Children’s toys from 3 years, what fits in this eventful age? Toy tips

Children’s toys from 3 years recommendation

The fitting Toys from 3 years to find is a Challenge. After all, the children at this age are in different stages of development. To make the selection a little easier for you, we have selected the most popular toy for 3 year olds for you. We have analyzed the market and summarized the best toys for you in this overview. You will then find the most important tips on toys and skills. You will learn which children’s toys from the age of 3 ideally promote which skills without overwhelming them. After all, playing should be fun.

Toys from 3 years old Top 10 recommendation

My first games "The Mole and His Favorite Game" – Ravensburger

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Ability: social competence
Size: 30 x 30 x 20 cm
Venue: indoors

At the age of 3, children are ready for a social game. The most popular game is "the mole and his favorite game". This dice game – pictures are shown on the dice instead of numbers – offers great community fun. A fun race can begin between a mole in the car, a hedgehog on a motorcycle, a mouse on a bike and a rabbit on roller skates. This game is an ideal start for the children in the world of board games.

Firefighters headquarters – Lego Duplo

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Ability: motor skills
Size: 48 x 37.8 x 9.4 cm
Venue: indoors

Lego Duplo is one of the most popular toys for small builders. No wonder, because the varied toy for 3 year olds offers enough challenge for hours of fun. The fire brigade headquarters is the ideal base station for sending the fire engines to operations. Here the children can prove their dexterity and slip into the role of the firefighters. The Lego Duplo fire station can also be ideally combined with the fire boat and fire truck to experience even more exciting fire service operations.

Toy kitchen – Theo Klein – Miele Kitchen Gourmet International

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Ability: social competence
Size: 120 x 43 x 95 cm
Venue: indoors

Role playing is very popular at this age. For this reason, this kitchen is also a very popular children’s toy from 3 years. This allows the children to let their imaginations run wild and playfully re-enact daily work in the kitchen.

The Miele toy kitchen is extremely popular due to its size. It is also playable on both sides and equipped with many devices and accessories, such as. For example, an oven, a refrigerator, a sink and a dishwasher. The electronic cooking noise enables the little ones to have a very realistic experience and ensures great cooking fun for the master chefs of the future.

Wooden train set – Point Kids – 100 pieces

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Ability: motor skills
Size: 36.6 x 30 x 13.4 cm
Venue: indoors

The wooden train is a very traditional toy and its popularity remains unbroken. This children’s toy from 3 years is equipped with 2 locomotives, wagons, rails, figures, a bridge and much more. The set contains a total of 100 parts to assemble, set up and play. For the little ones, it is the ideal toy to promote creativity and fine motor skills.

Jumbo crafting case – Folia – 107 pieces

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Ability: social competence
Size: 36.5 x 4.1 x 26 cm
Venue: indoors

Ready, ready, tinker, go! The 107-piece crafting case from Jumbo contains everything a crafting heart desires. You can find everything from tissue paper in various colors to craft felt. Solid paper in striped, dotted and rainbow tones. The template offers varied ideas for the little artists. There are no limits to creativity with this toy for 3 year olds.

Simba 106838886 – My Music World stand keyboard 50cm

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Ability: creativity
Size: 51 x 12.5 x 58.5 cm
Venue: indoors

Music inspires young and old. Children can take their first musical steps with the Simba keyboard. In addition to preset songs, it offers the best music entertainment with accessories such as microphones, sound patterns and light effects. The musical heart of the little ones will be happy.

Funtrike Emma – Kettler

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Ability: coordination
Size: 36.6 x 30 x 13.4 cm
Venue: Outside

At 3 years old is the right time to get around on a tricycle. This allows the little ones to train their leg muscles and improve their coordination. And by the way, the Funtrike Emma from Kettler gives the children tremendous driving fun. This tricycle scores with a round tubular frame, automatic freewheel on the front wheels and smooth-running wheels.

As an additional plus, it has a tiltable sand bowl, which can be ideally used as a transport aid for favorite toys. And if the little ones lose their strength, they can lean back in the bucket seat and let the parents push with the height-adjustable push rod.

Puzzle Book – The Little Mole Hardcover

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Ability: language ability
Venue: indoors

Puzzles offer one ideal Possibility to promote fine motor skills. The puzzle book "The Little Mole" contains 5 different puzzles, each with 24 pieces. And short stories about the little mole and his friends provide the little ones with the best entertainment. Best suited as a toy from 3 years.

Play tower slide swing sandpit – WICKEY Seaflyer

Ability: coordination
Size: 440 x 402 x 280 (LxWxH)
Venue: Outside

Movement, movement and movement again. This toy also takes this toy to heart from the age of 3. Although you actually no longer have to speak of a simple toy, but rather of a small world of children’s experiences.

