Amsterdam with children

"Come here," calls the conductor and clearly points to my tall one. Lasse looks startled. I shrug my shoulders. We got on our handcart in the penultimate tram car, as always, put it on one of the bike and stroller places and stamped the tickets. My tall man takes a few steps to the conductor’s cabin – with nervous wrinkles on his forehead. "Yes, please?" He asks shyly. She opens the glass door, gently pulls him into her tiny cabin, grins broadly and says with an adorable Dutch accent: "You are now my assistant …"

Oh yes, the people of Amsterdam are child-friendly. They make room for carts and handcarts on the sidewalk, only grin in the restaurant when a child screams, serve portions of child with pleasure, smile. They plan museums and exhibitions so that they are really exciting instead of boring and they set up children’s play areas everywhere in the cafés and shops. So the Dutch are terribly mom-and-dad-friendly too. Only on their bike routes in the middle of the sidewalks do they understand no fun – but our children learned that after a few hours.

Amsterdam is just the right size to discover on foot and by cart or handcart, many of the sights are very close together. The most beautiful thing is actually just walking around and discovering beautiful things everywhere, because the whole city center is a sight. It feels like there is a park every few blocks and here too you get the feeling that the people of Amsterdam are still a bit of a child in their hearts (even the city towns and city planners with ties), the many playgrounds, water points and play areas are so exciting and beautiful and fun.

A highlight, especially in good weather, is the Vondelpark, with its water playground and animals – unfortunately, like all of Amsterdam, it is very crowded in summer. This time we spent a lot of time in the Oosterpark, which was right around the corner from our hostel. Also good: only go to the park in the evening or in summer even after supper: then balloons and garlands flutter everywhere in the trees, the Amsterdamers picnic and grill and celebrate and make music and the children’s playgrounds are pleasantly empty.

We were in for a few hours Beatrixpark, which is a little further out, but is very quiet and absolutely untouristic. The children romped across the huge meadows, splashed around with Amsterdam children in the free Pierenbad and then dug in the large sandpit.

A must with children: a boat trip on the canals. And ideal for adults to orientate themselves at the start of the short vacation. It is particularly nice in one of the small boats because they can swing more and go into smaller channels, so go to the jetties (e.g. at the train station) early in the morning or reserve tickets. With us all small boats were hopelessly overcrowded, so we only had one tour in the big boat. My big one in particular found the explanations for individual places and houses via headphones really exciting.

Also wonderful: a visit to the pretty botanical garden Hortus Botanikus. There is a special children’s menu with eight tips for searching and we enjoyed it a lot, including the one smallest, the prickiest and the most voracious plant to search. We would have loved to see the largest water lily in the world with toddler-sized leaves, but unfortunately it was received recently. Luk’s favorite: The bamboo tunnel. Let: that butterfly house. And the turtle pond in the tropical house. Tjelles: the beech trees ways (to whiz around – auweia). Papas: a shower in the magic café and fragrant leaves and trees. And mine: the small, pretty one load with all kinds of souvenirs, coloring books for adults and adorable children’s books. Heidewitzka, I could buy tons of children’s books, preferably in languages ​​that I don’t understand at all, simply because they’re so beautiful.

The only drawback in Amsterdam: find affordable and nice accommodation. We had booked a very simple hostel (unfortunately for the price of a really great one). Amsterdam just. Especially in summer. Our solution: turn a blind eye in terms of equipment and appearance, spend as little time as possible in the short-term home – and all the more for this outside in this wonderful city. You can spend a nice night somewhere else. Or maybe you know affordable and beautiful accommodations in Amsterdam?

On the last evening we ate burgers on long wooden benches under the city and starry sky, tired of walking around and tired of admiring and amazed. We just sat there and even the boys were silent, sipping their colorful sodas and watching fellow human beings with us: people of every skin color walked past on the sidewalk in front of us, old and young people, rumbling youth groups, babbling large families and men with wigs in sparkling women’s clothes , And I thought again: what a wonderful, cosmopolitan city. What a great way to show children a colorful, warm and tolerant life without a long journey.

