Crest Whitening Strips despite retainer (wire inside the tooth)? (Health, teeth, white)

Hello, tried to “whiten my teeth” with the crest stripes, but is that even possible? Because I have these retainers down inside the tooth. These are the wires you get after the braces. (picture)

Could something happen because of the retainer?

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Hello killerxXxKitty, normally, it has nothing to say, but because you don’t know if the strength of the stripes with the bleach could be too strong, it’s better to ask you or call your practice.”

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Questions about treatment for braces?

Well, I’ve got my braces in for three quarters of a year now and have to wear them for 1.5 – 2 years. But then I discovered on the internet that you can get a retainer for the rest of your life. Then I continued to occupy myself with it and had already cried to have the idea to never live again without something foreign to the body in the mouth. My mother had said that if I didn’t want a retainer then I wouldn’t have to have one either.

I had a loose brace for three quarters of a year before my fixed brace, and the total duration of the treatment should be 3 years. I never talked about a loose brace or a retainer afterwards.

So now my questions:

Is it the case with everyone that a retainer is used or that you have to wear loose braces?

Can one also refuse something and simply live on without something foreign to the body in the mouth? I know that my teeth don’t stay straight, but I don’t care, I am the way I am.

Is the retainer/loose braces simply inserted in this way or can you decide beforehand whether you can live “mouth free” after 3 years of treatment?

You must know to have a nice straight toughness, but I wouldn’t care if they would shift a bit again. I am who I am – and that’s how I want to be accepted.

Retainer came loose on a tooth?

Hello today while eating has come loose on a tooth the retainer I have a wire which goes 6 teeth along the bottom of the jaw and the third tooth in the middle has come loose the retainer I have by nature very crooked teeth I am afraid that the crooked can happen what ? My orthodontist is now on vacation, would someone else take it over ? Will tomorrow spontaneously go directly there and could it go wrong ? I’ve had it for 4 years now

My parents don’t want to pay me retainers. How can I convince my parents?

i think my situation is already explained. and for those who don’t know what (a) retainer is, this is a wire that you can get glued behind your teeth when you’re done with the fixed braces. if i don’t use the retainer, i have to wear loose braces (i think) for 17 hours or something like that at least during the day and with retainers only at night. and i really don’t like to wear the loose braces in school and with friends and also the teeth move back again if you don’t wear the loose braces regularly. the retainers for upper and lower jaw would cost 310€. my parents didn’t want to pay the retainers at my sister and now she has to wear the loose braces in university too ._. but I think she can handle it better than me, if I would have to wear it in school O.o you know what, how I can persuade my parents to pay me the nevertheless? :/

Lower jaw retainer after braces experiences?

Hello together I made it soon with the braces (after almost 3 years) now I am supposed to get another retainer so that the teeth don’t move. I also know that this is important and just wanted to ask you about your experiences with this thing. Does the food get stuck there all the time like with the braces? And is it difficult to clean?

Retainer necessary after fixed braces?

Since March I have a retainer behind my teeth after 2-3 years of braces. This has now come loose (above and below). Since 2 weeks I do not have any wire behind my teeth at the top and at the bottom and nothing has changed with my bite. The orthodontist only wants to have 150Euro for the reattachment and since the detached and protruding wire is broken off, the costs would be over 200Euro. Now I consider to let the rest of the retainer simply cut it off, because so far nothing has happened and the KFO only wants to make money?

adhesive dot on retainer

hi people, i just had two teeth with some glue coming off the retainer, just above the wire, not under it (there is still some glue on the tooth where the wire is attached). should i go to the kifi with it tomorrow and have it reattached? and is it paid for by the insurance, if not how much does it cost?

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