Hooray! Now I am a schoolchild! – Your book for school enrolment

Finally it’s time: the first day of school! This funny and exciting adventure story is an ideal gift for school enrolment. Thanks to the personalisation, the little main character experiences an unforgettable first day at school – for reading aloud and reading to herself.

Hooray! Now I am a schoolchild! – Your funny book for school enrolment:

The big day is approaching – The school enrolment!

With its loving illustrations, the personalized children’s book “Hurra! Now I am a schoolchild” is an ideal gift for school enrolment. You can’t give a beginner more pleasure than to immortalize it in your own book. Thus this exciting day remains simply unforgettable.

A child who has already waited eagerly for school enrolment will be “Hurray! Now I am a schoolchild” to the main character, because he finally wants to belong to the big schoolchildren. The big day has come: Will the child find new friends and put wasmag in the big colorful school bag?

The story:

On the very first day of school it gets turbulent. Together with his new friends, the unequal twins Pip and Carlchen, her child makes a mysterious discovery as a hero: Bo, the cheeky table ghost, is lost and has to be brought back to his classroom. A tricky task for the little adventurers – after all, nobody must know Bo’s secret.

Personalized book The personalization in this book takes place in several places. In addition to the school beginner as the main person, the name of the child and that of the donor appear in a personal dedication at the beginning of the book. In this way, young school beginners receive their own individual and unforgettable book for school enrolment.

  • The ideal gift for school enrolment / school start
  • For reading aloud and reading yourself
  • Loving and child-friendly illustrations

Hooray! Now I am a schoolchild! – Your funny book for school enrolment:

Gifts for school enrolment – Hurrah now I am a schoolchild

Age recommendation: for children from 5 to 7 years.

Equipment: padded, four-coloured, size 21 x 21 cm

Custom-made, each book is printed for you personally

With personal dedication on the first page

This children’s book is also available in a version with four letters.

Just in time for the first day of school, your child holds the funny children’s book in his hands. Until Christmas, your child will also receive four cheerful follow-up letters: one every month from September and addressed personally to your child! The package costs € 29.95.

Read aloud audition: Hooray! Now I am a schoolchild!

Specify the names of the persons when ordering. Pay attention to the correct spelling.

Name of child (first and last name): Sophie Mustermann

Street and number of the child: Weststraße 32

(Tip: write ‘Weststraße’ instead of ‘Weststr.’ – this looks better in the book text)

Teacher: Mrs. Meier (please with salutation, only women possible)

(if you don’t know the name, leave the field empty, we will automatically insert Mrs. Lindelund)

personal dedication (max. 300 characters, free text):

(Otherwise please type in the word “none”, the page will be empty.)

Suitable dedications & sayings for school enrolment can be found at the top of the homepage under dedications.

The fields marked with * are obligatory only in the optional variant 2 with the letters.

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