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Doctorate for our KWB colleague Nicolas Caradot!

Doctoral thesis: The use of ageing models to simulate asset management strategies in the sewer network.

Congratulations to our …

Will water become digital now?

Press conference on the launch of the EU project Digital-Water.City

Apps that predict bathing water quality, sensors that indicate potential flood areas in the event of rain:…

Newsletter September 2019

New projects and current interim results from our research areas. Berlin is “Water wise City Start Project Digital-Water.Ctiy THE CHALLENGE…

First surf, then swim!

Hardly any other metropolis in the world offers so many natural bathing waters as Berlin. A website provides information about the water quality of the bathing areas.

The website www.badegewa…

Creating quality of life with rainwater

Interview with Dr. Andreas Matzinger about heat islands in the city, the greening of building roofs and the question of how clever water management can improve the quality of life in the city despite climate change.

Recommendations for the establishment of new river bathing waters

Case study “Island of Youth” in Berlin Treptow-Köpenik

The summer sun spoils us and crowds of Berliners* flock to the na…

Digitisation in water management

EU project Digital Water City (DWC) launched

Under the direction of the Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin (KWB), 24 partners from 10 European countries will be involved in the digital soldering…

KWB Annual Report 2018

Research, communication and networking

We are delighted to once again be able to give you an overview of our work in the past year with this annual report. I…


Our project FLUSSHYGIENE has won the Berlin AQUA AWARD 2019. With this award, the Berlin industry network Aquanet Berlin honours the…

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