Equipped with a wave slide, a swing seat, a rope ladder, five climbing stones, a racing handlebar, a telescope, a climbing ladder and an integrated sandpit, this play tower offers everything a child’s heart desires. The little ones can let off steam in the garden and let their urge to move freely. From now on, people climb, slide, swing and much more. This play device offers a lot of variety for the children and they will enjoy it for years.

Garden trampoline – Ultrasport including safety net

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Ability: coordination
Size: 366 x 90
Venue: Outside

You are seen in more and more gardens. No wonder, a trampoline is an excellent way to give the little ones plenty of exercise in the fresh air. Hopping in a trampoline is not only great fun, it also promotes fitness, motor skills and a sense of balance. The Ultrasport garden trampoline is also ideal for adults. So there is nothing standing in the way of having fun together in the garden!

We hope that this overview has given you a good overview of the toy options in this age group.

Toys for 3 year olds – according to your abilities

At the age of three, children already know exactly what they want. At least you can tell us clearly, because you already have a large vocabulary. Nevertheless, it happens very often that the toy of your choice ends up in the corner very quickly.
This is due to the fact that on the one hand the self-assessment is not yet pronounced and the associated assessment of toys is difficult. Often the desires do not match the child’s abilities. That is why we would like to give a brief overview of the skills at this stage of development and then recommend the right toy for 3 year olds.

The aim is to neither overwhelm nor underwhelm the children. So fun is guaranteed. Of course, there are also considerable differences and abilities flowing smoothly into one another at this age. This is taken into account in our selection.

Fine motor skills – the right children’s toy from 3 years

Fine motor skills are everything that can be done with the hands. With 3 year olds, this means that they usually start tinkering. They know how to use children’s scissors. They are beginning to know how to make a roll out of plasticine and cut it with a plastic knife. They are also making great strides in drawing. You can already draw closed shapes. They also understand how to build coherent and expanding. A tower with 8 building blocks can look out there. Independent eating with a spoon and fork is no longer a problem.

Which toy promotes fine motor skills?

At the age of three, the development and design urge is very pronounced. Classic building or handicraft sets,
but railway sets are just the right thing at this age. At the age of 3, the children begin to be interested in the result for the first time. That means they don’t just tinker for the job, they also want something nice to come out of it.

Our recommendation for the right toy from the age of 3 is therefore: At this age, make sure you provide your child with things for handicrafts and construction, because children of this age want to create something.

Classic games are:

Wooden Railway
A particularly popular toy for 3 year olds are wooden trains. The little ones have a lot of fun repositioning the tracks over and over again and are guaranteed to spend a long time with the toys.

Simple puzzles (4-6 pieces)
Simple and age-appropriate puzzles, with about 4 – 6 pieces, are a popular toy for the little ones, which in addition to the motor skills also increases and encourages the endurance and patience of the children.

Building blocks – Lego Duplo

What starts as a toddler can be continued with 3 years. Because building remains a hit with children. And building blocks such as Lego DUPLO are just right for this. And at the same time, motor skills are continuously promoted.

The right toy from 3 years for coordination

Coordination means the ability to move and mastery of one’s own movements. Three-year-old children already stand on one leg without holding on. You climb effortlessly without help on a chair, as well as on suitable children’s play equipment. They already master the changing step when climbing stairs, which means they can climb up and down stairs. They can also jump over a rope. The ability to coordinate is not only important for all playful activities. Good gross motor skills also ensure good stability. Those who master their body early on will also stand with both legs later in life. Obstacles and obstacles, even in a broad sense, are easier to overcome in later life.

Which toy for 3 year olds is suitable for coordination

So that your child can playfully improve his coordination skills, it needs a lot of exercise. Matching play equipment can promote this. This way your child can improve their coordination automatically and with a lot of fun. We would like to recommend the following toys for 3 year olds.

climbing frame
The climbing frame has been a classic among play equipment for many years and the children learn to coordinate and master their own movements. At this age you have fun climbing and a climbing frame, perhaps in combination with a swing, slide and a small house is just the right toy for the garden. For the indoor area there are different variants in combination with a loft bed.


Body control is quite decent in three-year-olds. A suitable toy for 3 year olds is the trampoline. Set up in the garden, it encourages movement and promotes body control.

is the child 3 years old, it is usually time for the first mobile pedestal. They have mastered getting around with a bobby car for a long time at this age. So it’s time to take another step. A tricycle is just right now. It supports the child in training gross motor skills and ensures sufficient movement.

