Fotopedia wild life – free app for kids with 500 professional animal photos

After you liked the free animal app for children “Cutest Paw” so much that it quickly rose to the top of your children’s app charts, we already have the next animal app tip.

Fotopedia Wild Friends is a free German-language app for the whole family, where you can admire over 500+ animal photos. All animal photos have been taken by professional animal photographers in their natural environment.

All animals are categorized in the app. So you can with the children e.g. even look at amphibians on the iPad.

Quotation from the iTunes description that sums it up:

“Get involved in an extraordinary adventure and learn new ones friends know; a hatching sea turtle baby, a sleepy polar bear, a fascinating large, gray owl … Every encounter will surprise you and probably make you laugh.
Perfect for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, Parents and children.
This app is full rarer and unfocused scenes, among other things with arctic foxes, dolphins, elephant sharks, gray wolves, humpback whales, golden eagles, monk seals, puffins, dwarf cormorants, sea ​​horse or bison – as well as animals that you have probably never seen before, such as the amazing saiga antelope.

The animal photo app offers a slide show that is particularly recommended for small children. This allows toddlers to marvel at one animal photo after the other without having to press any buttons.

For older children, a lot of additional information is offered in writing, which further increases the educational value of the app. Wonderful that the app not only free is, but is also offered completely in German.

* Unfortunately, the children’s app is no longer available in the App Store. (As of 09.09.2016)

You can download the app for your children here:

➔ Download app for – iPad & iPhone in the Apple App Store


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