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On the whole it is Township an entertaining, if time-consuming and educational game with excellent graphics that are safe for children to play with.

Parents may want to oversee and ensure children ages 4 to 12, that in-app purchase restrictions apply to their devices.

Younger children can definitely benefit from a simplified version of commercial farming as well as the essential components, the planning, To build and expand a small town.

Woohoo, the Bubble Gum Festival is back &# 127853;&# 128081; Hop into the competition to receive amazing rewards – including these decorations &# 128571; Are you all bubbly about the event, folks? #township_mobile

I think Township hack really one of the best online games ever. It is a strategy game for agriculture and urban development developed by Playrix.

It’s available on the App Store if you want to play it on the desktop (I don’t know where to go for Windows) and, as far as I know, on Android? Thank God it’s completely free.

But of course there are in-game purchases where you can buy cash / coins with real cash, to speed up some processes and other things. I’ll discuss more about that later.

So if there’s one thing I love most about Township, other than art, is flexibility and attention to detail. There are fields to plant, animal farms, houses, factories, planes, trains, ships … many more! Even an editable zoo! How all these things connect is just flawless and I recommend Playrix for it.

Now I know that there are many similar ones games out there that are fantastic and flawless. But one thing Township cheats what has made it unique is to summarize everything I have to say, a wide range and a relationship with the players and the real world.

A good example of the latter are their competitions and planned events, depending on the occasion or holiday, i.e. H. Christmas, Easter, to name a few, and of course the prices, that could make you addicted.

Note: I will discuss this from the Desktop Township perspective. I haven’t played the mobile version yet, so I’m not sure, what are the differences and / or similarities between the two, possibly mainly in terms of the user interface.

Let’s start with the basic, generally rated: aesthetics. And by aesthetics I meant the whole game concept, Art and music.

What made it different, however, was the implementation of this concept and the connection of each idea to one big game. It was a good choice for Playrix, to make this game an online game.

As such, they could take advantage of the various benefits of online games. And they used it, I could also say wonderfully!

A very classic example of this is of course the presence of On-line-Friends who help you fill out orders, and now Co-Op, where you can not only add / invite a whole bunch of new people and help each other, but also message them too.

That being said, as already mentioned, the events and events they organize Competitions as well as the rankings, they set up to exaggerate and make you competitive.

Back to the original subtopic of the concept, although the game idea itself is not original, the way Playrix has done and improved it from time to time is its sensitivity to details, to operate and address other areas of the game, refreshing .

Ready to give a hand to Professor Verne? Here’s how you join his experiments: &# 128073;&# 128526; Enjoying the experiments so far, Townshippers #township_mobile

And it made it unique for me. I mean, I’ve played a lot of games in agriculture and urban development. Township was the first company for me, that combined both in one.

As for art … hmm, it’s actually pretty difficult to judge because players have the freedom to create their own city. There are hundreds of decorations to unlock, around 200, and that doesn’t even include the decors, that are available at certain holiday events! Standard / in-game decorations include park designs, plants, yachts or ships, and even buildings such as castles, Taj Mahal or the Empire State Building.


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