PRIVATA TRAVEL: Discover Rio Lagartos National Park and the famous pink lakes of Las Coloradas. Private excursion with boat trip, bird watching and of course a delicious meal!

Ask for a quote or book by specifying the date, number of people and your hotel.

Rio Lagartos and Las Coloradas private excursion

If you love nature and want to see a unique Mexican flora and fauna, then your group should not miss the chance to take part in our all-inclusive excursion “Las Coloradas – Rio Lagartos”. The name of this small fishing village means “Alligator River”, although its famous bay is home to many different animals.

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Some parents don’t think city trips are for kids. If you mean to stroll through the streets for hours, visit countless museums and go shopping, then you are probably right. Our children are normal children and they find it boring. But there is another way and we are of the opinion that you can also make great city trips with children. The main principle of everything you do is: Don’t plan too much. With children everything takes longer and honestly: They just want to spend time in a hotel or pool. That has to be in there, too. On the spot you can drive everywhere well with the grave. Since it’s really hot, a buggy should ideally be in your luggage. A very small one is also enough.

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Dental Clinic Information for all those who, when leaving their country, are interested in cheap and luxurious dental treatment in a Hungarian dental clinic.

Scared at the dentist?

Some people may laugh at the subject of dental anxiety, but being scared by dentists can be a real problem. This anxiety can even be so strong it leads to more than a poor state of health. Fortunately, you have several options if you are afraid of the dentist, depending on what frightens you and the severity of your anxiety. This article offers a look at ways to make your next trip much less stressful. Fear of the dentist Few people really enjoy visiting dentists. According to a study, 75% of adults are afraid of dental procedures, while only 25% base their fears on a past bad experience. Often the cure is simple. Instead of focusing on pain and discomfort, so tell the dentists and dental technicians to help people feel better and look their best and imagine how great you feel and look for the procedure. For some people, considering life with toothache or having the desire for a perfect smile is enough to overcome their fear of the dentist. For other people, the waiting time is increased, which increases their anxiety. When they can go to the office and start a dental treatment without waiting, they are usually good.

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With over 500 popular brands, you’ll find what you need in our online shop and our local shops. For the cold season we offer you a wide range of the latest snowboards, freeski and equipment. In summer you can count on us with a wide range of wetsuits, surfboards and surf accessories. Throughout the year you will find the latest skateboards, trendy streetwear and matching accessories. In our shops and online we carry well-known brands such as Burton, Vans and Volcom as well as newcomers such as Kazane and Teddy Fresh. If you are looking for something very special, we recommend our exclusive brand collabs, which are only available from us.

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      • Diani Sea Lodge

      Description of the

      Located on the south coast of Kenya and directly on the fine sandy Diani Beach, the family-friendly Diani Sea Lodge combines traditional African culture with modernity.

      Relaxing nights are guaranteed here: At the Diani Sea Lodge you have the choice between double and family rooms. The double rooms have a combined living and sleeping area, while the family rooms have a separate children’s room. The bathroom has a shower, a WC and a hairdryer and in the living area there is a cosy sitting area where the whole family can find a cosy place. For further comfort there is air conditioning, a minibar and on request the rooms can be equipped with baby beds.

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by Lucas Witness – AZ

Last update on 19.9.2014 07:46 o’clock

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The cold doesn’t stop at any age group.

Many people from Aargau are plagued with a cold. The wet and cold summer offered the viruses ideal conditions. Two pharmacists explain how the virus resists and alleviates the symptoms.

Does one wish the sneezer health after a loud “Hatschi” now or must he apologize, as demanded by the etiquette?

The question about the decency rule around the reflex in itchy noses is highly topical, because various pharmacies in Aargau confirm the increasing number of customers who are plagued with a cold – but also cough or a slight sore throat – at the request of the Aargauer Zeitung.

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In almost all federal states, measles accidents already occurred in 2019. How does this disease spread? How many Austrians have been vaccinated – and why are measles so dangerous? Four questions, four answers.

In Vorarlberg and Carinthia, measles cases were reported in the previous week – and have brought the debate about the sense of vaccinations and the risk of infection to a new boil. In the state capital of Klagenfurt, public bus traffic even stood still for hours, and a grammar school was temporarily closed. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health rejects a compulsory vaccination – even for health personnel there is no such requirement. Last Wednesday, the Austrian Medical Association voted in favour of a general obligation to vaccinate all immunisations recommended in the vaccination plan.

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What is it so aptly called when advertising deals with children? Here the wishes of the “little ones” are written in capital letters. A slogan that doesn’t remain an empty promise in the fascinating Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski resort, but rather hits the spot in reality. Nowhere else are there so many leisure activities for children – and of course – adults. Anyone who wants to see children’s eyes shine in the snow should not shy away from the sunny plateau – the result is worth it.

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size 42-46

Trendy baby cap – 100% organic Merino virgin wool (kbT). Inner hem 100% organic cotton (kbA). Keeps the head comfortably warm without overheating it. GOTS certified.

Baby Cap Beanie melange-light grey

Delivery dateImmediately availableDelivery time1-2 working daysArticle number8028-41-42UVP25,90 €

incl. tax plus 3,95 € shipping

Immediately available1-2 business days

This Beanie baby cap combines beauty with functionality.

A baby cap must first protect the sensitive baby’s head from cold and draughts, as babies lose most of their body heat through the head. It is particularly nice when such a hat is also fashionably chic at the same time. A beanie from disana is very much in vogue, even for the little ones.

  • Made of 100% organic Merino virgin wool (kbT)
  • Reliably warms the head without overheating it
  • Organic cotton inner hem (kbA)
  • GOTS certified
  • Made in Germany

This beanie is also an excellent winter cap.

The manufacturer disana generally attaches great importance to high quality baby and children’s clothing. This hat is also an organic product made from pure merino virgin wool from certified organic animal husbandry. The extra warmth is provided by the triple thread, which is used for the optically attractive pearl catching knit. The result is a beautiful pattern in great melange colours. On the inside of the cap there is a knitted lining on the hem made of pure organic cotton (kbA). The beanie can also be worn on scratch-sensitive skin and ears, temples and forehead are increasingly protected from draughts and cold. That’s why it is also ideal as a winter hat and rounds off the baby clothing package. It is a product manufactured in Germany, which is subject to strict quality guidelines. The cap is GOTS-certified, Disana baby clothing stands for quality and environmental awareness.

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