Big paws, little paws from Galia Bernstein

Every person is unique, every person is different and yet we are all so alike. We have similarities that unite us, we have differences that make each one special. This is also the topic in Galia Bernstein’s picture book "Big Paws, Little Paws".

Simon the cat

The book tells of the little cat Simon, who has a great deal of courage and self-confidence. Because Simon imagines tigers, lions, cheetahs, panthers and cougars to be just like them. The big cats can only laugh about that. They taunt him and make fun of him. But then Simon begins to enumerate what they have in common and the big ones have to realize that the little cat is not so wrong.

Funny picture book with a strong message

With her picture book "Big Paws, Little Paws", Galia Bernstein presents an endearing and entertaining story that also brings an important message. But this does not come with a mallet or with the raised index finger, but well packaged in a funny story. Galia Bernstein reminds us that we are all different, we all have different interests, different preferences and talents. But no matter how different we may be, we also have an unbelievable number of things in common.
She packed this important message in a purring animal story. With short, meaningful sentences, she tells of the meeting of the small domestic cat Simon with her large peers. The accompanying illustrations are very striking, show the animals, but do without any backdrop. The reader and viewer focuses on the essentials, on the key message.
Galia Bernstein entertains us with her picture book. But it also reminds us that this story doesn’t just stop there cats applies, but also to us humans. The author calls for more tolerance and acceptance. It reminds us it, how different we all are, but how different we are Nevertheless resemble at the same time. She passes this on to children in a very simple way, who will not only take this picture book to heart, but will also talk about it after reading it.

"Big paws, little paws" is a story about similarities and differences. With clear words and strong illustrations, author Galia Bernstein reminds us of how different we all are, but still different. Her book contains a strong message that she passes on to young readers in a simple and entertaining way.


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