

Sensitive, subtle and hyperintelligent – our herding dogs. They like to hunt, bark and are at home a heart and a soul why? We have many years of experience in this field and are happy to help you.

Hunting dog breeds like the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie as well as herding dog mixtures etc. are becoming more and more fashionable. The good-looking and eager to learn sports talents are very popular with film and television. They are usually described as fond of children, easy to educate family dogs, the ideal leisure partner and constant companion.

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Orthica Vitamin D is a dietary supplement. Vitamin D is essential for many bodily functions. Among other things, it ensures strong bones and a good immune system. More info

What is Orthica Vitamin D?

Orthica Vitamin D is a dietary supplement. Vitamin D is essential for many bodily functions. Among other things, it ensures strong bones and a good immune system. Orthica offers various types of vitamin D. These dietary supplements do not contain gluten, lactose, soy protein, yeast, sucrose or synthetic preservatives, nor colourings, fragrances or flavourings. Orthica Vicamin D is therefore also suitable for vegetarians.

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City rally. In Günzburg.

Young explorers on their way.

What is the name of the church with the two towers on the Schlossplatz? What is Günzburg’s French twin town called? What can you see on the manhole covers of the city? These and ten other questions have to be answered by children taking part in the Günzburg city rally.

This game with the subtitle “Junge Entdecker unterwegs” (Young Discoverers on the Move) takes the young visitors to Günzburg (no school classes) to numerous sights and around the market square and turns every sightseeing tour into an exciting adventure.

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What is it about?


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Recommended for teenagers 12 years and older

You’re afraid of the dentist? You get a queasy feeling in your stomach as soon as you think about the treatment? The noises and equipment in the practice are a real horror for you? Not bad at all, because that’s how many young people feel when they think about visiting the dentist. But with the help of the hypnosis program “”Be:Brave! Don’t be afraid of the dentist”” your next visit to the dentist will now be child’s play for you! Under this hypnosis, go on a journey far away from all bad feelings and watch how you experience the treatment with your dentist relaxed, calm and painless. So you prepare yourself optimally for your next appointment at the dentist and will ask yourself afterwards what you have ever been afraid of!

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It is no longer just extreme athletes like Alexander Schulz or Andy Lewis who attract attention with their spectacular highlines over deep gorges. In the meantime slacklining has become an absolute trend sport and in summer it is impossible to imagine a park without it. Young and old alike enjoy putting their own balance, concentration and coordination to the test. A simple slackline for beginners and two trees is all you need to get started. At Globetrotter you can buy slacklines online or have a look at the slacklines and accessories directly in one of the branches.

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Finally it’s time: the first day of school! This funny and exciting adventure story is an ideal gift for school enrolment. Thanks to the personalisation, the little main character experiences an unforgettable first day at school – for reading aloud and reading to herself.

Hooray! Now I am a schoolchild! – Your funny book for school enrolment:

The big day is approaching – The school enrolment!

With its loving illustrations, the personalized children’s book “Hurra! Now I am a schoolchild” is an ideal gift for school enrolment. You can’t give a beginner more pleasure than to immortalize it in your own book. Thus this exciting day remains simply unforgettable.

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The most important things in a nutshell:

  • Bleaching is a purely aesthetic treatment without medical necessity and is therefore not covered by health insurance. The costs are several hundred euros.
  • Since this invasive procedure also has risks, the patient must be informed in detail.
  • Dentists can whiten teeth in several sessions in the practice or make a splint for patients, which is then worn daily at home for a few hours.
  • Teeth can also be whitened with professional tooth cleaning.

How does bleaching work?

The bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide brightens the enamel, more precisely the pigments in it. These usually discolour over the years, mainly through coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco. The bleaching process can be accelerated by heat (UV light or laser).

In dental practices, concentrations between 0.1 and 6.0 percent hydrogen peroxide are used. Since the end of 2012, free-to-sale bleaching materials from the drugstore have only contained a maximum of 0.1 percent hydrogen peroxide and thus have a low bleaching effect. These are, for example, agents that are brushed on or glued on, or prefabricated rails. Incidentally, discolorations caused by coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco can also be removed during professional tooth cleaning.

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Maxalt is a migraine drug from the group of triptans. The active ingredient Rizatriptan narrows the blood vessels in the brain, thereby alleviating migraine symptoms. More info

A doctor will assess your request and issue a prescription if necessary. The prescription is forwarded to a pharmacy. The pharmacy will send you the medicine within 1 to 3 working days. Here you will find further information on the procedure.

Max. 10 mg 3 Melting tabl.

Max. 10 mg 3 Tabl.

Max. 10 mg 6 Tabl.

Max. 10 mg 6 Melting tabl.

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ImplantologyCostsThe prices depend on the initial situation, e.g. bone quality, numbers of implants to be inserted and type of prosthesis. Bone-regenerating measures increase the total price. Binding information can only be given on the basis of examination results. A rewarding investment: conventional dentures are not always the cheapest solution on a long term perspective. Although the financial effort of implantological solutions is bigger in the moment of intervention, it usually pays off during long years of perfect usage. The costs of such implantation processes vary according to the individual case.

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