One speaks of cyberbullying when someone is insulted, threatened or made ready via the cell phone or the Internet. For many, that’s even worse than being bullied in real life. We’ll tell you why.

Mobile phones and the Internet are important

The older children get, the more important it becomes for them to surf the Internet and cultivate friendships. Chat, leave comments, share photos – that’s a lot of fun. But if embarrassing photos or nasty comments appear on the Internet, it can quickly become a nightmare.

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In this category there are the funny bunny jokes. The Häschenwitz was created in the GDR in the 1970s when people made fun of the lack of economy. One of known Bunny jokes are as follows:

Bunny comes to a pharmacy and asks: Haddu carrot?

The pharmacist replies: No..

The next day Bunny comes back and asks: Haddu carrot?

The pharmacist replies again: No..

On the third day, a sign hangs on the door: Carrot sold out.

Rabbit complains to the pharmacist: Haddu had carrots.

Bunny comes to the kiosk and asks: Haddu square candies?

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Family in upheaval

Must we redefine the term family?

02.10.2014, 16:03 hrs | mmh, dpa,

Mom, Dad, child – how do you define family today? (Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

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  • Patchwork families, rainbow families, single parents – the repertoire of more or less recognized family variants besides the classical form has become richer in our society. Marriage and family law in particular have reacted to this. But has this already reached all people in society? Or do we have to redefine our concept of family?

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    At the beginning of the warm season, everyone is talking again: the tick vaccination. Unfortunately, however, there are still some myths and misconceptions about this immunization, its effects and side effects.

    What can the tick vaccination really do??

    Even the name of the tick vaccination is misleading, because it neither prevents tick bites, nor does it work against all potentially transmitted diseases. In fact, the remedy is protection against a single disease: early summer meningoencephalitis, or TBE for short. This consists of killed viruses, through which the body itself forms antibodies.
    On the other hand, vaccination is powerless against Lyme disease, typhus, Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis and the other over 50 diseases that can be transmitted by a tick bite.

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    It’s this way . : The Berliner Zeitung has moved

    A radiant smile, white teeth and fresh breath are not only very likeable, but also testify to health. To keep your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful, it is often not enough to brush your teeth every day at home. Thorough cleaning and care of the interdental spaces with dental floss or interdental brushes can remove a large proportion of the harmful bacteria that can attack teeth and gums. But you won’t reach all areas, such as recessed gum pockets in periodontitis. Even the back of the mouth, where the wisdom teeth are located, is difficult to reach. In addition, most people do not clean their tongues, although many plaque bacteria can settle there and lead to dental diseases and bad breath. That is why it is important to pay attention to your dental health at an early age. This also includes regular visits to the dentist – at least every six months – to check your own teeth and have prophylactic treatment carried out. Your Ingolstadt dentist will be happy to help you painlessly with the most modern and gentle procedures to achieve ideal, healthy oral hygiene, because this is our top priority. Professional dental cleaning is therefore one of the most important prophylactic measures.

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    By Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt

    Garbage is valuable – all over the world. But while garbage is being recycled in this country, people in countries like India are climbing mountains of garbage to fish out the most valuable. Children are often involved in the collection – including Saruna, Anjum and Jasmin, three girls from Delhi.

    Anjum: "Once a lot of hair ties were dumped, and a truck full of buns, shampoo, oils. everything imaginable. Everyone came to find something. there was even nail polish . "

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    PRIVATA TRAVEL: Discover Rio Lagartos National Park and the famous pink lakes of Las Coloradas. Private excursion with boat trip, bird watching and of course a delicious meal!

    Ask for a quote or book by specifying the date, number of people and your hotel.

    Rio Lagartos and Las Coloradas private excursion

    If you love nature and want to see a unique Mexican flora and fauna, then your group should not miss the chance to take part in our all-inclusive excursion “Las Coloradas – Rio Lagartos”. The name of this small fishing village means “Alligator River”, although its famous bay is home to many different animals.

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    General side effects

    Overall, regional anesthesia / local anesthesia are considered very safe with few side effects, since mostly no systemic reactions are caused.

    However, the anesthetic is accidentally injected in veins or arteries, this can be extreme Circulation problems lead, because the anesthetics also inhibit heart and brain the transmission of nerve signals.

    You may also be interested in: Complications in anesthesia

    Such intoxication (Poisoning) or side effects can be divided into different stages.

    1. The prodromal is through a perioral numbness (i.e. around the mouth) and one metallic taste marked in the mouth.
    2. The preconvulsive stage leads to Tremble, one Tinnitus, nystagmus and somnolence.
    3. In the subsequent phase, the convulsive stage it comes to clear central reactions with tonic-clonic seizures.
    4. In the last phase there is a clear one decompensation of the brain with coma, Apnea and Circulatory collapse.

    In order to absolutely avoid this maximum complication, local anesthetics can be given first in small test doses in difficult cases to confirm the correct position.

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    African wild dog (Lycaon pictus)

    AFRICAN WILD DOG (Lycaon pictus)

    The most common synonym is hyena dog, on the southern tip of Africa the colorful canids are also known as Cape hunting dog. The Latin species name stands for "painted dog", which is due to the characteristic spotted fur pattern that makes each lycaon unique (comparable to the individual stripe pattern of zebras).

    For decades, the African wild dog roamed almost all areas of the sub-Saharan continent (except jungle). Over the past century, ranchers have driven it to the brink of extinction. Only 5,000 Lycaons live in a few territories in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, the Republic of South Africa and in the west, in Senegal. By the end of the 1970s, even guards from national parks followed him. The extreme social Wild dog had been the victim of massive horror propaganda. Valued as a habitat
    he shallow savannas and semi-deserts, but also gets along in mountain regions up to 3,000 meters above sea level.

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