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Publication of the dissertation: Usability Results as a Knowledge Resource in Organizations

My dissertation was published in October in the series Schriftenreihe zur Informationswissenschaft: Nähere Informationen beim Verlag. The blurb says:

“Usability and user experience are central quality factors in software development today. With the increasing maturity of usability and UX processes in many organizations, their knowledge of their own users, their preferences and their usage behavior is growing. Interviews and focus groups with usability practitioners from different companies and industries form the basis for the analysis of the added value and possible barriers to the use of usability information. From this, information management requirements are derived for their effective and efficient use. A prototype usability information system implements the requirements exemplarily and enables evaluation from the point of view of the intended users.

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Summer crafts

Hey! Summer at last, are you as excited about it as I am? I enjoy going out in short pants in the morning instead of freezing in my winter coat.

I think it’s really cool to sit outside even in the evening. You know, with candlelight ( mosquito candle ) and a glass of red wine on our terrace ….

And just in time for the start of the summer, there are great craft ideas for you, which fit thematically to the summer.

Sun and sea, holidays, flowers, birds and butterflies and much more

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More and more patients are opting for dental treatment under hypnosis. Whether fear of dental surgery, fear of injections, severe gag reflex or drug allergy: Medical hypnosis can contribute to a fear-free, painless and relaxed visit to the dentist.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis (of Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep) is a procedure to achieve an altered state of consciousness, the hypnotic trance. This state is characterized by deep relaxation and susceptibility to suggestions. In trance, all attention is focused on a specific thing, so that the rest of the environment is completely or partially hidden – as we can experience in everyday life when we jog, read an exciting book or concentrate on a difficult job.

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It is the goal of KSH to support the compatibility of family and study or career. The university is a member of the Bavarian Family Pact and the Best Practice Club “Family at the University”. It is thus committed to guaranteeing and further expanding family-friendly offers for students, employees and teachers.

The university has set itself the following development goals within the framework of signing the charter “Family in the university”:

Studyability of our study courses including their practical phases in the compatibility of family and studies Further development of external and internal communication to reconcile study, work and family life Examination of support options in the event of occasional childcare bottlenecks as well as daycare close to the place of work Examination and implementation of support during parental and nursing leave and when re-entering the company Review of the further development of flexible workplace design

Further information on the Charter can be found on the website of Familie in der Hochschule.

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© 2019 Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

24.09.2012 Latest news

Kristina Schröder: “Parents want more flexible working hours and company support with childcare”.

Dr. Kristina Schröder and Prof. Renate Köcher

73 percent of parents of children under 16 want more time for the family. Full-time working mothers even express this wish at 88 percent, part-time working mothers at 78 percent. While fathers would like to work less, mothers would particularly like to see relief in everyday family life.

This is a result of the “Monitor Familienleben” presented by the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Dr. Kristina Schröder, together with Prof. Renate Köcher, Managing Director of the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach, on 24 September in Berlin.

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Are you looking for new ideas for vegan finger food for your next party? We’ve put together a few suggestions that you can prepare quickly and easily. This makes every party finger food menu not only delicious, but also a real eye-catcher. But see for yourself

Vegan finger food: Monis olive bread

A quick and easy homemade olive bread made according to the recipe of Mama Monika can be seen at every party. A perfect vegan finger food cut into small pieces.

Just as tasty as the olive bread looks, it also tastes

Ingredients: Monis olive bread (1 tray)

Yeast dough:

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Your excursion Hurghada to Luxor by bus | from Hurghada includes the following services:

✔ Transfer in air-conditioned vehicle to Luxor from/to your holiday hotel

✔ German speaking Egyptologist accompanies your visits

✔Fahrten in air-conditioned vehicle

✔ Visit incl. entrance fees according to description

✔ Theben West: Luxor Valley of Kings, Deir el Bahari Terrace Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Memnon Colossians

✔ Theben East unique temple complex of Karnak

Visit an alabaster factory, papyrus workshop or one of the famous state-certified perfumeries – experience traditional craftsmanship live

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Actor Tim Wilde talks to us in an interview about boxing gloves, children on set and family conflicts.

KiNDER: In “The Wild Guys” you played Leons and Marlon’s father. Do you like working with children? Tim Wilde: Yes, very much, because children are pure and not superimposed at all. Recently I asked my five-year-old son Milo if we would rather buy a chair or a sofa for our new apartment. For him it was clear: “A sofa, because I can lounge on it more comfortably. “Children are so honest. And when they compliment you, you can be sure they mean business. It’s often different with adults.

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By Kia Kahawa | September 28, 2019 | Comments 1 comment

Self-praise is true and doesn’t stink! Sabine Asgodom makes this and more clear in her guidebook. I know, this topic and thus this review fits perhaps rather on a Business Blog, but from self PR everyone and above all each of us can learn something.

You don’t have to be self-employed or an entrepreneur*to benefit from self-PR. Employees, young professionals, artists and private individuals can also learn something: Sabine Asgodom emphasizes the desire to fail, her own strengths and weaknesses profile, creative exercises with which we can get out of ourselves and responds to the messages from childhood that still influence us all today.

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What to do when the lunch break ends up in the trash? And how do you teach your children that food leftovers are too good to be disposed of? Quite simply, environmental and nutrition experts say: set a good example yourself – and also teach children to have more respect for food. There are more and more ideas and initiatives to awaken and encourage them.

Let’s be honest: Who hasn’t thrown away his lunch with the healthy but unloved topping as a child or teen every now and then instead of eating it! The reference to the starving children in Africa has rarely stopped us from doing so. Africa is far away. The situation is different when the consequences of the throwaway society become visible on our own doorstep. And this is exactly where the numerous initiatives that have been launched in the meantime to make sustainable nutrition more attractive for children come into play. The organisation Slow Food e.V., for example, is offering workshops in many cities this spring under the motto “plates instead of bins” to promote sustainable nutrition for children and young people – including “Schnippeldisko”.

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