Toys to improve language skills

At the age of 3 the little ones start chatting cheerfully. Whole sentences with up to five words are not a problem at this age. They have a large passive vocabulary, which means that they understand very well and very much and the overall language skills are very well developed. You can also express different feelings linguistically. This also includes contradiction – the so-called defiance phase can begin.

Why? How so? Why? You will also hear these words very often at this age. Now children are interested in everything. And they would also like to share your thoughts and new knowledge. They show great interest in playful linguistic development, which means songs and rhymes are very popular at this time.

Which children’s toys from 3 years are recommended?

The lively chatting may continue. Promote the playful and musical use of language. Sing songs, read some funny stories, or make up rhymes. Of course, you can use suitable toys and consult them. So the children have fun with the language and the game.

Book series Why, Why, Why?

Why is that? Parents of this age are often asked this question. The very nice series of books Why, Why, Why? explains many open questions. With fold-out pictures, they are the right companions and supporters to explain the questions of the curious little ones child-friendly. And by the way, there is of course a lot of chatting with the little ones, thus promoting language skills.

Toys for emotional and social development

Now you can laugh, because at this age children love to make others laugh. You will also become familiar with the saying "I can do it alone!"
occurrence. Because at this age children love to take matters into their own hands. The little ones also want to help actively in the household. Vacuuming and cooking can quickly become your favorite pastime. Coexistence is also gradually being understood at this age. The child can already follow simple rules and if someone is sad, then they come to comfort them. And the “pretend games” are also very popular at this age. Symbolic acts like cooking, having a tea party, playing doctor ect. are often played.

Which toys for 3 year olds promote social development?

Children now understand how to communicate and want to experience fun and games together. Give children the opportunity to play role-playing games or start with board games. Children will be happy to be there. To make this possible, the following toys can be helpful for 3 year olds.

board games
From 3 years old, the first board games are suitable to play together with others. The children can communicate freely and train their social knowledge.

Role-playing games are always interesting for children and can spend hours on toys such as a kitchen or a doctor’s case.

The toy and the creativity

Creative people work as musicians, as authors or as artists. They create new things and know how to inspire and surprise people. But it’s not just artists who are creative. Creativity can also help us in everyday life. It helps us to find new ways to master challenges and to solve problems. Therefore, a healthy dose of creativity cannot hurt. But how can creativity be promoted among 3 year olds? It doesn’t take much for that. Because we humans are born creatively. We are naturally curious, which is why children ask so many questions. So you don’t have to specifically encourage creativity in children.

The only thing you should do is give the children your freedom. Also, be cautious with advice when playing. Let the kids do it and discover the world for themselves. They develop their own ideas and new things can arise.

Specifically creative toys from 3 years

As already mentioned, all that is needed is the opportunity for creative development. The following children’s toys from the age of 3 can support this development.

Simple craft set
In the meantime, fine motor skills have developed very well and the smallest are already adept with their small hands. Craft sets that are suitable for 3 year olds are the right toys so that the little ones can let their imaginations run wild and also train their fine motor skills.

musical instrument
The first musical instruments such as a flute or a xylophone also promote creativity and give the children the opportunity to develop in this way.

Children’s toys from 3 years – further important information

Still be careful with small parts!

For 3 year olds, building sets or Lego are very popular. Now begins the age at which the stones can be a number smaller, because the motor skills of the little ones are now well developed. The children can also distinguish between what is edible and what is not edible. Nevertheless, it is important to give away very small parts for the time being. Because age information such as ages 4 and up are not without reason on the packaging. Of course, the colors and material should still be non-toxic.

Less is more

When the little ones celebrate their third birthday, a lot of toys have usually accumulated. Try to bring baby toys out of the nursery. Because grasping toys and other things will only lie unnoticed in the corner. In general, try to keep toys under the bed or in the box. This avoids excessive demands and boredom. Because the toy can be used again later.

Robust lasts longer

"Daddy, mom, that broke." All too often, parents hear this saying from their children. All too often, many toys are of poor quality and break. The fun and joy of the toy is then short-lived. Especially at the age of 3, children already have a good dose of strength, which they can not really portion out yet. Therefore, the toy should be able to withstand something and be robust. Therefore, pay attention to quality when buying toys and avoid cheap goods. So that the phrase “who buys cheap, buys expensive” does not become reality too quickly. Because the joy of cheapest goods usually does not last long and it quickly turns into disappointment. In order not to exceed the financial limits, you should rather buy less and rely on quality for toys for 3 year olds. So your loved ones and you will have fun with them for a long time.

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