Sure, a city trip is not just fun. In the first few hours we were sweating profusely to pull the boys off the bike path or the bike highway at the last second. Comfortable, extensive shopping was simply not possible. And of course someone whines and complains. Or sometimes all three. Nevertheless, the fun predominates. The feeling of being together on an adventure search.

On the last night, when eating, when the kids started arguing for a while, about the biggest burger or the most colorful drinking straw or whatever – and suddenly the wrong drinking straws were angrily thrown around, André just rolled his eyes tiredly and I loudly sighed, an elderly lady suddenly came to our table. An appearance, in large-flowered dress and with shining, high-piled, Gouda-colored hair. The children were silent immediately. I thought, clearly, she wants to complain now, so no wonder. But she smiled, full of face with these gorgeous, typically Dutch laugh lines and said: “Congratulations to your family. You all look so happy. "

Amsterdam: Our tips – in a nutshell

Sleep: I looked at Airbnb first, maybe a little late and found nothing more affordable. Never happened to me before. So my tip: book in time. We booked through Hostelworld – but are still looking for a great place to stay for our next Amsterdam trip.

Do: Simply through the city with a cart or handcart Strolling. A canals book. in the park recover, splash, play. In the beautiful Botanical Garden Stroll around Hortus and a lot Discover green wonders. in the City Zoo Admire Artis animals. Catch playing with pigeons on the Dam Square. Or watch a free Punch and Judy show there in summer.

In bad weather: children cook in the children’s kitchen café, get away from them operate and eat together. Another great idea from Amsterdam. How about colorful pictures in the wonderful Van Gogh Museum Admire works of art by this crazy, insanely talented man with the missing ear, who usually fascinates children. (Maybe with a few little things in my handbag, for one of my game ideas for an exciting visit to the museum). Discover science in the Nemo, make liquorice yourself or soap bubbles that are so big that you can stand in them.

How about looking at ships in the Scheepvaarts Museum. Or frolic in the former tunnel. The Tunfun was originally supposed to be a tunnel under the Mr. Visserplein, but the construction work was abandoned and the Tunfun is now the largest indoor playground in the Netherlands. With lots of good ideas. There is even a children’s hairdresser there.

For older children: Through Anne Frank house climb. And get a very personal access to this incredible part of the story. (Definitely reserve tickets, otherwise you have to wait for hours!).

Eat: We wanted it casual and uncomplicated and this evening we ate with the boys through the Amsterdam food chains, which are tasty, affordable and easy to reach.
Burger, we had at Burgermeester. Super delicious burgers and no fries, but the most delicious side dishes in the world (Coleslaw, Ceasers Salad, corn) – they also found guys.
pancakes: The boys could have eaten in pancakes in the morning, at noon and in the evening. We don’t quite – but they are delicious. (Unfortunately always very full!)
asia: Noodle soup for the kids, noodles with fresh ginger for us. Wonderfully simple and completely relaxed in Wagamama (means "naughty child". Aha …).
The very best breakfast, with freshly squeezed orange juice, bread basket and homemade jam in the nicest shop with the most beautiful children’s play area: De Bakkerswinkel. (And take cakes for afternoon and for hand!)

shopping: There are pretty small shops in the Nine Streets district. I was allowed in four – one for each of my men. After that, her patience was exhausted. Fortunately, there are still a few nice shops, which are a children’s boutique and a café at the same time. With cocoa, it is easier to be more patient. I liked: Blender (with pretty things from Amsterdam label Noeser!). And: mini market.

Otherwise good to know:
– As child-friendly as Amsterdam is: they don’t understand fun on their bike streets. So: ATTENTION!
– Get on the tram with a cart or pram in the penultimate carriage, there are two spacious parking spaces. Even day tickets have to every time be devalued when getting on and off (for statistics).
– Dutch children’s items are rather small. So souvenirs like a number shop bigger.

Have I forgotten good ideas for Amsterdam? Please gladly add. I wish you a lot of fun for your trip!
All the best,


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