Donation for action lichtblicke e

Donation for Aktion Lichtblicke e.V..

Together we are strong! This year we made a conscious decision against sending Christmas presents and donate the money to Aktion Lichtblicke e.V..

Children and families are very important to us. We would like to support them and do not send Christmas presents this year in order to send the money to the charity Lichtblicke e.V. The campaign supports children, adolescents and families in all of NRW who are in material, financial or emotional distress.

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Artificial fertilization

We were very satisfied with Dr. Döhmen. We have three wonderful healthy boys.

One of the best doctors

Dr. Döhmen is one of the warmest doctors we got to know. During our care in the fertility center, we felt in very good hands. Show compassion Döhmen and the whole team. Our path to our double happiness was not easy, but thanks to Dr. Our dream came true in Döhmen. The fertility center is simply recommendable. A heartfelt thank you!

Very good doctor

From February 2018 to March 2019 we were treated by Dr. Döhmen and his team. We felt that we were in very good hands there. The entire team is super friendly. [. ] When Dr. Döhmen was not there, his representative was Dr. Bender taken over, this doctor is also great. So we can only recommend it. Result: 35th week of pregnancy with twins.

Very good doctor and great practice team!

After several consultations in various fertility centers, we first contacted Dr. Döhmen felt in good hands. You never felt like you were one of many. That always bothered us in the other centers. We were treated with him for a total of 7 months and during this time also Dr. Get to know Bender – also recommended. Our wish came true – many thanks to the entire practice team. We will recommend you.

Very competent and sensitive doctor

We were treated by Dr. Döhmen. We felt that we were in very good hands throughout. The entire staff is always friendly and they are all super super nice there! Unfortunately the 3 ICSIs were not successful, which definitely had nothing to do with the treatment method, but was due to my egg cell yield. It was a very emotional time and the whole team was very hard working and sensitive. thanks for that!

Very highly recommended

Good practice works best in a great team, where doctors and employees work hand in hand. We looked after ourselves very well and felt in good hands. Without your technical skills and the necessary empathy, our wish might have remained a wish. We would like to thank you and your entire team for the support to make our dream come true.

A very competent, nice and experienced doctor

We were super satisfied with both Dr. Döhmen as well as with the entire practice team. Very nice staff, always cleared us up with questions. Dr. Döhmen is a very nice, experienced and trustworthy doctor. Knows what he is doing and is very friendly with patients.

Successful fertility treatment

We were from August 2017 to August 2018 with Dr. Döhmen under treatment. It is very direct, factually related and does not turn a cloth around anything. You immediately know where you are and what the possibilities are. We personally welcomed the honest and direct way, all technical and medical information was understandable. Team always very nice and tried hard. [. ] We are now in the 32nd SSW and thus in the final sprint and would always see Dr. Döhmen put into practice.

Completely satisfied

At the recommendation of friends, we turned to practice and were with Mr. Dr. Döhmen under treatment. We had an ICSI and we had success the first time. In December 2018 our healthy daughter was born. We felt that we were in good hands during the treatment and were completely satisfied.

I will always recommend the practice!

The appointment is quick. The discussions, examinations and the further procedure are also spot on. The care is very compassionate. My husband and I always felt that way. The practice is very well organized. We felt in good hands there!

Very friendly and professional care

Whether Dr. Döhmen or the staff, they were all always very accommodating and very nice. I always felt in good hands with all my fears and questions.

Great time

We have been made aware of this practice by my gynecologist. In the six months of treatment, we felt comfortable and understood our problem. We never felt like we were alone. All doctors and assistants were very happy about our pregnancy. thanks for the great time!

Successful fertility treatment

Very nice and competent team. Success on first treatment

Very experienced nice doctor

Top treatment, good Experience. After the first time, it worked out to have twins.

Very professional and empathetic practice team and excellent doctor

I am a doctor and was recommended by a colleague to practice, it was our 3rd ICSI attempt after unsuccessful attempts outside. Supervision by Dr. Döhmen was excellent, very professional from day one and all our questions were answered. Supervision by Dr. Döhmen in the treatment cycle but also by the entire team was great and very positive so that we were also very positive. The puncture and embryo transfer were in a very relaxed atmosphere and extremely professional. I was very well all the time, all questions were answered. We actually got the wonderful news of being pregnant with twins and I’m now in the 13th week of pregnancy. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Döhmen / Schalk practice and wish all couples who wish to have children good luck.

Very competent and friendly

Very good practice throughout. Very experienced doctor. All staff very friendly. Here you are in good hands.


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