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Flawless and radiantly beautiful teeth – who doesn’t dream of them? An open, friendly smile makes us look attractive, young, healthy and vital; this has a positive effect on our self-esteem and in turn makes us take on other people in the twinkling of an eye. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with beautiful teeth by nature. In addition, external influences such as eating habits or the consumption of coffee, tea, nicotine and other colouring foods can have a negative effect on the appearance of our teeth. Modern aesthetic dentistry offers various possibilities to compensate for various optical defects and to create a beautiful, even smile.

In-Office-Bleaching: Teeth whitening in practice

If you wish to whiten your natural teeth, you can make an appointment for bleaching in our dental practice. As sick teeth must not be treated with hydrogen, a thorough examination of the teeth takes place prior to this bleaching treatment. We also recommend that you have your teeth professionally cleaned in order to achieve a particularly even result. In another session an experienced employee applies the bleaching agent to the teeth, then the hydrogen gel is applied under constant supervision for about 30 minutes. During the bleaching process, the agent penetrates into the upper enamel layer of the teeth and chemically dissolves the colouring substances stored there from stimulants such as coffee, tea, red wine or nicotine. A special “bleaching lamp” intensifies the effect of the hydrogen. Bleaching can be repeated several times to achieve the desired whitening effect.

Teeth Whitening at Home: Home Bleaching

In our dental practice we also offer you the possibility of home bleaching: For this purpose, bleaching splints are made using plaster models of your two jaws, into which the whitening gel is then placed. We recommend wearing the splints at night for at least a week. This makes home bleaching a gentler whitening procedure compared to one-hour bleaching in the dentist’s office. After about two weeks, the success of the treatment is evaluated. You can use the bleaching splints again and again, the hydrogen gel you need is always fresh from us in our practice.

Veneers for even rows of teeth

Sometimes, however, not only discolorations disturb the natural aesthetics, but also smaller tooth misalignments can lead to uneven rows of teeth and thus to an impairment of the smile. If this is the case, veneers are a good solution: wafer-thin ceramic veneers that are glued to the natural teeth. The dentist only grinds your teeth minimally before gluing the individually fabricated veneers. They effectively conceal tooth misalignments, smaller broken off areas and too large interdental spaces in the front tooth area. Veneers are extremely durable: you can enjoy your most beautiful smile for up to 10 years.

Do you have further questions about aesthetic dentistry? Your dentist in Rellingen, Dr. Carsten Oberg, will be happy to assist you. Make an appointment under 0 41 01 – 51 73 555.

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If you want it to be of particularly high quality: All-ceramic dentures

Since ancient times, ceramics have been one of the most sought-after – because they are particularly durable – materials. Modern material research has lastly developed ceramics into a genuine high-performance material that is used in dentistry today, as in our dental practice Dr. Oberg, whenever aesthetically and functionally optimal restoration solutions are desired.

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