Application for adoption: what should you watch out for?

There are many different reasons for wanting to adopt a child. Given the responsibility that lies with adoptive parents, it is only understandable that the selection process for adoptive families is quite strict and there are high requirements. It is therefore important to consider a few things when making the application.

Children in difficult situations

If the stepchild, i.e. the biological child of the life partner, is to be adopted in a rainbow family, there is usually not so much to consider. It gets more difficult when a "Foreign" child is adopted. There are many reasons why children are up for adoption: they can be orphaned and lost to parents through accident, illness, or neglect. However, it is also possible for parents to actively release their child for adoption if, for example, they are unable to take care of the child due to their life situation. For the children, this usually means:

  • They are because of their experiences traumarisiert or at least frightened.
  • They need more time to grow up than normal kids trust to grasp adults.
  • They often have difficulty getting them used to a regular family schedule.
  • They need help in their social and emotional development.

These kids are in a lot difficult situations, which perhaps makes it clear why an application for adoption cannot be made just like that.

From living conditions to age to education and income – the application for adoption

If children have already gone through so much, as described, then they should go with the adoption come into life circumstances that not only offer them a normal environment. You should also get the opportunity to heal and develop and educate according to age. Accordingly, the application for adoption also requires parents who are at least 25 years old (a partner may only be 21 years old) and at most 40 years older as the child to be adopted.

Plan time and money

The criteria mentioned already suggest that the Aptitude is not an easy matter for adoption. One should spend a relatively large amount of time and money count. And even then it is not guaranteed that a child will be found quickly, both in terms of age and in his personal situation fits the adoptive parents.

Because the application for adoption, the review and approval as well as the fit with a corresponding child is followed by a long time acclimation. Even if all bureaucratic hurdles have been overcome, the new caregivers and the child must finally get to know each other and find out whether “the chemistry is right". This in turn requires time and patience, especially with older ones children it’s not always easy.

Video: adoption … what requirements / my attitude / unfulfilled desire for children

Growing and approaching each other as a family

Adoptive parents are not always childless – sometimes there are biological siblings. Especially then, careful handling, getting to know each other slowly is important. Incidentally, if children are interested in their origins at some point, adoptive parents should address them and Age-appropriate information give. Some children want to get to know their biological parents, others don’t.

Both should be accepted. Incidentally, the right of adoption differs in the individual countries. Nevertheless, it is inevitably easier to adopt a child abroad. That being said, in retrospect in Germany they still have to corresponding formalities be clarified.

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