The film begins with "Search for a great love"
And pay for it with my peace since I was fifteen
Scar on my heart since my Munich woman died
Invisible shield around my neck for my future
Ex-girlfriends "Better find someone sensible!"
Repeat offender, repeat ‘mistakes as a trait
New love begins where the old stops hurting
In February, which was terrible, like every year
Threw the bar window warm gold against the rainy day
Where we were talking inside
Until I forgot that I’ve shit too many times
But this time the chair I’m sitting on is not just a chair
But the chair at Günther Jauch, of the type
Who cracked the million

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Children want to play, are lively and often a little impetuous. Especially at a wedding, this can lead to complications. Read here how they can keep the children busy at such a party.

Keep children busy at the wedding

A wedding with young children is always a little different than with adults only. However, this can be profitable for everyone involved, because the little ones definitely bring a lot of life with them. Nevertheless, it is necessary to employ children sensibly so that they can survive the many hours from the wedding ceremony to a cozy end – and not accidentally destroy the atmosphere. These ten tips will help you literally reconcile weddings and children.

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The business with advertising is booming incessantly and the advertising industry has always known some advertising tricks that can influence our purchase decision more or less. In Germany alone, companies invested around 26.12 billion euros in advertising last year, according to a report by the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry.

With the help of extensive campaigns, advertisements and recently also modern forms of advertising such as influencer marketing, one would like to draw the attention of potential buyers and increase company turnover. There are almost no limits to the creativity of the marketing staff and so sophisticated and proven advertising tricks have been developed and refined over time. We would like to explain some of these sophisticated advertising tricks here.

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Rhymes for birthday

Birthday rhymes

Many guests gathered today,
to wish the jubilee the very best!
Happiness, health, sunshine,
and every day many reasons to be happy,
Even if it storms and snows,
may he be surrounded with contentment.
Dear Jubilee, you shall live high,
on which we now lift all our glasses.

Today before ?? Years ago everyone was delighted,
when our jubilee saw the light of day.
How was the joy there?,
about this pretty sprout.
Still tiny – with wrinkled skin,
but they looked at him with pride.

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Here I would like to take the opportunity to introduce some of our most popular games. If you want to experience as much fun and joy yourself as we do, it is best to replay it .

Natural memory

This game is about every child finding certain natural materials. In a circle, all natural materials that need to be sought are placed on a cloth. After this clarified is what materials it is (e.g. acorns, moss, leaves, pieces of wood. All become little forest researchers who should now look for these natural materials. Before they start, each child receives a paper bag in which the collected natural materials can put in.

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15. Children’s and youth report and brochure “Enabling youth” presented

On February 1, the Federal Cabinet decided to comment on the 15th report on children and young people. An independent expert commission had drawn up the report on behalf of the Federal Government with the title "Between open spaces, family, all-day school and virtual worlds – personal development and educational aspirations in adolescence".

The report provides an up-to-date picture of the living conditions and everyday activities of adolescents and young adults. He examines the framework conditions of growing up as well as the influences of digitization, demographic development and globalization and analyzes problem situations typical of old age. In addition, perspectives of young people have also been incorporated directly into the report for the first time.

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Around 800 German children’s games from all centuries are gathered here in the Volksliederarchiv, most of which come from Franz Magnus Böhme’s "German Children’s Song and Children’s Game" collection published in 1895. Games include catch games, circle games, language games such as Tongue twisters, dance games, ball games, finger games etc.

circle Games

Old circle games – games in a circle, as the children used to do on the street, at school or in the kindergarten have played. Hundreds of other children’s games here in the archive. (105 texts)

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Great interest in training in Borken

Psychologist gives tips for dealing with aggression in children

Borken. Aggression is nothing other than fainting: says psychologist Virginie Puschmann, who spoke about anger and anger in children in the Borken community center and gave tips on how to deal with it.

The advice center Schwalm-Eder had invited educators and educators for further training and was met with great interest. Over 400 participants had registered.

Puschmann gave them very practical tools, such as how to deal with aggression in the schoolyard, in the kindergarten, in youth welfare or in the family if there is a conflict. "If we understand that there is helplessness behind the anger, can we handle it very differently, ”she said. Then you can also break the vicious circle: You usually react to aggression yourself with aggression.

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Welcome to the “Little Foxes” day care center in Jülich.

We run a daycare center with crèche, kindergarten and after-school care.

On these pages we would like to bring our offers and our work closer to you as well as make dates and news available.

The kindergarden

We are responsible for a public institution in which 127 children aged 4 months to 14 years are cared for with care.

We playfully introduce the children to science and technology.

The Union

The association “Kleine Füchse e. V. “is a parents’ initiative.

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