Company anniversary – tips and ideas for an incomparable company anniversary

Company anniversary – How to plan your perfect company anniversary

An anniversary is a reason to celebrate – be it in a private or business sense. Company anniversaries specifically stand for the success of a company that has proven itself over many years. The event is absolutely positive and only has to be used by the companies. Furthermore, the reason for the solemnity and attention to the company is obvious and need not be justified. Especially on a large scale, anniversary celebrations can act as a PR measure and have an enormous public impact. A company anniversary also provides the basis for increased credibility. The company looks competent, after all it has been mastering the market for years, and the entrepreneurial statements benefit from this competence. In this way, trust can be increased towards any stakeholder, be it investors, cooperation partners or customers. In addition, internal cohesion is promoted, employees and business partners feel valued and motivated. All in all, there is an impressive company anniversary celebration medium and long term benefits, also beyond the company’s reputation. Tips for organizing a company anniversary are now presented.

The framework of the company anniversary

Depending on the type of anniversary, different approaches to the festivity are recommended. Is the company celebrating its 10th or 25th anniversary? Is an internal event planned or owned for the employees? Business partner and people of the public to the invited guests? How long should the event last??
Whether a gala dinner for the 10th anniversary or a celebration in the ballroom with a ribbon for the 25th company anniversary – a special occasion calls for a proper event. Larger events are particularly suitable for presenting the company positively both internally and externally. In this sense, guests can also be invited who should be more convinced of the company by the ceremony. The Employee should definitely be invited and be allowed to appear with an accompanying person. After all, they are an essential part of the company and thus also its success. The Press should be invited partly as a guest and partly for reporting, it is advisable to define this specifically in the invitation. In particular, editors-in-chief or publishers and advertising managers probably expect an invitation as a guest.
The duration a company anniversary can be designed individually. The event can take one evening or last for a week, with a major main event on weekends. There are no limits for your creativity.

Timely planning

A company anniversary has the advantage that this event is fixed well in advance and can be organized accordingly with foresight. Timely planning in turn is highly recommended with regard to savings in the budget and entertaining program items. The key dates and location should be determined in good time. The same applies to informing guests. Important guests in particular should be sufficiently notified and invited in advance. For example, months before can be informed with a Save The Date card and weeks before the Company anniversary one invitation including reply card, directions and program overview.

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Budget planning for a company anniversary

Budget planning for an anniversary also benefits from early organization. To organize a company anniversary, for example Press relations an advantageous and above all free alternative to advertisements. The planning, implementation and follow-up of the company event can be communicated via articles in daily newspapers or magazines. This requires long-term press work and planning.
If other suppliers or service providers know about the short-term nature of the company’s anniversary, it is possible that the plight of the event decision maker can be exploited for high prices. Can again timely planning the price comparison and thus enable savings. With regard to deliveries, fixed prices are recommended for the delivery prices, because with an increasing number of different suppliers, this cost factor also increases. In addition, it is worth consulting with the tax advisor to possibly deduct items from the anniversary celebration for tax purposes.
In general, the budget for the company anniversary should not be set too low, since it is an investment in long-term positive effects on the company image. In the next step, it is advisable to plan only 80% of the budget to make a cushion for short-term cost points to keep. A list of all potential cost items helps with an overview and planning.

Guiding principle – A company anniversary with a common thread

A guiding principle is helpful for designing the event with a consistent theme or common thread. The company anniversary should be based on a specific topic, which is about actions or which is reflected in the location. The guiding principle can relate to the role of the company in the region or to the added value that the company offers. It can also be derived from the corporate philosophy and should be tailored to the target group. An exemplary guiding idea for a company anniversary would be "Company XY – Our 10th anniversary is the turning point of our environmental policy". If an event character was chosen, for example a party or gala dinner, and a guiding principle was chosen, the further event planning can be based on this. So this helps a company anniversary shape, that looks like one piece. When choosing a guiding principle, it is also possible to consult professional support in the form of event agencies.

In addition to a recap of the past, the current status of the company and plans for the future, a company anniversary is the perfect setting for employees and other stakeholders Appreciation and express gratitude. After all, they are jointly responsible for entrepreneurial success. As part of this gratitude, give-aways are suitable as Favors. Ideally, these are not the usual standard items such as pens and calendars, but rather more unusual ones that guests can also use outside of everyday work. With a manageable number of employees, there is the possibility to proceed in a personalized manner and select individual gifts. Colleagues or partners can be used to help.

At the event itself, one can also brochure to the company, whose history and present are distributed. This should be long-term planning, since the creation of a brochure from conception to printing can take several months. Despite the effort, compiling a single brochure is preferable to publishing many.

Possible Actions, that loosen up the company’s anniversary and make it exclusive can also be based on the guiding principle. For example, a special product for the guests can be developed for the celebration, such as anniversary beer, which makes the event something special. In addition, income can be donated to a good cause or a company can start a social project. Competitions are also available to promote activity and interaction, for example as part of a company football tournament as part of the company’s anniversary. In the sense of team spirit and cohesion, planting a tree is also an ideal way to celebrate the company’s anniversary symbolically and with a view to the future.

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Choice of location

Organizing a company anniversary means choosing the location after setting an appointment and the number of guests. Depending on whether the celebration is noble or a party and whether it is an internal celebration with the employees or a large company anniversary with more guests, a different location is recommended. In general, with the choice of the location, a clear framework for the event can be set and the location itself can be part of the particularities his. Logistical considerations should also be taken into account when selecting the locations, such as how to get there or where to park. On our website you will find a large selection of the most diverse event locations for company anniversaries, and we will be happy to advise you free of charge.

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Follow-up of the company anniversary

After the event is before the event – If the company anniversary is celebrated properly and the event went smoothly, a large part of the event management is done. But now the postprocessing begins. Ideally, the guests are still impressed by the event and like to think back on it, so now a summary of the event in the form of commemorative publications or Press releases can follow. Press work comes into play again, which should be initiated before the event. The employment of a professional photographer proves to be grateful in the postprocessing, since a few days after the company anniversary photographs as little attention and reminder to guests can be sent. For example, this represents a personalized form of communication.


In summary, a company anniversary has far-reaching appeal, both internally and externally. In order to offer guests a seamless event experience despite the numerous design options, aids can be used as a guiding principle. This is the basis for the follow-up considerations from a corresponding location to thematically suitable promotions and gifts.


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