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More and more patients are opting for dental treatment under hypnosis. Whether fear of dental surgery, fear of injections, severe gag reflex or drug allergy: Medical hypnosis can contribute to a fear-free, painless and relaxed visit to the dentist.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis (of Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep) is a procedure to achieve an altered state of consciousness, the hypnotic trance. This state is characterized by deep relaxation and susceptibility to suggestions. In trance, all attention is focused on a specific thing, so that the rest of the environment is completely or partially hidden – as we can experience in everyday life when we jog, read an exciting book or concentrate on a difficult job.

This is how hypnosis works

Dental hypnosis specifically promotes and strengthens the natural ability to perform everyday trance. This enables the patient to move away from the current treatment situation and concentrate on pleasant ideas. This leads to complete physical relaxation. Breathing becomes calm, blood pressure drops and the pulse rate slows down. In this state, even surgical interventions can be performed without the patient feeling painful.

Child & adult hypnosis

About eighty percent of adults are well hypnotizable, ten percent even very good. But even children from the age of three can benefit from treatment under hypnosis. However, child hypnosis differs from adult hypnosis in some essential aspects. Since smaller children, in particular, often do not have the concentration to focus on relaxation, immersion or inner peace, more descriptive forms of hypnotic induction are necessary: The children are fascinated with dolls, magic tricks or jokes and then led into a trance with stories, fairy tales or fables. In a playful way, the little patients are relieved of their fear of visiting the dentist.

Hypnosis helps here

In dentistry hypnosis is helpful for almost all measures. Especially longer treatments, e.g. the grinding of teeth for crowns, can be experienced in a relaxed trance. In addition, the use of hypnosis has proved particularly effective in the following cases – also in combination with laughing gas:

  • Great fear of dental surgery / fear of injections
  • Drug allergies / intolerances
  • Tendency to faint during dental treatment
  • Combined with a laser treatment, almost painless and contact-free “drilling” is also possible without rumbling and unpleasant noises.
  • long-term treatment
  • Excessive gag reflex
  • Increased risk of anaesthesia
  • smoking cessation
  • Nutrition control and weight control

Advantages of Hypnosis

  • Less stress for the patient
  • Effective pain control
  • Faster wound healing
  • Pleasant experience during treatment
  • Less discomfort, e.g. swelling / after bleeding

hypnosis CD

In dental hypnosis, special audio CDs are often used and trance music or speech is recorded via headphones. Treatment noises are suppressed and the patient can relax optimally.

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