A radiant smile, white teeth and fresh breath are not only very likeable, but also testify to health. To keep your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful, it is often not enough to brush your teeth every day at home. Thorough cleaning and care of the interdental spaces with dental floss or interdental brushes can remove a large proportion of the harmful bacteria that can attack teeth and gums. But you won’t reach all areas, such as recessed gum pockets in periodontitis. Even the back of the mouth, where the wisdom teeth are located, is difficult to reach. In addition, most people do not clean their tongues, although many plaque bacteria can settle there and lead to dental diseases and bad breath. That is why it is important to pay attention to your dental health at an early age. This also includes regular visits to the dentist – at least every six months – to check your own teeth and have prophylactic treatment carried out. Your Ingolstadt dentist will be happy to help you painlessly with the most modern and gentle procedures to achieve ideal, healthy oral hygiene, because this is our top priority. Professional dental cleaning is therefore one of the most important prophylactic measures.

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Adventure in the adventure pool, time-out from everyday life in the sauna or health bath.

Admission prices & combination rates


Fun and sports poolMineralforumSaunaweltWONNEMAR complete1,5 hours10,50 €13,50 €13,90 €4 hours11,50 €14,50 €15,90 €20,90 €Day ticket13,50 €17,50 €18,90 €25,90 €

Child / Disqualified

Fun and sports poolMineralforumSaunaweltWONNEMAR complete1,5 hours9,50 €12,50 €12,90 €4 hours10,50 €13,50 €14,90 €19,90 €Day ticket12,50 €16,50 €17,90 €23,90 €


Fun- and SportbadWONNEMAR complete4 hours32,50 €49,90 €Day ticket39,50 €59,90 €

General in your WONNEMAR

  • Children up to and including 4 years in the fun and sports pool
  • Birthday children of any age on the day of the birthday (proof required):Children 5 to 15 years: entrance fun and sports pool freeAb 16 years: entrance WONNEMAR complete1 free
  • for accompanying persons of persons with disabilities with valid identity card (identity card marked “B”) to the same tariff unit
  • Trainees, pupils, students, severely disabled persons, unemployed persons, social assistance recipients, recipients of basic social security, participants in voluntary services
  • Children from 5 up to and including 15 years old
  • Children up to and including 6 years are only admitted when accompanied by an adult.
  • Parents or parent (max. 2 adults) and all own children
  • Grandparents or grandparents (max. 2 adults) with all their own grandchildren
  • Parent and grandparent with all their own children or grandchildren
  • same-sex couples in a marriage-like relationship (shared household) with all their own children
  • Family small: 1 parent with 1 own child or 1 grandparent with 1 own grandchild (valid for the Family Day tariff)
  • pay 10 times, bathe and/or sauna 11 times
  • 10er card is transferable with the same tariff
  • Valid only for the selected regular admission price
  • A deposit of 5,00 € is charged for the 10-card.

WEEKEND-, FEIERTAGS- UND FERIENZUSCHLAG PRO PERSON: 1,00 € (will be charged Saturday and Sunday, on holidays and in the school holidays of Brandenburg.

Automatic posting to the next higher rate in the event of overdraft.

In case of time overrun or transfer to an unbooked WONNEMAR area, the highlight tariffs shall cease to apply and the regular entry tariffs shall apply from the start.

Further conditions: All requirements for a reduction (age, place of residence, etc.) must be proven at each visit by an official photo ID, if necessary also with further receipts. We grant only one type of discount on all admission prices. On individual days, general price or tariff surcharges may be charged for special services (events, promotions, etc.). We reserve the right to make general price and/or tariff changes, which will be announced on the notice board. Such price and/or tariff changes by notice take precedence over the prices and tariffs indicated in this list. No discounts are granted on specials, savings, highlight and club card tariffs.

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What are the possibilities of dental filling?

For smaller repairs on teeth, one is the remedy of choice. The defect or the hole in the tooth is thoroughly cleaned by the dentist beforehand. The tooth is then filled with a suitable material to restore its functionality and purchasing power.

Today aesthetic dental fillings

Nowadays, mainly plastics are used. So-called composites are common. They are inserted into the “hole” as a paste and cured with a special UV lamp. The processing is much more complex than with the earlier amalgam fillings, since the tooth must be prepared beforehand by special measures for the admission of the composite. The material is then inserted into the tooth in several steps and cured. Finally, it must be shaped and polished. Composites can not only be used to fill “holes”, but also to correct tooth shapes. For example, a gap between two teeth or cut-off edges can be aesthetically corrected with composites.

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For a beautiful, healthy and vital smile – here you will find an overview of the services of Klaus Vriesen’s dental practice:

Holistic dentistry

The solid dentistry with attention to the entire human body.

child treatment

We are specialists for dentistry, also for children!

Aesthetic renovation

Various and individual treatments for aesthetic teeth and gums.

Metal-free renovation

The restoration of teeth completely without metal!

dental prosthesis

Our dental prosthesis – long-lasting, stable and reliable


Professional tooth cleaning from Vriesen

anxiety patients

Years of experience in the care of anxiety patients

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The total number of flowers results from the following criteria: Equipment of the yard and experience on the yard.

