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Created by Lucas Kern

Created by Lucas Kern

The German ABC

In this mini lesson you can listen to the German alphabet. The German alphabet consists of 26 letters, 3 umlauts (Ä, Ö, Ü) and a ligature (ß). Please don’t let our special letters spoil you ä, ö, ü and ß confuse. If you German If you learn as a foreign language, you will find it difficult at the beginning. But please believe me, when I tell you that it’s only a matter of time, you’re used to it.

If you want, you can now listen to the German alphabet so you know how to pronounce the letters. Just click the play button.

The alphabet

German alphabet

But it is not just in Germany used, but also in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. The ß is no longer used in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Instead of that ß will be there ss written.

The five letters A , e , I , O and U of the German alphabet we call vowels or even self-sounds, the other letters we call consonants or also Mitlaute: B , C , D , F , G , … and so on.

Incidentally, all letters of the German alphabet have the same article “ the ". The A , the B , the C and so on.

ß, Eszett, sharp S, hump-S, ringel-S, backpack-S

There is a peculiarity in the German alphabet, namely that ß. It has many colloquial names and often causes difficulties and amazement.

The ß Incidentally, it was only in small letters before 2017. It was not considered necessary because there is no word in German that has a big one ß starts.

However, there were always problems when you should write last names in full capital letters, as is the case, for example, in official documents such as ID.

The "spelling with" ss “Chosen, which is actually not correct.

In 2017 the German Spelling Council decided a big one ß introduce. I am excited to see if it will be a big one in the future ß on my keyboard. &# 128522;

As long as there is no separate key on the keyboard, you can use the key combination ALT Gr + Shift + ß use. Then you get a big one ß , that looks like something between a big one B and one ß .

How many letters does the alphabet have??

Many say it has 26 letters, others say it has 29 or even 30 letters.

What’s right now?

Well, it depends on whether you look at the umlauts and the ß as letters.

  • It’s 26 if you don’t count ä, ö, ü and the ß.
  • 29 in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, with umlauts (there is no ß there)
  • Finally, it is 30 if you include both the ß and the umlauts

By the way, it’s called alphabet and not Alfabet!

I often see the spelling the German Alfabet . Please note that the German alphabet is written with an "ph" and not with an "f". So writing "Alfabet" in German is wrong.


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