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How families save money when booking holidays

You can’t go on holiday with little money? That’s only true to a limited extent. What families get for different budgets and how parents book holidays as cheaply as possible have been summarised here.

Summer holidays are just around the corner. Many parents wonder whether they can afford a holiday with a small budget. Sigrid Eckel from the Cologne travel agency “Kinderreisewelt” knows these questions and knows how families make cheap holidays – and what they get for 500, 1000 and 2500 Euros. The most important questions at a glance:

Which holiday destinations are particularly suitable for families?

Many families prefer destinations around the Mediterranean. Popular are the Balearic Islands Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Such holiday destinations are suitable because the Mediterranean Sea, unlike the Atlantic for example, is a warm sea and the flight time is kept within reasonable limits.

What is the minimum budget for a family holiday (parents, two children)?

This depends on how much money is available for the holiday and what the family expects from the holiday. For a flight with a one-week hotel stay in a holiday resort and half board, families must calculate at least 2500 euros.

A so-called mobile home (stationary caravan) on a campsite in France or Italy is available for a weekly rent of around 1000 euros. For a similar amount, families also get a holiday home on Lake Garda. In addition, however, there are the costs for the outward and return journey as well as for the catering.

Those who have a tighter budget for their holidays can find what they are looking for in the Bavarian Forest. Families can book an apartment in a holiday resort or in a hotel with half board for as little as 500 euros a week.

Which holiday countries are cheapest for families?

In Germany, families can spend their holidays in the Bavarian Forest in a budget-friendly way. The reason for this is the proximity to the Czech Republic with lower living costs. The region with its many lakes and mountains is suitable for active holidays such as hiking or golfing.

In Europe Bulgaria and Tunisia are favourable countries for beach holidays due to their good price-performance ratio. Many hotels date back to the 1970s, but have been renovated and are partly equipped with water slides for children.

If you are a family and would like to travel by air, you can think about a holiday in the Dominican Republic. Due to the large offer of flights and hotels, the prices are rather favourable in comparison.

How can families book their holiday as cheaply as possible?

Families who book their holiday at least six months in advance benefit from early booking discounts. Tour operators are happy to give discounts because they can better plan the capacity utilisation of their flights and hotels. If you want to travel in summer, you should book between November and the end of January to get an early bird discount. Winter holidays are booked from April to the end of June.

How do families save money on holidays?

It is often worthwhile for families to also book meals at the hotel, for example by means of an all-inclusive offer. This eliminates extra costs for food and drink and increases budget security. Less suitable are package deals for families with very young children who still eat little.

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