30 days of prayer for the Islamic world “

Approximately one million Christians worldwide are estimated to be participating in the "30 Days of Prayer for the Islamic World" campaign, which will take place from May 6th to June 4th this year.

30 days of prayer for the Islamic world for children and family

At a prayer conference 25 years ago, those responsible and missionary staff in the Middle East recognized the importance of praying specifically for the Islamic world. At the same time, they wanted to use their ministry to make it clear to Muslims that God loves them. This is how this prayer booklet came about. A lot has changed in the meantime. Modern communication technology makes it easy to receive contributions from employees from all over the world and to publish the prayer booklet in over 30 languages. We can make this initiative known worldwide via social media; via certain apps even in regions where you have to communicate in a security-conscious manner. An estimated one million Christians are now participating in this prayer campaign, many in distant countries and in foreign languages! Therefore, consciously join the prayer community of Christians in our country and worldwide. Our Islam working group dealt with the issues in a dedicated and knowledgeable manner and set the priorities for the German-language edition, which has been published with around 70,000 issues and which you can request from us in large numbers at https: // www .30tagegebet.de / heft order /

It is hard to repeat: Thousands of people around the world have recently suffered from growing Islamic extremism, destructive natural disasters and endless wars. On the other hand, there is also a lot to be said for the fact that many spiritual departures in the Muslim world towards Christ arise.

Prayer changed. Even ourselves! year for year.

Since 2018 we have given the prayer booklet "a new face". We want to keep it attractive to the growing international circle of prayers. The editorial teams of the German-language and international editions look forward to hearing from you Listen. Please write us a few lines about how this prayer booklet has shaped your faith and your view of the Islamic world in the past (26) years? ([email protected])

We are very happy if you make use of our offer and thus also contribute to the fact that "Prayer for the Islamic World" becomes a fixed part of the prayer culture in our country during Ramadan.


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