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Long distance travel: New TUI offers for families and falling prices

TUI Deutschland presented the new winter programme 18/19 in Hanover and Cyprus. Holidaymakers expect a significant increase in the number of offers in the value-for-money segment. The international three-star club concept Suneo will round off TUI’s broad club portfolio in the future. There will also be growth in the Best Family family concept: six new hotels will open in the Canaries and Germany. TUI fly’s range of flights to Egypt, Cape Verde and Madeira is being expanded.

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Family in upheaval

Must we redefine the term family?

02.10.2014, 16:03 hrs | mmh, dpa,

Mom, Dad, child – how do you define family today? (Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

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  • Patchwork families, rainbow families, single parents – the repertoire of more or less recognized family variants besides the classical form has become richer in our society. Marriage and family law in particular have reacted to this. But has this already reached all people in society? Or do we have to redefine our concept of family?

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    A radiant smile, white teeth and fresh breath are not only very likeable, but also testify to health. To keep your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful, it is often not enough to brush your teeth every day at home. Thorough cleaning and care of the interdental spaces with dental floss or interdental brushes can remove a large proportion of the harmful bacteria that can attack teeth and gums. But you won’t reach all areas, such as recessed gum pockets in periodontitis. Even the back of the mouth, where the wisdom teeth are located, is difficult to reach. In addition, most people do not clean their tongues, although many plaque bacteria can settle there and lead to dental diseases and bad breath. That is why it is important to pay attention to your dental health at an early age. This also includes regular visits to the dentist – at least every six months – to check your own teeth and have prophylactic treatment carried out. Your Ingolstadt dentist will be happy to help you painlessly with the most modern and gentle procedures to achieve ideal, healthy oral hygiene, because this is our top priority. Professional dental cleaning is therefore one of the most important prophylactic measures.

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    Esther Schweins on August 28th at the start of the 7th Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik Oldie-Rallye in Hamburg Photo: picture alliance / Geisler-Fotop

    In the B.Z. the Berlin actress talks about her happiness and why she still doesn’t want to get married.

    With her children Mina (7) and Pau (6) and her husband Lorenzo (41), a farmer, Esther Schweins (44) has lived in Mallorca for eight years in a wild marriage. She will soon be seen in the two-part documentary drama “The Women of the Vikings” (13.9., 20.15 on Arte) and as a divorce lawyer in the Rosamunde Pilcher film “Anwälte küsst man nicht” (21.9., 20.15 on ZDF). In the B.Z. the Berlin actress talks about her happiness and why she still doesn’t want to get married.

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    Areas of activity:

    • Institute for Information Science and Language Technology [visiting lecturer]

    consultation hour

    I’m not offering a regular surgery this semester. Please make an appointment about 1 week in advance: E-Mail

    Publication of the dissertation: Usability Results as a Knowledge Resource in Organizations

    My dissertation was published in October in the series Schriftenreihe zur Informationswissenschaft: Nähere Informationen beim Verlag. The blurb says:

    “Usability and user experience are central quality factors in software development today. With the increasing maturity of usability and UX processes in many organizations, their knowledge of their own users, their preferences and their usage behavior is growing. Interviews and focus groups with usability practitioners from different companies and industries form the basis for the analysis of the added value and possible barriers to the use of usability information. From this, information management requirements are derived for their effective and efficient use. A prototype usability information system implements the requirements exemplarily and enables evaluation from the point of view of the intended users.

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    Contact and Information

    3642 Aggsbach village castle ruin Aggstein

    +43 2753 82 28-1+43 2752 82 28-4

    Legendary castle experience in the Wachau.

    On the right bank of the Danube – on a steep rock above the Danube – lies the castle ruin of Aggstein, which has been lovingly revitalised in recent years and developed into a fabulous experience for its visitors.

    Already the Kuenringers ruled here and around the so-called “little rose garden” there is a lot of legend.

    Not only the fabulous view into the Danube valley or into the Dunkelsteiner forest, but also the offer of the Burgtaverne, audio tours, the Nibelungen exhibition make the visit a fabulous experience for the whole family.

