It is not exactly comfortable to sit here now, but there is so much to see and hear in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district museum that you cannot even sit down …

Sitting in the museum XXXII

This is how it sits in the Museum Neukölln.

Things that are life

The Museum Blog wrote about the Neukölln Museum some time ago. Now I was there myself and of course looked at the permanent exhibition, but also the exhibition Three things in my life.

Nine object groups are distributed in showcases in the room. In order to understand them, audiovisual help is required: by means of a large projection or an i-Pad, you can find out what the objects are and why they were chosen by their owners.

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Mother, father, child – the dream of the classic family. If the desire to have a child remains unfulfilled for a long time, some couples decide to adopt a child from home or abroad.

But even if you already have your own children, many have the wish to do something good or to strengthen family cohesion by adopting their stepchild. Either way: a well-considered adoption gives both parents and children a second chance.

The costs for a minor adoption in Germany are between approx. EUR 100 and EUR 300. If you decide to adopt a child from abroad, you will receive significantly higher amounts. The range of amounts here is between 8,000 and 20,000 euros.

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With the help of the spine and neck muscles, the neck moves and stabilizes the head against the body. Mouth, throat and pharynx have key functions for food intake and breathing, their anatomy and physiological equipment play an important role in the immune defense of our body – especially in the defense against infections.

throat and pharynx

Anatomy and physiology

The oral cavity is the beginning of the digestive tract and is used, among other things, for food intake, food comminution and food digestion. In addition, it has a share in the formation of sounds and thus the language.

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It is important that they feel

We communicate with our children in every encounter – whether we are aware of it or not. The way and how we communicate not only affects our relationship with them, but also significantly shapes their self-image and self-confidence.

Our inner state, the image we have of the child, how we turn to it, look at it, how we touch it, even our feelings and thoughts – all this has an impact on the child, its development, the way it is and how it sees itself and the relationship it develops with itself. This happens automatically.

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The Cybex Juno 2-Fix is ​​a child seat of group I, that is from 9-18 kg. This usually corresponds to an age of around 9 months to 4 years.

Although the CYBEX Juno 2-Fix with Isofix already test winner in 2013 was in the ADAC test, no other model could beat him until today.

We can therefore rightly consider the Juno 2 fix in Group I to be very safe. But also in the other points such as handling and comfort, this seat can consistently with "very good" cut off.

So far, it has been rated "very good" in the following tests:

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Discovering the world around you is one of the most important tasks in a baby’s routine, and it is up to the parents to provide children with an environment where they can explore the universe around them.

According to Dr. Isabela Moreira Forni, pediatrician in the dr.consulta network of medical centers, are sensory stimuli part of the baby’s life before birth and are the best way to convey this atmosphere of self and the world to the child .

"In intrauterine life he already feels the touch, he listens to the conversations and songs, he experiences the movements. At birth, the child is introduced to a new world and is confronted with various information that needs to be processed. It has been observed that one of the best ways for the brain to absorb information is to explore and use all of its senses, and this is where the importance of sensory activity arises. "

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Spotted an Error?

The big conclusion: a lot came differently than expected, not everything better.

"Is that a big change?" Asked a kindergarten mother recently about our schooling experience. "Yes", I can now clearly say after the first 100 days, but many things are not as bad as feared. Our most important plus point: Vincent likes it at school. He likes his teacher, classmates and everyday school life. It was not difficult for him to switch from "playing almost continuously" to "sitting and doing headwork almost continuously".

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Epilepsy is a serious illness with far-reaching consequences for children, adults and their families who are affected by this neurological disorder. With many different vaccines, children are at increased risk of developing epilepsy. The consequences of repeated seizures can take years or a Stop for life.

“Population studies have consistently shown that the risk of premature death in people with epilepsy is three times higher than in the general population. There are 150,000 new cases of epilepsy every year. In the United States, one in 26 people has epilepsy. This was not the case twenty years ago case, therefore the question arises: what is going on?!
Did you know that seizures can be triggered by vaccination?

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God’s mission:

of Max Lucado

When we come to Christ, God doesn’t just forgive us, He adopts us! We go through a series of dramatic events as condemned children without hope, to adopted children without fear. And this is how it happens: We come before God’s judge full of rebellion and mistakes. Because of His righteousness, He cannot drop our sin, but because of His love, He can us do not let it fall. And so He did something that amazed the heavens: He has himself on the cross for our Punished sins! God’s righteousness and love do not contradict each other. And we, God’s creation, are acquitted! But the whole thing doesn’t end with God’s forgiveness.

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How To Channel Anger In Children

Every child experiences their feelings differently, although anger is usually one of the most common and difficult to control, especially after 2 or 3 years. However, this period can be extended to adolescence if you don’t teach them to properly manage their anger. Anger is not an emotion, neither positive nor negative, it has the function of defending us against injustice.

Every child experienced his feelings different, though Anger, usually one of the most common, is difficult to control , especially after 2 or 3 years. However, this period can be extended to adolescence if you don’t teach them to properly manage their anger.

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