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I can just cuddle you up to something like this …… Negative feelings towards those who are protected and customers.

Today I would like to write about a topic that every pedagogical professional can encounter every day. Or even met every day. Anger. Ohh yes, anger. That feeling when a glowing fireball spreads through your gut and grows from second to second. He’s just waiting to start. But stop. STOP! It’s not pedagogical at all.

Such and similar scenarios are certainly familiar to most (including parents). Child (er) freak out, three pieces have to be wrapped and Little Tom kicks you hard on the shin because he is not allowed to eat the plasticine. Or 10 migrants rush towards you and want a fare, even though they are not authorized to do so. But you don’t want to see that it is reasonable to walk up to 3 km to the school.

And ours always have to stay calm and cool. Take a deep breath and then explain with an angelic voice what works and what doesn’t. NOT CORRECT. No, no, and once again no. In good German: we have to do a shit. And everyone who claims otherwise is either one of those beings who are really chilled or is already so brewed that it doesn’t itch anymore.

Negative feelings, especially anger, have to get out. If you keep suppressing anger you can not only get sick at some point but also become a ticking time bomb. Imagine your anger is a pressure cooker. Totally under pressure. If you don’t let the steam down, it will fly around your ears. Then expresses itself in things like agile behavior, racing heart, speaking loudly (aka screaming) and rough handling of people and material.

Now I hear many say: but you have to be calm with people. The should you don’t burden yourself with your own feelings. I totally disagree. It is important to tell children and adults that you are angry. And why. Otherwise they just don’t understand what’s going on. It’s perfectly fine to say:

,, Tom, I’m angry with you now for kicking me. So I’m going to walk away from you now so I can calm down. "

Of course, this does not work for one-year-olds. But clear communication and demarcation are good means to get out of the danger area. It’s better to take a 5 minute break.

Also you can not tell adults through the rose: ,, I think it absolutely shit that you do not abide by the rules. And if you go on like this I’ll just throw you out. "

Zack! BOUM! Finished. Absolutely necessary for absolutely resistant people.

Don’t swallow your anger. You can learn to deal with anger, yes, there are many methods. But don’t pretend. When you’re angry with something, or maybe with yourself, it communicates with your environment. This not only looks authentic but is good for your soul. As soon as the anger is out you have enough space to reflect everything.

Why have I written this little text now? Now very simple: self-reflection. Screaming and whining children have made me extremely angry lately. So angry that I would like to go out … and that’s not a good thing. It is also not fair to my fellow human beings. I have to grab my own nose every time. Am I angry now because I can’t stand it, or am I angry because e.g. the child just behaves like an A-hole? Or because the parents behave like A-holes? Couldn’t such behavior also have been prevented? If it is really too much for me and I think I know the reason for my anger, then I express it. So it can also happen that I stand in front of parents or their attachment and say: "Do you know that the behavior of you or your child makes me angry?" If they then look back confused or angry, I just nod, explain, and go again.

Work has gotten a lot better since I stopped touching my ladies with kid gloves. The level of frustration has dropped significantly.

Of course that doesn’t make you popular, and you have to listen to a lot. But since I’ve been practicing it, my anger scale has been shrinking. I can treat my fellow human beings more relaxed again. And I would like to say to all colleagues and parents: before you burst, let your anger out.

Pedagogue and being a mother. A station wagon that I might like?

The latest Rabenmutti article inspired me to comment on the topic of having a baby.

What is going on in her head is also happening in mine. It’s just about getting pregnant in general or not. My studies have now officially ended. With luck, I can seamlessly switch to a new daycare center and move to my partner. These are actually "good prerequisites" for having a child. As far as I have noticed, many colleagues do it this way: complete training or successfully ascend from the trial period and then give it a baby.

Well, I am 26 years old, well educated, have various hobbies. I have a wonderful, loyal, intelligent and understanding partner that I love more than anything. Here comes this square sentence: "Crowning happiness with a baby" as if flown by itself.

But I think it is something like the raven mom. I love my freedom. I want to be successful in my job and "make it happen". Yes, I’m very selfish. And don’t feel bad about it. At the moment I see babies and I apologize to all mothers, and immediately I have long iron chains that tie one to the house in front of my inner eye. It’s not like I don’t know what it means to have a baby. Let’s start from the beginning.

If I got pregnant it would be okay, but I don’t know how healthy my child would be. I am dependent on medication that can / will damage the embryo. You don’t notice pregnancy immediately. That usually means only after one pair The worm is noticed for weeks. By then it has had enough medication. He / she is particularly at risk in the second part of pregnancy. Malformations of the heart, tremor, hyperexcitability are just a few things that can occur. Yes, I can emphasize, but I am quite aware that out of about 10 children 3 showed abnormalities while their mothers were dependent on this medication during pregnancy.

Whether healthy or not, if it were there all the stuff starts: everyday life. I have one anxiety/ Obsessive compulsive disorder and everything was outside of my world is a danger. I have been working on this disorder for a long time and it is well under control, but emotional changes always throw me off track. And put everything on my partner’s cheek, no, that really doesn’t work. He can already look after me ^^

Daycare, daycare, school and then go to work. I work in a daycare center. Guys, I know how it works for parents. Child is sick: does not go to work. Kita is closed because of conception days. Child gets sick in daycare, parents’ evenings, the list could go on forever. Don’t forget the household, it is still waiting.

I have an uncanny respect for everyone who faces the adventure child. To do this is really hard and deserves more credit! Am I ready? I dont know. I gave myself time until I was 30. That should be enough to work on me. There is also the saying: unexpectedly comes often. So when a baby is on the move, that’s the way it is.

Aunt Vanja says: I like working with your children, I can hand them over in the afternoon &# 128521;


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