6 brain exercises to improve concentration

All of us have the ability to concentrate. Think about the times you have "sucked" of certain activities, such as playing sports games, Watching films. It’s time to focus absolutely. But sometimes you are neglected by some outdoor activities or worries. So you are distracted.

Exercises to improve concentration– The best exercises to implement:

Concentration means the ability to focus. It is not easy to develop concentration because it affects too many factors such as the outside environment or mentality. As you know, the older the more scope to process information. As you get older, the brain processes information more slowly. Meanwhile, the most important thing to get rid of the distraction is to increase the ability to concentrate. Sometimes your work is not efficient because they always to be interrupted. You should keep in mind that many problems make you get distracted. So encouraging concentration is very important to complete your work. By practicing 10 to 15 minutes of brain exercises To improve concentration, you can train your mind and increase concentration. Here are 6 brain exercises to improve your concentration:

2. Count

1. Make a list of things to do :

This is the first on the list of the best brain exercises to improve concentration that I would like to introduce throughout this article and want you and my other readers to learn and only make use of it at home by practicing it regularly. You make a list of things to descending priority because the energy of the first day to do and solve before higher than the day. This is also a way to not be overwhelmed at the end of the working day to help. You should put the list somewhere you can see and check the progress of the work regularly. This approach will help you focus on the tasks and gives a sense of success when you complete your work.

2. Count

This exercise becomes a book. You take a book and count the word in a paragraph. After that, count all of them one more time and you need to make sure all of them are counted correctly. After one paragraph, do it again and increase the difficulty of the exercise by counting 2 or 3 paragraphs. If you noticethe paragraph, try doing a whole page. When counting, use your eyes. You shouldn’t show your fingers on every word. In addition to counting words, you can count the number. It can be counted from 1 to 100 and backwards. Then skip every 2 numbers or you can count odd numbers and even numbers. This is very effective to improve brain exercise concentration that you can learn and practice every day.

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3. Feeling fruit

You take an orange. You are fully focused on this orange in your hand. The first thing you should do is feel the smell. You think of that smell. Then think about its shape or how it will give to you. You should try to get rid of irrelevant thoughts. Let your mind stay calm and ignore all of them. After examining the fruit for about 2 minutes, close your eyes. Imagine that you see, smell and touch the orange one. If the idea, try to show the picture clearly in your head. If the image becomes out of focus, open your mind in a short time and continue doing the exercise. You can imagine the orange in your hands or on the table. In addition to using an orange, you can use all kinds of fruits that you like. This is actually one of the most effective and best brain exercise to improve concentration with fruit that people should learn to use and make them improve their ability to concentrate.

4. Draw

The first thing you should do is draw a square or a circle in a piece of paper. Then paint it with any colors you like. After that, put the paper in front of you and pay attention to it. You focus your mind on paper. Think about the shape and color of the circle. Don’t listen to your attention on the paper with your mind and yours eyes. You should avoid thinking about other things that are not related to paper. In addition, you should not strain your eyes too much. In fact, this is one of the most natural and cheap brain enhancement exercises that you should practice without the use of expensive machines or supports. Your concentration can only be improved with paper and a colored pencil. This is one of the most important brain exercises to improve concentration that you should learn.

5. Division of labor

When working or studying, you should split the workload or homework out. Most People lack the patience when they do a job for a long time without efficiency and results. It’s very daunting. In fact, some researchers have proven that the brain can only focus on a limited amount of information in a given time. The best way to solve the problem is to split it up into small tasks. It is easier to concentrate than a big problem. It not only helps you relax but also creates excitement and joy when passing through the small markings. Sharing the work is the best brain exercise to improve people’s concentration.

6. Learn to focus:

This is the last, but very important, one of the best brain exercises to improve concentration that I want to reveal throughout this article and I want my readers to use and improve your concentration as quickly as possible to learn and do. Just 3-5 minutes every day you just set yours understanding observe. Write down all ideas, emotions, or your mood at that moment on paper. This helps you to become familiar with the constant awareness of the mind, to be able to recognize even the time you were losing focus. But you can also do yoga or tai chi breathing to increase the brain’s ability to work, relax, memory and better focus.

In addition to 6 brain exercises to improve concentration that I mentioned above, these are some quick tips to improve concentration:

  • Adequate sleep: People do not get enough because of the busy life time for the rest of them. In addition, working with a lack of sleep causes loss of focus, especially in the afternoon. You always feel tired, sleepy and lack of concentration at work. So, try to get enough sleep because during sleep, the brain cells undergo rehabilitation to be more awake when you wake up.
  • Exercise: Exercise for health effects is not only good to help you lose weight but also to improve your ability to focus. You can exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening. especially the Aerobic Exercise, Jogging or brisk walking outside is very good for improving your ability to concentrate.
  • Relaxing: Relaxation is a simple but effective way to help you "Refresh", to all the stresses of life and work that reinforces the focus when doing something. So you should go to the park or the countryside at leisure to enjoy the peaceful life.
  • Breakfast: Breakfast is very important. It provides most of the energy for your working day. Skipping breakfast, you will feel tired and hard to concentrate on any task. So, don’t ever skip breakfast to recharge your batteries and maintain maximum concentration.
  • Additional food good for the brain: Additional healthy food not only improves your ability to concentrate, but also guarantees you a healthy life. Foods like salmon, blueberries, Vietnamese fruits, avocados, nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B6, B12, E, antioxidants and protein. It is essential for the development and operation of the brain and helps prevent the brain from cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Another thing that my readers should do after reading my writing today, and to improve learning about the best brain exercises in concentration, is that you should spend time reading another writing that also mentions concentration – that Top 19 Natural Tips To Improve Concentration & storage power items.

The article today is a whole collection of the top 6 best brain exercises to improve concentration that both women and men reading this article on vkool.com and other people who also deal with loss of concentration should learn and use for good. These brain exercises to improve concentration are 100% well-proven and safe for health, cheap and would make sense for people of all ages so that my dear readers could use them without doing anything about the possible side effects they might have. You should also spend time visiting ourunderstanding & body side Get information about tips and tricks of life.

Writing the List of 6 Brain Exercises After Reading to Improve Concentration I hope that you have already learned the most useful information that is required for your concentration. If you have any questions, feel free to leave your feedback and comments below. I promise to answer you as soon as possible.

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