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In the modern system of education, a student-centered approach takes a special place for the child. Today is simply not enough to pass on the state of knowledge to the younger generation. It is important to promote a harmonious child’s personality. It is necessary to carefully examine the desires and possibilities of each child’s skills in order to carry out such a task. In connection with the development of such trends in global society, attention has been increased to psychologists, teachers to the question of gifted children. If only for a few years, the concept meant that the person has no supernatural abilities, but today it is stated differently.

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Andy Warhol biography

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was an American artist, one of the main representatives of American Pop Art. In the "Factory" he founded, employees and friends were busy helping him to produce his art. Andy Warhol’s success, which dealt with media images of superstars from the early 1960s, led to him having his portraits of collectors and money nobility. He also created experimental films, founded the magazine "Interview" and was the music producer for the rock band "Velvet Underground". When Andy Warhol died at the age of 58, he left behind an extensive oeuvre, ranging from simple advertising graphics to paintings, objects, films and books.

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Arts and Crafts – is the creativity that can get involved at any age. Even if the child’s interests soon change for kindergarten crafts for children, made with their hands, benefit significantly and can otherwise give impetus to developing skills in something.

Children’s creativity

To take a child, you have to give him the opportunity to express himself in many activities: modeling, drawing, design. More suitable for someone for sports or music. Watching the level of child involvement in the process, we understand that it takes more than boring endurance in any activity, it takes stamina, even if some moments of success are not immediate.

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Vanessa DeLeon with the youngest son Geovanni Ezekiel.

It’s no secret that a mother’s to-do list is usually quite long. However, one woman found out what could happen, If you Don’t prioritize your most pressing commitments.

  • Photos: Most unusual places that women gave birth
The mother who is in nine months had four babies Photos show the baby’s entry into the world through an emergency caesarean section

Vanessa DeLeon gave birth to her fourth child in the nursery office of her local preschool after registering her four-year-old son for class – even though she was already working at that time.

Vanessa with her four sons in the local hospital.

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Guided hiking Pyrenees for families.

The Pyrenees with a varied high mountain landscape in a sunny climate are an attractive travel destination for young and old. Here we offer an exciting one Vacation for Parents enthusiastic about hiking with their young children from the age of 12 (also suitable for siblings from 10), who is equally attractive for both.

The comfortable camp with a kitchen tent, refrigerator, power supply, tables and benches is located on a well-equipped campground in Cerdagne, a wide, flat valley at 1200 m altitude in the French Pyrenees, about halfway between the Mediterranean and Andorra. The site includes a small swimming pool, coin-operated washing machines, a small grocery store, a restaurant and free WiFi (link to the campsite’s homepage).
There are various types of tents available for the night (mostly 2-person dome tents), which can be flexibly distributed according to the size of the family, with no one taking part "Strange" have to share a tent. In general, parents and children are given their own tents, and even a single tent if necessary.
You are of course welcome to bring your own tent, you are also welcome with a camper (no additional costs, but please register).
You can also book a cabin / caravan. We have two types on offer, both of which have their own bathroom with toilet and shower, cooking facilities and a refrigerator. The smaller one for 2 people is about 16 m² in size and has a double bed in a separate bedroom (for details). In the larger of about 24 m², another bedroom with two beds in bunk beds is suitable for 3 to 4 people (Details).

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Scene from the film "We parents".

The Swiss boys like it at the Hotel Mama: they move out later and let the parents not only help them with the housework, but also bring them through school and training. The result: a disoriented generation is growing up, as a film shows in a comedic way.

Series: Being a parent in Switzerland

"Mammoni" exists not only in Italy, but also in Switzerland: Since the 1970s, children have been getting older when moving out of their parents’ house. On average, the youngsters move out at the age of 24 or 25.

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The problem of anemia due to iron deficiency in infancy and childhood can be a harbinger of some diseases. Therefore, families need to know the symptoms of anemia common in infants and children and consult a specialist in good time.

Anemia is a problem that can be seen at any age. However, it is more common, especially in infancy and childhood. The main reason for this is that the baby does not take breast milk and is fed with low-iron foods. Anemia due to iron deficiency is not an easy problem. Not only does this cause physical discomfort, it also affects the level of intelligence in infants. Parents need to be careful with anemia and understand their symptoms and effects. Acıbadem Hospital Kozyatağı Specialist in Child Health and Diseases Dr. Cengiz Canpolat Describes anemia as follows: Emi anemia is a clinical condition that occurs when the hemoglobin concentration or the number of red blood cells (red blood cells) together or separately falls below the normal value for this age. As a result of this decrease, the oxygen transport capacity of the blood and the amount of oxygen to the tissues decrease. Anemia manifests itself in many different ways in children. This clinical picture ranges from a lack of findings to a sick child. "

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Children have a lot of Christmas wishes and love the advent season. Santa Claus arrives in early December and the days until Christmas fly by. The Christmas season is not only so exciting for the little ones because there are gifts in Advent, but also because of the magical mood at that time. There are Christmas scents in the air such as cinnamon, vanilla and fir branches and the Christmas tree shines in a bright sheen. Children find it especially nice when they can read or have stories, poems and sayings read that fit this magical time. If you are now looking for suitable Christmas sayings, you will find it here and can use the lines for different purposes.

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Rash is a medical term that describes a diffuse rash, characterized by:

The rash is usually accompanied by systemic symptoms, such as:

It is usually caused by an infectious viral disease.
The rash can be caused by a drug (especially antibiotics and anti-inflammatories), for example the lichenoid rash.

This rash often affects children, but it can also occur in adults.

What are the causes of an rash??

An exanthem occurs very often during childhood and is mainly caused by the following viral infections caused:
1. seasonal flu, including respiratory or gastrointestinal disorders;
2. Chickenpox (causing pustules and blisters on the trunk, face, arms and legs);
3. measles;
4. rubella;
5. viral hepatitis;
6. Ringlet rubella (erythema infectiosum);
7. Three-day fever or Roseola infantum (exanthema subitum).
8. other infection with adenovirus, Coxsacki, etc.

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