Esther Schweins on August 28th at the start of the 7th Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik Oldie-Rallye in Hamburg Photo: picture alliance / Geisler-Fotop

In the B.Z. the Berlin actress talks about her happiness and why she still doesn’t want to get married.

With her children Mina (7) and Pau (6) and her husband Lorenzo (41), a farmer, Esther Schweins (44) has lived in Mallorca for eight years in a wild marriage. She will soon be seen in the two-part documentary drama “The Women of the Vikings” (13.9., 20.15 on Arte) and as a divorce lawyer in the Rosamunde Pilcher film “Anwälte küsst man nicht” (21.9., 20.15 on ZDF). In the B.Z. the Berlin actress talks about her happiness and why she still doesn’t want to get married.

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Prevail Solutions LLC – Want a Greater Cooling Experience? shake on something more! The more you shake, the more invigorating the cooling sensation. Reduce sweat, avoid the painful friction and fight unpleasant odor, reduce chafing and smell – premium men deserve premium powder. And for a more intense cool, it may take up to 15 minutes to feel the full cooling effect, but not always be an uncomfortable cool, just shake on something more! They remember the cooling sensation to give it a chance to work, unlike other products.

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ROCKIT-INTERNET for better rankings in local search queries

Since Google’s Pigeon Update, local search engine optimization has developed into an important segment in the SEO sector, as more and more users are looking for companies located directly in their vicinity, such as “Zahnarzt München Lehel”. The mobile sector is becoming more and more important: around 57% of users place local queries directly via their smartphone. These mainly relate to:

  • Address
  • Product selection and availability
  • opening hours
  • directions

Especially service providers and shops with local day-to-day business, such as doctors, lawyers and cafés, can achieve better rankings with this form of search engine optimization.

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The online animal games are sometimes also about bees or ladybugs, where you are then in the forest. You can buy in-game benefits for which you have to invest real money. All games can be ordered according to ratings, the release date or the number of views, making it easy to find popular games or new games in a certain category.

And in the area of ​​animal browser games it’s all about the free games online qwirkle living things that are loved and respected by many people. While the already online free games play animal games games are designed for the younger ones and should therefore also be played together with the parents, the virtual management of a stud or the breeding of racing horses demands a lot from the player.

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Areas of activity:

  • Institute for Information Science and Language Technology [visiting lecturer]

consultation hour

I’m not offering a regular surgery this semester. Please make an appointment about 1 week in advance: E-Mail

Publication of the dissertation: Usability Results as a Knowledge Resource in Organizations

My dissertation was published in October in the series Schriftenreihe zur Informationswissenschaft: Nähere Informationen beim Verlag. The blurb says:

“Usability and user experience are central quality factors in software development today. With the increasing maturity of usability and UX processes in many organizations, their knowledge of their own users, their preferences and their usage behavior is growing. Interviews and focus groups with usability practitioners from different companies and industries form the basis for the analysis of the added value and possible barriers to the use of usability information. From this, information management requirements are derived for their effective and efficient use. A prototype usability information system implements the requirements exemplarily and enables evaluation from the point of view of the intended users.

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A recipe for delicious Americans to bake themselves.

These sweet cake particles called Americans are known and loved everywhere.
They taste great on children’s birthday parties, at parties, other festive occasions or just like that.
They especially like children.
You can brush them with icing or chocolate icing and decorate them as you like.
Have fun baking, decorating and snacking.

And this is how they are made …

Americans bake


for the dough:
100 g butter
100 g of sugar
1 packet of vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt
2 eggs
350 g of flour
1 packet of baking powder
4 tablespoons of milk

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Contact and Information

3642 Aggsbach village castle ruin Aggstein

+43 2753 82 28-1+43 2752 82 28-4

Legendary castle experience in the Wachau.

On the right bank of the Danube – on a steep rock above the Danube – lies the castle ruin of Aggstein, which has been lovingly revitalised in recent years and developed into a fabulous experience for its visitors.

Already the Kuenringers ruled here and around the so-called “little rose garden” there is a lot of legend.

Not only the fabulous view into the Danube valley or into the Dunkelsteiner forest, but also the offer of the Burgtaverne, audio tours, the Nibelungen exhibition make the visit a fabulous experience for the whole family.

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This text corresponds to the requirements of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.

Two gene mutations discovered that protect against malaria

Malaria causes around one million deaths a year, with African children particularly affected. German scientists from the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNI) have now discovered two gene mutations in a so-called genome-wide association study, "which protect against the lethal course of malaria," according to the latest information from the institute.

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France Guantanamo à la Française

Violence on the streets, radical unions, disputes between parties: France’s political arrangements are worn out. Change is in the air. The right has radicals ideas. Nicolas Sarkozy also sympathizes with it.

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In France there are politicians who find it "scandalous" to "still talk about the rule of law after the recent terrorist attacks." They want a French Guantanamo.

Paris In France there are politicians who find it "scandalous" to "talk about the rule of law after the recent terrorist attacks." Monsieur Dupont-Aignan is one of them: "We have to do it like the Americans!" With "it" says the right-wing populist, who is a member of parliament and has also stood for the presidential election, the Guantanamo camp. The prison without a legal basis, in which people from all possible countries were kidnapped on the basis of a simple suspicion. "Anyone who comes back from Syria or is otherwise dangerous must be locked away, far from our cities!" Demands Dupont-Aignan, who has left the conservative UMP.

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A P account is a garnishment-safe current account. It is also called an attachment protection account. It arose from the need for a creditor to be able to attach a conventional current account. If the bank receives a garnishment order, it must block the current account. As a debtor and account holder, you can then no longer make any dispositions. In the past, you had to laboriously apply for enforcement protection from the local court. Until the court ruled, you could not access your current account balance. Those who depended on cash had real problems. It’s different now with the P account. The legal basis is § 850k ZPO.

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