Father’s Day trip – 23 ideas for extraordinary activities

For some men it is the most beautiful ritual of the year: the father’s day trip! Together with the son or with other fathers, it is important to fully enjoy this day.

We all have the picture in front of us: a horde of tipsy guys who pull through green meadows with a handcart full of beer and have a lot of fun with it!

In this country, Father’s Day, also known regionally as Men’s Day or Men’s Day, is celebrated on the same day as the Ascension Day (in Austria on the 2nd Sunday in June) and is connected to two traditions.

First, fathers are congratulated and given by their children. Second: Men, even those without children, do something together and do a good job! The latter is also known under the wonderfully old-fashioned name of the men’s section.

This tradition of going on a Father’s Day excursion with a lot of celebration started in Berlin and Brandenburg at the end of the 19th century, but quickly became very popular across Germany. I wonder why? ?

Many fathers also like to go on a Father’s Day trip with the children or the whole family. We have collected 25 ideas for a special Father’s Day trip here. 14 of these can also be done with children and 9 are from 16 or for groups of adult men.

There are also a few tips for an indoor father’s day trip if it rains on the day.

23 ideas for an unforgettable Father’s Day trip

1. Hiking or cycling tour with picnic

The classic: go somewhere in the countryside on foot or by bike and have a really nice picnic there.

You will also find one in Adventure Friendship Checklist for bike tours, a Checklist for picnics and lots of other ideas in the Leisure Ideas Finder.

Should you have a classic “men’s game” with you Beer and Plan wagons, of course without a bike. ?

2. Camping & grilling

For all those who have the Friday as a bridge day off, it offers itself in good weather, somewhere where it is nice to stay and camp overnight.

This is also an ideal opportunity to celebrate an extensive barbecue, which is known to be one of the great passions of men. ?

And if you are a group of men without a child or bowling pin at the campsite, you can sleep in on the spot right away and are presentable again the next day for the family … ?

Here are our tips for the best camping recipes.

3. Fishing

Traditionally, Father’s Day was also a day when fathers brought their sons closer to being a man. What that means exactly is, of course, a matter of interpretation.

Teaching the son (or daughter) how to fish and conveying one’s own passion for it is certainly the ideal father’s day trip with children for all passionate anglers. And there are quite a few of them in Germany: after all, 5 million fishing trips regularly. By the way, 94% of them are men. Whether this is related to the Father’s Day ritual?

4. Canoe, rowing or sailing tour

When the maisonne shines and the temperature lives up to the bliss month, not only anglers are attracted to the water. From Mecklenburg to Bavaria, wonderful lakes all over Germany invite you to take a tour by canoe, rowing boat or sailing boat.

5. Beach or swimming pool

Father’s day trip to the beach

If you prefer to lie comfortably on the beach or on the lounger at the outdoor pool and are looking to cool off by the water, you can of course also spend Father’s Day.

6. Paintball or laser tag

Are you looking for rainy weather? That doesn’t mean that Father’s Day trip has to be canceled! With paintball or laser tag, you can let the pig out indoors and while (non-dangerous) playing around.

We also had our first experience with the laser tag and had a lot of fun!

7. Auto show

Is there anything more masculine than rapid maneuvers in fast carts? For all men of all ages, who are enthusiastic about cars and action, a car show is the right program for a father’s day trip.

8. Drive a go-kart

If you prefer to be at the wheel yourself, you can also go to the GoKart track and let off steam there. Most kart tracks allow children from 8 years of age.

9. Amusement parks

Large amusement parks also offer fun for the whole family: there are over 100 of them in Germany and in almost all regions. Among the largest and most popular are the Europapark in Rust (Baden-Württemberg), the Phantasialand in Brühl (NRW) and the Heidepark in Soltau (Lower Saxony).

Here there is a good overview map with all amusement parks in Germany.

10th sports stadium

Whether soccer or another sport. Going to the stadium together is one of the most popular destinations on Father’s Day for both father and son and a group of men.

11. Climbing park – indoor or outdoor

For all those who prefer to move themselves and want a little adventure feeling, a trip to the climbing park is recommended. Whether high ropes course or indoor climbing area (especially when it rains) – adults and children have great fun here.

Drinking alcohol is of course taboo when climbing.

12. Carriage ride

The latter can be relatively carefree if you take a comfortable look through the city or even have a carriage ride across the country. But a carriage ride is also a special tip for the Family Father’s Day excursion variant.

13. Zoo or aquarium

Are you planning a father’s day trip with smaller children? A visit to the zoo, zoo or aquarium will delight even the youngest.

14th balloon ride

A balloon ride is one of the events that many people take on but never do, but it is a great experience that you should definitely have. Why not take a special Father’s Day trip as an occasion for it?

Father’s Day excursions from 16 & from 18

15th beer garden tour

Beer gardens are a popular focal point on Father’s Day

Instead of a pub crawl you can take a beer garden tour if the weather is nice. Munich and other cities in southern Germany in particular have an enormous variety of beautiful beer gardens to discover!

16. Brewery tour + beer tasting

Or you can book a tour of the brewery followed by a (craft) beer tasting. This is also a good alternative for a father’s day trip in rainy weather.

17. Wine hike + wine tasting

If you live in one of the wine regions of Germany, you can also go on a beautiful wine hike through the vineyards followed by a wine tasting.

18. Canyoning or rafting

A more action-packed Father’s Day activity is trying out canyoning or rafting and feeling the force of nature of a white water stretch close up.

I got to know rafting with friends at a bachelor party.

19. Drive an excavator or tank

For many men it is a childhood dream: control one of these giant machines!

20th Quad Tour

Or drive the small but amazingly fast quads through motorcross terrain and enjoy the driving action.

21. Drive a racing car or luxury car

What for some is the excavator, for others the Ferrari or the luxury sedan. A test drive is a suitable gift for Father’s Day and makes it an unforgettable experience.

22. Go to the casino

Instead of wearing shorts with beer and a handcart, you can also spend Father’s Day in a tuxedo with martini and poker face. In exceptional cases, you can finally risk something on Father’s Day …

23. Bungee jumping or house running

If all of the previous ones were still too tame and you are looking for a real adrenaline kick on Father’s Day, you should use the occasion and finally try something really blatant that he has always wanted but has not dared to do so far.

Our spontaneous tips: bungee jumping or house running. When you look into the abyss, every heart is guaranteed to beat faster, as hard as a guy can be! ?

Do you have any other suggestions for an official Father’s Day trip? On the leisure ideas portal Adventure Friendship you can get tips for trips and ideas for rewarding indoor activities. On occasions and all year round there is also a lot of inspiration for gifts and various leisure ideas for activities with children, friends and partners.

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