The popular Panoramic Hotel in Bad Lauterberg in the Harz offers everything that singles, couples and families with children need for a break from everyday life with its swimming pool (indoor pool), sauna, wellness and massage facilities!

Those who spend their holidays in the apartment and family hotel Panoramic in Bad Lauterberg have booked relaxation. Our family-friendly accommodation is completely specialized in holiday pleasures for young and old – and scores with many inner qualities. Our accommodation enjoys great popularity as a family and children’s hotel in the Harz mountains.

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With hypnosis against the fear of the dentist

Apolda Apolda. The dentist Andrea Stiede from Apolda trusts in an appropriate method for a more relaxed treatment of her patients.

Dentist Andrea Stiede (left) and her dental assistant Jana Feldrappe demonstrated hypnosis to patient Konstantin von Poellnitz yesterday on the occasion of the “Day of Gentle Dentistry”. Photo: Dirk Lorenz-Bauer

It’s not more than five minutes, so it seems as if Christian Mämecke is sinking a little deeper into the artificial leather of the dentist’s chair. His head rests on a so-called music pillow. Instrumental music purrs around his ears as dentist Andrea Stiede begins to make vertical movements over the patient’s nose with a light pen. She asks him to follow the point of light with her eyes. He obeys. She softly talks to him, asking him to close his eyes after counting from 1 to 10.

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AIDA Family Holiday: Cruise with children

On board AIDA, young and old explorers alike feel at home all round. While the little pirates go on a voyage of discovery, the big ones simply lean back and enjoy the view. Adventurers or those seeking relaxation, culture lovers or sports enthusiasts – on our Kussmundschiffen we provide the most beautiful holiday ideas for your dreamlike family holiday on the sea.

Advantages for the whole family at a glance

✔ Childcare according to German standards (3-17 years) ✔ Kids & Teens program in huge variety ✔ Cabins with connecting door ✔ Culinary indulgence program ✔ Fair weather guarantee in the Beach Club* ✔ Activity deck* with double water slide, climbing garden** and much more. ✔ Board language German, tips included

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HiPP Become a member of my BabyClub and secure 20 Euro starting credit

Become a member of the free HiPP My BabyClub and secure your child not only a savings book with advantageous interest rates, but also an additional 20 euros starting credit 1 . Fast, easy and with many other advantages. Register now directly online for the BabyClub, print out the Commerzbank voucher and receive your personal starting credit for your savings account.

All the benefits of the HiPP My Baby Savings Book for you and your darling

    Top interest rates: Attractive, variable advantage interest rate of 0.55% p.a. 2 for a growing investment No risks: Secure savings deposit without price or market risks Optimum start: 20 Euro starting credit 1 for your child’s savings book Many extras: Great gifts and discounts at HiPP My BabyClub Beautiful memories: Inklusive kostenlosem Babyalbum für die unvergesslichen Momente

Savings book with advantageous interest rates, credit balances and many great extras

Whether you have recently welcomed your baby as a new family member or your treasure is already several months old, if you want to make clever provisions for your child, you can invest money profitably with HiPP My Baby Savings Book and benefit from an attractive interest rate on your credit balance. This is because your baby will receive a variable interest rate of 0.55% p.a. 2 until the end of the 36th month of life. Thus the assets grow year by year with your child.

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Protect against unnecessary treatments and high costs

If the child needs braces, the orthodontist often offers expensive treatments at high cost. Whether it’s a health insurance model, fixed or loose: How can one protect oneself against high prices for braces? When do additional treatments make sense?

More than half of the children and adolescents in a given year wear braces in this country. The statutory health insurance funds spend more than one billion euros a year on orthodontic services. Not to mention the part parents themselves pay for the treatment of their offspring. Because the statutory health insurance does not always pay and also not everything.

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The Italian doctor Maria Montessori, born in 1870, opened the first children’s home in 1907 with the intention of creating the best possible learning conditions for all children, regardless of their socio-economic background. The focus of their efforts was always the needs of the children. She assumed that a child’s potential could best be exploited if they had the opportunity to develop in freedom. The child chooses a material and a form of work. It organises and plans the project as independently as possible. However, working in freedom does not mean letting the children do everything. If it is necessary, the teacher also shows the child his limits, e.g. if one child disturbs the others in free work.

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Chicago Reporter (/)

Western Saddle Show Pad Blanket Brown Tan Navajo 32 x 36 Reversible New

Western Show Holder and Lead

When the line opens, riders will end their trips more than one mile from the nearest airport terminal.

First look at strip club-replacing apartments in Sawtelle

The 102-unit complex will rise alongside the Expo Line.


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Latest Stories

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A guest house, pool, and, oh, those views

Estate where Phil Spector killed Lana Clarkson is for sale for $5.5M

The imprisoned producer is reportedly selling the 1920s chateau to satisfy a divorce settlement with his third wife.

We’re building great things, and we need your talent.

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Item specifics

Condition: Brand:WaföCountry and region of manufacture:CroatiaGender:Unisex

As we surround more houses with grass, we deprive ourselves of natural signposts.

Downtown LA temperature hits 70 degrees for the first time since January

That ends one of the longest cold snaps in Los Angeles history.

It’s not just wildflowers—rain brings millions of painted lady butterflies to Southern California

The butterflies are feasting on plants as they travel north from Mexico.

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In 1937, a scientific study was carried out on dental caries in children from the Goms valley in the canton of Valais. For a long time, this valley was difficult to access and therefore left to its own devices. Living conditions were meagre and food scarce. The children had hardly any tooth decay. With the opening of a pass road and the development of a railway, the living and eating habits of the valley inhabitants changed. Industrial food products, in particular flour and sugar, increasingly found their way into the valley. This new life situation led to a rapid and large increase in tooth decay among children.

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After “Josef the Austrian”, the father of the isolated family has now also been arrested. He is also suspected of deprivation of liberty, ill-treatment and money laundering.

In the mysterious case of the isolated family on a farm in the Netherlands, the 67-year-old father was arrested after an Austrian. The police in Assen in the East Netherlands province of Drenthe reported that he, too, is suspected of deprivation of liberty, ill-treatment and money laundering.

The police now assume that the six, meanwhile grown-up children were held against their will on the farm in Ruinerwold. “We think that the six people did not live there of their own free will,” police spokeswoman Nathalie Schubart told the German Press Agency in Assen on Thursday evening. The motives remain unclear. But the police also do not rule out that the background could be a kind of sect. They are investigating “whether this was about a special religious or life community”.

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The SOKO family

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