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Hypnosis – the relaxed method to eliminate pain

Hypnosis is known to many people from television programs in which a show hypnotist lets seemingly willless people carry out embarrassing commands.

Medical hypnosis treatment, on the other hand, is not magic and has nothing to do with swinging pendulums and commands. Rather, it is a matter of fulfilling the patient’s wish for an anxiety-free, relaxed and painless dental treatment. However, this is only possible on the basis of cooperation, never against the will of the patient.

All dental patients benefit from hypnosis because it makes treatment faster and more comfortable for both the patient and the treatment team.

The aim of dental hypnosis is to make the patient feel well recovered after a long period of treatment. In the following we have addressed the most important questions for you in order to make the hypnosis treatment as transparent as possible and familiar to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis

How does hypnosis work?

A distinction is made between two different approaches: Everyone should know the oscillating pendulum and associate it with hypnosis. This is the classical hypnosis and the more well-known form of application, which, however, is rarely used in dentistry. Rather, we use the indirect method, which is characterised by the fact that a changed state of consciousness is introduced in a casual, almost imperceptible way within a conversation. Here the cooperation between dentist and patient is in the foreground.

Am I even hypnotizable?

The ability to hypnotise depends mainly on how much a person can concentrate on a subject. If, for example, you like to read and develop the feeling of being in the middle of the action, there is much to suggest that you are susceptible to hypnotic suggestions. 10% of all people are very well hypnotizable, 80% good and 10% difficult.

Can I suddenly wake up from hypnosis during treatment?

This fear also seems justified, but is unfounded. The patient is usually put into a hypnotic trance before starting treatment. During this process he learns almost imperceptibly how to maintain this condition even during unforeseen incidents. Subliminally, the patient feels that he should not leave the hypnotic state during the treatment. He therefore prefers to remain in a trance, because he is aware that he feels more comfortable than in an awake state.

Am I willless under hypnosis?

Such concern is completely unfounded. No one is willless in a state of hypnotic trance. The human psyche has natural protective mechanisms which become active as soon as the hypnotized person feels that he is being manipulated or that something is directed against his innermost world view.

Am I still in pain under hypnosis?

Some patients assume that they are completely insensitive to pain in a state of hypnotic trance. This is only conditionally true. Usually the patient feels that the dentist is doing “something”. However, he does not perceive these sensations directly as pain, but rather as dull pressure, as touch or as temperature difference.

Do I hear the treatment sounds under hypnosis?

Many patients fear the sounds caused by dental treatment. Headphones and relaxing music can help.

Are there different stages of hypnosis?

Three stages of different depths indicate a hypnotic state:

The light trance

is characterized by a slower beating pulse, breathing becomes deeper and calmer, the patient feels sleepy and usually feels a certain heaviness in the arms and legs.

The middle trance

allows the patient to develop the feeling that he is completely absorbed in his inner world, in his fantasy. The external events become so unimportant that they are hardly noticed. At this stage, the hypnotized person is able to follow his fantasies like in a film.

The deep trance

resembles a deep sleep. The sensitivity of the body is so reduced that complete insensitivity to pain can occur. In this state the patient can even open his eyes without waking up. Often after the trance he can only remember fragmentarily what he has experienced.

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