ABC design cobra

Type: Kombikinderwagen
Telescopic slide: Yes
Tire Type: Air chamber wheels
Seat with rest position: Yes

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ABC-Design Cobra: consistently suitable for fathers

The Cobra from ABC-Design already impresses with its optical performance. But it can also score with its variability: In combination with a carrycot and baby seat, it can be used as a combination stroller or travel system. Especially tall people can look forward to its high degree of variability.

Flexible combination stroller with adapter function

Optimized for tall people

Conclusion: The Cobra undoubtedly cuts a fine figure, the key technical data sound promising, but there is currently still no experience reports from customers. Anyone who is interested, however, has to dig a little deeper: At around 415 EUR he currently comes from Amazon .

to ABC Design Cobra

Lightweight with a modern design Its aluminum frame makes the three-wheeler Cobra a real lightweight and .

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Inadequate quality

  • I am: parents

We also chose that ABC design Cobra decided. In the specialist shop he made a good impression on me because he met my criteria such as: large basket, light frame, good design, easy Handling etc. fulfilled. The price, in my opinion, was 700 Sfr. (For frame, carrycot, car seat and buggy attachment) very fair.
All good and so far.
BUT when it finally came into action, it quickly became clear that it had its pitfalls.

1. The folding of the frame usually only takes place on the 2nd-3rd attempt.
2. The front wheel is constantly wedged on the frame and blocked. (the bike is then sideways and crooked)
3. Once the carrycot is on the frame, nothing can be put in the basket unless it is as thin as a magazine or the like.
4. After only 8 weeks !! the mattress in the carrycot already had such deep dents e.g. from the head that we had to replace them.
5. The wagon tilts very quickly if e.g. the diaper bag was packed a little too full.
6. The foot brake is often only released correctly on the second try.
7. No suspension!!

Of course there were also positive points, such as:

1. Very simple system (even without instructions)
2. Nice design
3. Light frame, as well as light accessories (tub, car seat, etc.)
4. Height adjustable push handle
5. Convenient for shopping (but only with the car seat on the rack)
6. The car also fits in small cars (VW Fox)

Conclusion: I would def the car. do not recommend or buy again. After only 14 weeks of use, we are now looking for Kiwa again and are spending a lot more money than if we had decided on a slightly higher quality Kiwa. I think the price-performance ratio is wrong in the back and front, because 700.- are a proud price for this product.

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ABC Design Model Cobra not recommended!

  • Advantages: price
  • Disadvantages: quality
  • Suitable for: not recommended
  • I am: parents

Due to bad experiences with the model Cobra and the company ABC-Design, we cannot report any positive experiences here.
The following points are to be criticized:
1. Front wheel locked in a certain position, risk of accident!
2. Mechanism for folding very stiff.
The frame warps and breaks.
3. Fabrics tear quickly
All points mentioned are based on 10 months of experience.
Complaints are rejected by ABC-Design and based on misuse by customers. Self-criticism is not an option.
Despite the grant period, strollers are for garbage.


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