Children have rights! The United Nations wrote them down 25 years ago and many countries signed them. World Children’s Day was invented to celebrate your rights and make them better known. And KinderKinder also wants to help spread children’s rights – that’s why there’s the World Children’s Festival, every year on the Sunday before World Children’s Day. There are many campaigns on children’s rights, including our children’s rights rally.

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The low operating costs and easy handling make air rifles a practical sports device for all professional and amateur shooters. Since they are among the compressed air weapons, some air rifles are subject to the Weapons Act. Some important recent changes directly affect the storage of air guns. In this post, we show you what to look for in order to properly store your air rifle.

Air rifle storage: weapons that require and do not require a license

To the Question of To clarify the correct storage of an air rifle, a few cases have to be distinguished. The first question is whether it is is a license-free or license-requiring weapon. After the changes to the Arms Act on July 5, 2017, many regulations were tightened. Above all, the rules for storage have changed in the "Second Law amending the Arms Act and other regulations". So that you know which storage requirements have to be met, the first thing to look at is on the Projectile energy from your air rifle.

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Women from Africa are very popular with men. The fact that African women are so well received is not only due to the exotic Appearance by African women, but also by their character traits. They combine many characteristics that make the perfect partner for a German man. But what makes an African woman so special that she is on the market the single are so popular?

Find African singles in Germany – All dating agencies & dating site

The following list contains all relevant dating agencies and dating portals that specialize in African single women and men:

The fact that African women are so diverse is probably also due to the country they come from. Africa is a very large country and therefore also connects many cultures and traditions.

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Uganda, like any other proud African nation, is rich in culture, which are the traits that define its people through religious, spiritual and belief systems, social habits, music and art, language, marriage and a million other aspects of Ugandan cultural practices.

Cultural practices relate to the manifestation of these numerous aspects. It existed long before the colonialists came to Africa and was kept alive from generation to generation as it was passed down through family lines.

In other cases, it is passed through a master of that practice to a willing student. The master selects a particular student who has the qualities desired for this exercise and teaches the student in a practical way. In this way, the student is able to incorporate the basic values ​​and belief systems of each aspect of the culture. An example could be the existence of the so-called witch doctors. The witch doctors usually keep the bizarre cultural practices alive.

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The adrenal glands are paired organs with the endocrine system. They are responsible for the production of important hormones necessary for the normal functioning of the body, namely cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline, testosterone. When we talk about anatomy, they are closely related to the kidneys and get their names because they are on the upper parts of the kidneys. Ultrasound research helps diagnose and treat many problems in women and men.

US of the adrenal gland shows such parameters of the organs:

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Newsner »Animal» Man turns garbage into thousands of beautiful beds for needy cats and dogs

Recycling is an issue that everyone should consider. How often do you see pictures of dead animals that are suffocated by plastic rubbish or rubbish-strewn beaches. There is no excuse for this, that our oceans are full of plastic waste and that marine life is dying out more and more.

On man in Brazil, recycling has taken it to a whole new level.

Amarildo Silva Filho takes certain garbage from the street and not only recycles it, but also helps exposed animals that live on the street.

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It is not exactly comfortable to sit here now, but there is so much to see and hear in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district museum that you cannot even sit down …

Sitting in the museum XXXII

This is how it sits in the Museum Neukölln.

Things that are life

The Museum Blog wrote about the Neukölln Museum some time ago. Now I was there myself and of course looked at the permanent exhibition, but also the exhibition Three things in my life.

Nine object groups are distributed in showcases in the room. In order to understand them, audiovisual help is required: by means of a large projection or an i-Pad, you can find out what the objects are and why they were chosen by their owners.

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Mother, father, child – the dream of the classic family. If the desire to have a child remains unfulfilled for a long time, some couples decide to adopt a child from home or abroad.

But even if you already have your own children, many have the wish to do something good or to strengthen family cohesion by adopting their stepchild. Either way: a well-considered adoption gives both parents and children a second chance.

The costs for a minor adoption in Germany are between approx. EUR 100 and EUR 300. If you decide to adopt a child from abroad, you will receive significantly higher amounts. The range of amounts here is between 8,000 and 20,000 euros.

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With the help of the spine and neck muscles, the neck moves and stabilizes the head against the body. Mouth, throat and pharynx have key functions for food intake and breathing, their anatomy and physiological equipment play an important role in the immune defense of our body – especially in the defense against infections.

throat and pharynx

Anatomy and physiology

The oral cavity is the beginning of the digestive tract and is used, among other things, for food intake, food comminution and food digestion. In addition, it has a share in the formation of sounds and thus the language.

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