Courses for children 3-4 years old in kindergarten

Three years. The child has grown significantly. And he thinks like an adult. After his speech is well developed. It is completely open to the world of knowledge, knowledge mastery and new skills. Kid feels trust. He likes to take all classes for children from 3-4 years. At the same time in its activity, the child shows intelligence, a certain persistence.

This age is associated with development and aesthetic skills. Crumbs admire the beautiful flowers, music, pictures, things.

The main challenges faced by educators

Most children of this age go to kindergarten for the first time. This is a difficult time for every child. fast After all, the familiar world is changing. Before the teacher has an important task – to help the crumb adapt faster.

In addition, much attention is paid to the child’s development. Courses for children 3-4 years old in kindergarten based on the alternation of physical, mental and creative activity. The great advantage of this training is the strict adherence to the psycho-physiological properties of old age.

Together with the above classes kindergarten teachers teach no less important sociological skills. We are talking about the ability to communicate properly, willing to make concessions, tolerance of others.

training goal

All children of this age are characterized by a thirst for knowledge of the world in which the phenomena of various subjects take place. It is important that lessons for children from 3-4 years old were built in the form of a game. At the same time, we should not forget that only what should be taught to the child can overwhelm him.

Proper training is considered multiple advanced development. So the child learns things that have not yet guessed, but is able to understand. Properly constructed classes for children give a great boost to the development of the future individual.

  • the development of attention, language, thinking and memory;
  • Learning to read;
  • the development of logic, skills grafting the ability to reason to make their own conclusions;
  • Learning the basics of math, mastering numbers, account;
  • the formation of ideas about the child’s world, the development prospects;
  • graphic skills training, the baby on the letter of training;
  • building relationship skills with friends.

Recommendations for classes

It should be noted that not all children go to kindergarten. In this case, each parent wants to develop the child harmoniously for me. Therefore, there is definitely a current topic – how to build courses for children 3-4 years at home?

The biggest development challenges will not arise if parents in their efforts will follow certain rules:

  • Awaken the baby’s interest in work. It only makes sense what is done with pleasure. Don’t scold the crumbs. Just call discouraging the latter to learn to hunt.
  • Leave your child alone with the task entrusted to them. It can’t just screw up (pause) a book or other auxiliary material. It is only natural that there may be problems that should be discussed immediately in a small mind. And besides, the baby is constantly in need of support and encouragement. But this should be the rule.
  • All means make it clear to the child how satisfied you are, that he is doing the job properly. See your sincere joy, the child will look with renewed vigor.
  • Consider a specific place to study. The child should be comfortable with a few (strictly on the size of the child) table. Stool, is the one by which the little student is thrown on the floor.
  • If any of the chores turned out to be too much for you, let the child out. It is not necessary to put pressure on the child, again trying to explain the complex topic. Should skip such classes. For children, it is much better than no understanding of the issue with the parents, willing to break at any time. Returning to the complex task may take a few days. It is possible that the child is "mature" for him by this point.
  • Dose your help. No substitute for the child in the task. It is not necessary to describe in detail how and what should be done. Let your child be intelligent. If he comes to decide on their own, this ability will be postponed on the little head of a lifetime.
  • It is very important to choose the right time for the training. Classes of children from 3-4 years old should be kept in a warm atmosphere, with great joy. Therefore, if a child is sick, hungry, tired, and excited after the other games, you shouldn’t settle for their studies. Pick another better time than the crew will bring you both pleasure.
  • When explaining the job, make sure that the child understood it correctly. Otherwise repeat. If a child thinks slowly, do not rush him. On the contrary, there is time to look carefully at the picture and to find its way in the assignment.
  • Did you notice that the baby doesn’t want trouble to trouble himself? And for that reason alone does it refuse to perform the task? It should insist gently on its own. In this case, you can work at one time. For example, you can perform the first task and the second – a child.
  • Make sure you come to study creatively. Complete your job interesting for child maintenance. Ask your child questions about the pictures or come up with a short story.

The child’s physical development

Baby aged 3-4 years grows rapidly. Develop motor skills. There is great confidence in his movements. Children run perfectly, jumping alternately on one leg. Your attraction of various gymnastic leaders. They like to play ball. Most of the boys passionately ride a bike (tricycle).