FamilyJohannes and Marianne HochkönigStraßeVorberg 49Ort8943 Aigen/E.RegionSchladming-Dachstein, StyriaPhone +43 3682 28246 Mobile +43 664 73822306 Email Send message now

farm features

“Joy to him who comes, peace to him who lingers here, blessing to him who moves on.”

About us

An impressive scenery offers itself to your eye, if you look from our yard over the Styrian Ennstal, where it means to breathe deeply and enjoy the freshness and the marvellous nature in full trains.

The breakfast table is set with homemade delicacies and you are welcome to help baking bread. A ride in the green “Traktor-Oldtimer” will provide excitement for the whole family. The “Bankerl unterm Lindenbaum”, where you can “breathe in” health, is particularly popular. Working at the farm is possible. For the children there is the opportunity to experience everyday life on a farm and still enjoy the carefree play on the playground with large trampoline, play equipment, sandbox, slide, table tennis table etc..

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Dental Clinic Information for all those who, when leaving their country, are interested in cheap and luxurious dental treatment in a Hungarian dental clinic.

Scared at the dentist?

Some people may laugh at the subject of dental anxiety, but being scared by dentists can be a real problem. This anxiety can even be so strong it leads to more than a poor state of health. Fortunately, you have several options if you are afraid of the dentist, depending on what frightens you and the severity of your anxiety. This article offers a look at ways to make your next trip much less stressful. Fear of the dentist Few people really enjoy visiting dentists. According to a study, 75% of adults are afraid of dental procedures, while only 25% base their fears on a past bad experience. Often the cure is simple. Instead of focusing on pain and discomfort, so tell the dentists and dental technicians to help people feel better and look their best and imagine how great you feel and look for the procedure. For some people, considering life with toothache or having the desire for a perfect smile is enough to overcome their fear of the dentist. For other people, the waiting time is increased, which increases their anxiety. When they can go to the office and start a dental treatment without waiting, they are usually good.

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Classic household remedies: calf compresses and pulse compresses

Fever is not a disease, but a natural and healthy defence mechanism of the body against invading germs. Unfortunately, despite a slow rethink, it is still often fought too early with medication and thus the natural defense and healing process of the body is disturbed. Read here how you can help your child with fever in a natural and gentle way.

Colds and infections are often accompanied by fever in children.

Hereby the body tries to fight invading pathogens with its own “on-board resources”. Even high fever is not uncommon in children, and they can usually cope with it much better than adults. It is of course a test of patience for us parents when we have to watch our little treasure lying in bed with its bright red head and glowing body. Here it helps to know about the course of fever, to be able to estimate when fever needs to be treated and to know household remedies with which we can help our child to bear this permanent heat condition better.

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Temporarily silenced children need help

In certain situations silence can be interpreted as a fear of speech that has become independent. The disorder is considered an anxiety disorder and is often accompanied by social anxiety. In addition, linguistic developmental disorders of varying severity can occur at the same time.

Some children do not speak under certain conditions, although they can communicate in other situations according to their age. If a child does not speak for more than four weeks in a foreign and non-familial environment, parents should discuss this with a child and youth psychiatrist. This phenomenon can be a disorder in need of treatment, also known as elective or selective mutism (lat.: mutuus = mute). “Children with this communication disorder are typically able to speak without bias in a familiar context. A consistent silence usually only occurs in strange, unfamiliar situations in which the child is expected to speak,” reports Dr. Ingo Spitczok of Brisinski of the Professional Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy in Germany (BKJPP). “The silence can be evaluated in such situations as a speech fear, which became independent. It is not a question of deliberate silence as provocation or due to a lack of knowledge. Most people want to speak, but the fear is greater than the desire to speak.” The disorder is considered an anxiety disorder and is often accompanied by social anxiety. In addition, linguistic developmental disorders of varying severity can occur at the same time.

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New Specialist in pediatric dentistry. Because healthy milk teeth are important to us – they are the basis for healthy permanent teeth! . . . . . #smileclinicsalzburg#dentistry#dentistry#child care#child care#treatment#for children#.

The use of inhaled nitrous oxide is a proven and safe sedation method in modern paediatric dentistry to provide stress-free treatment for particularly anxious children. Mia and Leo have mastered their “magic air” appointment super! #lachgas#magic air#lachgastreatment#lachgasedation#not afraid#nostress#timetorelax#kinderbehandlung#zahnpiraten#zahnpiratenplus#zahnpiratenrecklinghausen#kinderzahnarzt#milchzähne#recklinghausen#kieferorthopädie

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The cold doesn’t stop at any age group.

Many people from Aargau are plagued with a cold. The wet and cold summer offered the viruses ideal conditions. Two pharmacists explain how the virus resists and alleviates the symptoms.

Does one wish the sneezer health after a loud “Hatschi” now or must he apologize, as demanded by the etiquette?

The question about the decency rule around the reflex in itchy noses is highly topical, because various pharmacies in Aargau confirm the increasing number of customers who are plagued with a cold – but also cough or a slight sore throat – at the request of the Aargauer Zeitung.

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