Cold cough and respiratory diseases in children

How does an airway infection develop??

If your child has a cold, the upper airways are affected initially. Your child will suffer from a cold and a sore throat create.

If the infection spreads to the mucous membranes of the lower respiratory tract, a dry cough with an excruciating cough may develop. As the infection progresses, mucus forms on the bronchi, which is often difficult to cough up. Your child finds it difficult to sleep because of the cough complaints, has little appetite and is tearful and restless.

If symptoms or fever persist above 38 ° C, a must Consulted a doctor become.

How does a cold cough develop?

A cold cough is most often caused by a viral infection. Cough is initially a symptom that is used to clean the airways. It is a sensible reaction of the body to the inflammation of the bronchial mucus. The most common lower respiratory tract infection is bronchitis, which occurs increasingly in winter and usually shows severe and acute symptoms in the first few days. Symptoms such as irritable or cramping cough, tight mucus with breathing problems, possibly fever and a clear feeling of sickness with exhaustion are typical.

The inflammation irritates and swells the mucous membrane. First, there is a dry cough. The mucous membrane responds to the inflammation with increased formation of mucus, which constricts the bronchi and leads to breathing difficulties. The cough becomes "productive"; the initially stuck mucus is coughed up to free the bronchi. A spasmodic contraction of the bronchial muscles can also be a result of the inflammation.

About cough in babies

Cough is not a disease, but an important protective mechanism for the body. With a cough, the respiratory tract is cleared of mucus together with the inhaled pollutants, dust or foreign bodies. Coughing and sneezing are very important, especially for babies, since a "nose blow" in the classic sense is not yet possible. .

Terms related to cough and cold

Asthma, bronchitis, croup, and more. We have the most important terms on the subject of cold / cough and what they mean in detail for babies and children compiled. .

What can I do about cough in young children??

When it comes to coughing, the most important thing first is to clear your nose. If she is free, the children have to cough less. If the children cannot blow their nose, nasal drops or a nasal aspirator will help. Position your upper body higher in bed so that breathing is easier. .


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