10 commandments for the choice of spouse – concealed history

The 10 commandments for spouse choice

In Nazi Germany, the 10 commandments for the choice of spouses served the purpose of making holy marriage stable in terms of ethnic values ​​and racially pure to preserve blood and German culture.

1.) Remember that you are a German.

2.) If you are healthy, then you must not remain childless.

3.) Keep your body clean.

4.) Keep your soul clean.

5.) As a German choose a spouse of the same or Nordic blood.

6.) First ask about the ancestors of the future husband.

7.) Health is a prerequisite for external beauty.

8.) Marry out of love.

9.) Do not look for a playmate, but a companion.

10.) The meaning of marriage is – healthy and many children.

"As a German, choose only a spouse of the same or Nordic blood. Wherever system fits system, there is harmony. Where unequal races mix, there is a dissonance. Mixtures of mating races (bastardization) often lead to degeneration and destruction in the lives of the peoples; the less the racial characteristics fit together, the faster. Beware of decline, stay away from foreign racial origins! Happiness is only possible with like-minded people. History teaches that our Germanic ancestors corresponded to a great extent to the Nordic people’s wishes. According to all research, the Nordic breed is the most valuable breed of the Germanic language and its development for the German people and their fraternal peoples. All German tribes have a Nordic breed together, may they differ from one another by impacts of non-Nordic races. – The Nordic bloodstroke connects the whole German people. Every German participates more or less in it. Maintaining and increasing this share is a sacred duty. Anyone who mixes his blood with non-European racial origins is working against the way his people are brought up. "

"You are not marrying your husband alone, but you are sort of marrying his ancestors. Valuable offspring can only be expected where there are valuable ancestors. […] A good person can carry germs (genetic material) that can turn out to be unfortunate in children. Therefore never marry the only good person from a bad family […] ”

In 1934, the individual bids were published in the National Socialist women’s magazine NS-Frauen-Warte with detailed explanations. In 1935, the ten commandments were published for the first time by an authority in the series of publications of the Reich Committee for Public Health Service. The founding of the family had to be preferred from a racial point of view.

"What should the man do in the last few years with a woman who is not even in the areas that are her due, e.g. B. the housekeeping, was even reasonably sufficient? Where should respect for the woman come from if she herself indicated through a completely unfair being that polite behavior was regarded by her as outdated and out of date? Where does the respect for the woman as a mother come from, who should perhaps raise children without being even brought up to a certain extent. ”- Reich leader Gertrud Scholtz-Klink 1934 to German women

Hans F. K. Günther: Spouse choice for marital happiness and hereditary training, 1941

Spouse choice for marital happiness and hereditary training
Hans F. K. Günther published the book Gattenwahl on marital happiness and hereditary training in 1941.

On 171 pages (3rd edition 1951 with 176 pages) Günther examines the hereditary qualities resulting from the choice of husband with regard to the supplementary question. In doing so, he proceeds typologically according to breeds such as Nordic and Eastern. The combinatorics according to Gregor Mendel was not the focus of his considerations.

The 10 commandments for spouse choice

Circular decree of the Reich Ministry of the Interior on the delivery of the book "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler for marriages, 10. April 1936 and handwritten text the slightly different National Socialist ten commandments for spouse choice


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