Adults, planning courses for children 3-4 years old, must pay attention to physical development. After all, the main purpose is to grow a harmonious personality.

You can use options for lessons such as:

  • Loading (musical accompaniment with verse);
  • Ball games (the child learns to catch, ride, throw);
  • Nordic walking (you can use a log stack);
  • Running (playing catch-up, with a few obstacles);
  • Jumping (classic, rope, barrier gum);
  • Gymnastic ladders (crossbar used, rings, ladders, rope);
  • Swimming, water games (best – in the pool, at home – in the bath or on the beach);
  • To dance;
  • Outdoor games (you can come up with a variety of techniques to search for his hidden "treasure" for example);
  • Riding a scooter, a bike, inline skating.

creative classes

All children are happy to be involved in the above tasks. How can you enjoy eyeing masterpiece created by yourself.

Courses for children 3-4 years old in kindergarten are:

  • Applications (using tissue paper, natural materials);
  • Molding (salt dough, clay);
  • Drawing (pencil, paints, markers, pens);
  • Crafts (made of tissue, natural materials, paper).

The development of fine motor skills

It is important not to miss the moment. Many parents who teach classes and games for children 3-4 year old house, completely forgetting motility. And to no avail, because this ability is a powerful stimulus for developing the child’s memory, thinking, language and attention.

are different classes:

  • Attachment shuffling (can use conventional fasteners, buttons, buttons, tabs);
  • places some drawings or samples (of gravel, grain, shells);
  • to play in the sandpit;
  • Designer, dice;
  • Variety of lace;
  • Finger games (performed under certain poems for children by various gestures – slamming, squeezing, relaxing the cams, etc.).

role playing

Psychologists recommend a child to give the concept of sociology to children. These skills should be developed in the course of the action role-playing games. For example, consider the importance of activities for children of 3-4 years on "cookware". Children, especially girls, "try on" the role of adults. This allows certain skills to be obtained that will be useful in the future. Impressions in latent children help to create the right values ​​- welcomed by the guests, table decorating ability. And some future placed interests and hobbies.

It’s easy enough to come up with a variety of role playing games. Some of them:

  • Game (e RSSI, cars, planes);
  • Puppet theater (you can have your favourite-Own fairy stage).

Development of logic

As mentioned above, the baby is smart enough. Various puzzles cause him great interest. Advance special material for the classes of data Zagotovte.

  • the concept of "one – a lot";
  • Compare «little thing – big";
  • Familiarization with the terms "top", "bottom";
  • long short;
  • Classification of objects (e.g. group – birds, trees, vegetables);
  • High Low;
  • Colours.

For such examinations it is advisable to use the prepared cards. Usually children with pleasure selected from the group of "extra" things, such as looking for changes in the pictures. You like to find the right couple.

Language development, arithmetic, reading

At this age, according to psychologists, it is already possible to introduce "training" sessions on topics. Children should be interested in a playful way. Well-planned "lessons" can be easy to train a child.

The list of activities:

  • the study of letters;
  • Read;
  • Study of numbers;
  • Make up articles;
  • add missing words in a poem;
  • Retelling of stories, fairy tales;
  • Description pictures of the subject;
  • Guessing puzzles;
  • Practice songs, poems;
  • Hearing fairy tales.

The environment

By investing head ideas in a child about natural phenomena, various topics, you shouldn’t forget morals about instillation. Develop special courses for children 3-4 years of kindness. Explain to the fairy child in simple language why you care and need help. Explain how to make friends. On story example, confirmed that a good relationship can overcome evil.

To familiarize the child with the world, the following topics apply:

  • animals;
  • Family;
  • Seasons, day of the week, month;
  • Plants;
  • Room;
  • Geography (land, rivers, mountains);
  • Purpose objects (edible or not);
  • Measurement (weight, length, volume, growth);
  • Humans (available anatomical concepts);
  • domestic skills;
  • Courtesy, etiquette.


All courses for children 3-4 years old will not only help to bring harmoniously developed personality, but also bring enormous joy in the joy of the community with the baby. There is nothing better than being happy with the crumbs of his first works, discoveries. Especially when the baby is "creating a masterpiece" in life, show love, kindness and tenderness to others.


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