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    Some parents don’t think city trips are for kids. If you mean to stroll through the streets for hours, visit countless museums and go shopping, then you are probably right. Our children are normal children and they find it boring. But there is another way and we are of the opinion that you can also make great city trips with children. The main principle of everything you do is: Don’t plan too much. With children everything takes longer and honestly: They just want to spend time in a hotel or pool. That has to be in there, too. On the spot you can drive everywhere well with the grave. Since it’s really hot, a buggy should ideally be in your luggage. A very small one is also enough.

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    ZDF Enterprises sells 260 children’s episodes to Israeli broadcaster HOT

    Mainz, 31 March 2015

    The media producer, co-producer and distributor ZDF Enterprises announces the first major sale of ZDFE.junior live action programs for young audiences to HOT, the largest VoD provider in Israel. HOT is a provider of Internet, telecommunications and television services as well as a cable platform operator with proprietary and operated channels and VoD providers.

    The extensive package includes 260 half-hour episodes of some of the most popular and latest children’s series such as H20 – Sudden Mermaid (3 seasons), Dance Academy – Dance Your Dream! (3 seasons), Wolfblood – Full Moon Transformation (3 seasons), Elephant Princess (2 seasons) and Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (first season).

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    Adventure in the adventure pool, time-out from everyday life in the sauna or health bath.

    Admission prices & combination rates


    Fun and sports poolMineralforumSaunaweltWONNEMAR complete1,5 hours10,50 €13,50 €13,90 €4 hours11,50 €14,50 €15,90 €20,90 €Day ticket13,50 €17,50 €18,90 €25,90 €

    Child / Disqualified

    Fun and sports poolMineralforumSaunaweltWONNEMAR complete1,5 hours9,50 €12,50 €12,90 €4 hours10,50 €13,50 €14,90 €19,90 €Day ticket12,50 €16,50 €17,90 €23,90 €


    Fun- and SportbadWONNEMAR complete4 hours32,50 €49,90 €Day ticket39,50 €59,90 €

    General in your WONNEMAR

    • Children up to and including 4 years in the fun and sports pool
    • Birthday children of any age on the day of the birthday (proof required):Children 5 to 15 years: entrance fun and sports pool freeAb 16 years: entrance WONNEMAR complete1 free
    • for accompanying persons of persons with disabilities with valid identity card (identity card marked “B”) to the same tariff unit
    • Trainees, pupils, students, severely disabled persons, unemployed persons, social assistance recipients, recipients of basic social security, participants in voluntary services
    • Children from 5 up to and including 15 years old
    • Children up to and including 6 years are only admitted when accompanied by an adult.
    • Parents or parent (max. 2 adults) and all own children
    • Grandparents or grandparents (max. 2 adults) with all their own grandchildren
    • Parent and grandparent with all their own children or grandchildren
    • same-sex couples in a marriage-like relationship (shared household) with all their own children
    • Family small: 1 parent with 1 own child or 1 grandparent with 1 own grandchild (valid for the Family Day tariff)
    • pay 10 times, bathe and/or sauna 11 times
    • 10er card is transferable with the same tariff
    • Valid only for the selected regular admission price
    • A deposit of 5,00 € is charged for the 10-card.

    WEEKEND-, FEIERTAGS- UND FERIENZUSCHLAG PRO PERSON: 1,00 € (will be charged Saturday and Sunday, on holidays and in the school holidays of Brandenburg.

    Automatic posting to the next higher rate in the event of overdraft.

    In case of time overrun or transfer to an unbooked WONNEMAR area, the highlight tariffs shall cease to apply and the regular entry tariffs shall apply from the start.

    Further conditions: All requirements for a reduction (age, place of residence, etc.) must be proven at each visit by an official photo ID, if necessary also with further receipts. We grant only one type of discount on all admission prices. On individual days, general price or tariff surcharges may be charged for special services (events, promotions, etc.). We reserve the right to make general price and/or tariff changes, which will be announced on the notice board. Such price and/or tariff changes by notice take precedence over the prices and tariffs indicated in this list. No discounts are granted on specials, savings, highlight and club card tariffs.

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