Coughing: The best home remedies for children

Every mom knows it: As soon as the child lies in bed, the cough simply doesn’t stop. The result: sleepless nights. But there are ways to give your child a little relief and relief. If you have an annoying, often dry cough, you don’t always have to take strong medication, because there are a lot of home remedies you can try.

Home remedy for coughing for children:

1. drink tea: A tea mixture of thyme, fennel and anise has an expectorant effect and supports coughing up. Throughout the day, offer a few sips again and again. If your child is more than 1 year old, add a little honey, because honey is a natural cough suppressant. This soothes the bronchial tubes.

2. curd wrap: curd wrap soothes the cough irritation and helps with mucous bronchi. Simply apply the curd to a spittoon, wrap it up and warm it up with a hot-water bottle. Now put it on your chest and fix it with a tight T-shirt. This way the wrap can stay on for up to 10 hours. Can also be used at night if your child cannot sleep due to coughing.

3. inhalations: Salt water moistens the mucous membranes and helps to loosen stuck mucus. At the same time, the bronchial tubes are soothed and the irritation caused by coughing is alleviated. Either dissolve the sea salt in boiling water and then inhale it or use a nebuliser.

4. radish honey juice: radish contains many oils and sulphur oils which have a disinfecting and calming effect. For the juice, simply hollow out the radish, add some honey (alternatively sugar) and leave to stand for 3 hours. Drain the juice and drink a small glass twice a day.

5. Wirsing-wrap: Sounds unusual, but helps. Roll out the savoy cabbage until the juice comes out. Then place the leaves on the chest and fix for an hour with a gauze bandage or a tight T-shirt.

6. onion-honey juice: the classic household remedy for coughing is onion-honey juice. It has an expectorant and disinfectant effect and is therefore very suitable as a cough suppressant. Simply chop an onion finely, pour into a glass, add honey, mix well and leave to stand. The longer, the better. Then strain off the juice, store in a cool place and take 1 tsp several times a day. For smaller children the juice can also be mixed with sugar.

7. daisy syrup against chesty cough: Simply boil 50g daisies and daisy leaves with 500ml water and leave to stand overnight. Drain, add sugar, heat slowly and keep cool when bottled. Take 1-2 teaspoons daily.

8. ethereal oils: The cough cough balm is simply manufactured and great in effect. But basil, lavender and thyme are also suitable as room scents for coughs. Do not use eucalyptus on asthmatics and small babies! A cold bath with essential oils can also be beneficial – just try it out! With essential oils you can also make cough sweets yourself, which dissolve quickly in the mouth, but still satisfy the cough stimulus.

9. acupressure and foot reflex zone massages are further possibilities to relieve the cough.

10. beeswax breast wraps can be made from beeswax plates. If you don’t have one at home, you may already have the beeswax at home in the form of thyme balm or cold protection balm.

Especially at night it is advisable to use essential oils, place a sliced onion in the room, store the head cushion a little higher and hang sheets with salt water. The dry heating air dries out the mucous membranes even more. Ventilate well before your child goes to sleep to increase air exchange and humidity. All this helps to calm the cough.

Attention with Pseudokrupp, there caution is necessary: If your child has a barking cough, breathing problems or is blue in the face, then bring your child as quickly as possible to an open window and let it inhale the cold air. This will reduce the swelling of the constricted bronchi. If there is no open window nearby or if it is not cold enough, a freezer will do the job. It is important that you stay calm and breathe calmly into your child. Stress and anxiety cause the airways to narrow further. If your child has recovered, call the ambulance to have the oxygen saturation checked. In case of an emergency, the hospital will provide you with suitable medication.

More home remedies for children:

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