Cyberbullying – bullying around the clock, child’s play

One speaks of cyberbullying when someone is insulted, threatened or made ready via the cell phone or the Internet. For many, that’s even worse than being bullied in real life. We’ll tell you why.

Mobile phones and the Internet are important

The older children get, the more important it becomes for them to surf the Internet and cultivate friendships. Chat, leave comments, share photos – that’s a lot of fun. But if embarrassing photos or nasty comments appear on the Internet, it can quickly become a nightmare.

Cyberbullying (also called cyberbullying) is when someone is humiliated and abused on their cell phones or on the Internet. As with bullying, the same applies to cyberbullying: arguing or having stress with someone does not mean being bullied. One speaks of cyberbullying if that about longer time happens away.

Cyberbullying is different

Bullying can be done in different ways happen. Bullying on the cell phone includes calls that you get all the time without being on anyone. Text messages with insults or threats are also examples of this. The bullying can also be done publicly on the Internet. Sometimes mean comments are posted, children are bullied in chat, or embarrassing photos or videos are posted and shared online. There are other malice to expose someone, like telling lies or telling secrets. Some create a hate group and social networks pull in it with others about the person. It is particularly sneaky when the bully pretends to be his victim and writes things under a false name.

Cyber ​​bullying is particularly bad for those affected. It differs from bullying in real life in three main ways:

It can too at any time occur. The affected person can be attacked around the clock and has hardly any possibility of withdrawal. The only option would be to avoid cell phones and the Internet, which many find difficult.

Cyber ​​bullies are common anonymous. The victim of bullying often does not know who is behind the meanness. This often makes it suspicious of all friends. There is usually suspicion, but the uncertainty is terrible. The anonymity makes it easier for the bullies to continue. He feels safe and thinks he won’t be caught. Nor does he see how badly the person concerned is doing.

Cyberbullying is a sure-fire success. A comment or picture can be shared or sent with one click. You quickly lose track of how quickly something spreads. It is unmanageable, who received what information. And: the Internet does not forget.

The fear that everyone knows

Many victims of bullying react fearfully. They doubt themselves and blame themselves. Many are even afraid because they don’t know who is attacking them. It is particularly bad for those affected when embarrassing or mean comments or photos are on the Internet for a long time. For example, classmates, friends or family can be made aware of this. The fear of being exposed is enormous.

Defend yourself!

But you shouldn’t be afraid of cyberbullying. It is important to react correctly and to put an end to the hauntings quickly. Here are the most important things you can do:

  1. Entrust your worries to an adult, such as your parents, your counselor, or a friend. Even if you are very embarrassed, this is the first important step. You absolutely need help!
  2. Takes screenshots of the insults or photos together and saves them. These on-screen photos are your evidence of cyberbullying. For example, if someone puts your mean or secretly taken photos online, it is no longer just teasing. It is even punishable!
  3. Considering whether a complaint should be made. Of course, this is only possible if you know who is behind it.
  4. Write to the website operator and ask them to delete the insults against you or the photos of you. You have a right to that! You can find the email address in the imprint.
  5. In the worst case you should delete your user account or change your mobile number.
  6. Be brave! If you suspect anything, speak to them. Another option is to ask teachers to cover the topic in class.


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