Andy reid in front of the super bowl: a life full of defeats and tragedies, Berlin newspaper

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But the success of the past days he can’t continue with the Eagles. The team loses twelve of 16 games the following season and the head coach has to take his hat off.

The Kansas City Chiefs are experiencing a tragedy

It fits the story of this man that a tragedy is also happening in Kansas City at the same time. Chiefs player Jovan Belcher shoots his girlfriend after an argument at her home. He then committed suicide in the parking lot in front of the Chiefs” Arrowhead Stadium. Head coach Romeo Crennel and sports director Scott Pioli have to watch the crime and cannot prevent it. The team is in shock for weeks and loses 14 out of 16 games.

Just a few months later, Andy Reid takes over as chief coach. It forms a unit in no time. This succeeds above all because "Big Red" gives professionals like Travis Kelce a second chance. Kelce, who had flown from college three years earlier for cannabis use, is considered a difficult character. But Reid trusts him and gives him and other problem professionals like Tyreek Hill and Damien Williams and also his son Britt, who is now the Chiefs’ assistant coach, a second chance. Perhaps also to save her because he failed with his son Garrett.

In the first year under Reid, the chiefs immediately reach the playoffs. But then, despite a 28-point lead, they lose 44:45 against the Indianapolis Colts. From 2015 to 2018 they move into the final round every year. And every time they lose the crucial games short before the title.

Now, 15 years after the last Super Bowl participation, the circle for Andy Reid could finally close on Sunday. He has now won 221 games in his career – more than no title-less NFL coach before. Many colleagues say that he has become more relaxed over time. But what has never changed: Andy Reid is still one of the best and most creative coaches in the NFL. And his players follow him wherever he goes. So shortly after moving into the Super Bowl, Eric Fisher told SB Nation: “I want to win a Super Bowl for Coach Reid more than anything. This man deserves one great Bowl. He has worked and worked and dedicated his whole life to this goal. Coach Reid needs a Super Bowl. We have to win him over now. "


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