Infrared clinical thermometer for babies, children and adults

One speaks of fever when the body core temperature rises to more than 38 ° C. The uncomfortable rise in temperature is not a disease, but rather a symptom. Fever is a natural body reaction to stimulate the immune system and fight the pathogen when sick. Fever should be measured regularly, especially in children and the elderly. Infrared thermometers help babies to react to a rapid rise in temperature.

There is a huge selection of clinical thermometers for temperature measurement today. A distinction is made between classic contact thermometers and digital infrared clinical thermometers. Fever measurement with an infrared thermometer is particularly quick and delivers very precise results with modern devices. The measurement is usually carried out in the ear or on the forehead. Statistically seen above all Babies and Infants more often have febrile illnesses. Infrared thermometers are ideal for frequent measurements in the course of a fever and are easy to use even in lively children. Some devices also have a memory function for the measurement results.

Measuring fever correctly – methods and precise application

According to the large selection of clinical thermometers, there are many ways to measure body temperature. We have summarized here what you should consider when measuring fever and where you measure most precisely.

    RECTAL MEASUREMENT: The classic temperature measurement in the anus is a very precise method to determine the body core temperature. In terms of application, however, it is not very popular and hygienic. It can be used in all age groups using a contact thermometer.
    MEASUREMENT IN THE EAR: With an infrared ear thermometer, the body temperature can be measured very easily and quickly in the ear. This method is also very precise and is particularly suitable for small children but also for other age groups. For the measurement, it is enough to pull the earlobe down slightly to expose the ear canal. In order not to influence the measurement results, only the healthy ear should be measured in the case of otitis media. Even if you have been lying on one ear for a longer time, it is advisable to measure on the other ear or to wait a short time.
    MEASUREMENT ON FOREHEAD: With the help of a forehead thermometer, the temperature can be measured without contact. The clinical thermometer is held close to the forehead and the measurement is made by infrared. The user knows from a signal tone that the measurement is complete. This method is very good for use in pain patients or as a baby thermometer, if the small ear canal does not yet allow measurement with an ear thermometer.
    MEASUREMENT IN AXLE: The temperature control in the armpit is imprecise from a medical point of view and should not be used.
    MEASUREMENT IN ORAL CAVE: The temperature measurement should be done under the tongue. The mouth must remain closed, which is somewhat more difficult for young children to use in practice. Using it in conjunction with a runny nose and a stuffy nose can also cause problems.

Bestsellers – Popular clinical thermometers

ear thermometer

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forehead thermometer

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Contact thermometer

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Advantages of an infrared clinical thermometer

In comparison, the most accurate temperature results can be measured in the anus and ear. The measurement with an infrared clinical thermometer in the ear or on the forehead can be carried out very quickly and easily. Infrared ear thermometers in particular deliver precise results and are easy to use. In babies, the ear canal is sometimes still too small for an accurate measurement. Forehead thermometers are a good alternative here. Some manufacturers have responded to this topic and offer a combined forehead and ear thermometer in one device.

Advantages of infrared clinical thermometers:

    High measuring accuracy, especially when using ear thermometers. Very quick temperature measurement in a few seconds instead of minutes. Comfortable and hygienic method for determining the body temperature. Easy handling of the clinical thermometer. Safe because there is no mercury and no risk of breakage

Since not every infrared thermometer is suitable for measuring fever, we would like to introduce established infrared fever thermometers and compare their functions with each other.

Braun ThermoScan 7 infrared ear thermometer IRT6520

The ear thermometers from Braun Thermoscan are by far the best known. According to its own statement, brown is the brand most used by doctors. Since the company has been developing and selling thermometers for many years, this seems understandable. The product line has one high prevalence and regularly very good test results.

The device has some additional functions in comparison and is also suitable as a baby thermometer. A special feature is the option to set an age-related fever limit (Age Precision). The age can be entered before the measurement and the color-coded display lights up green, yellow or red according to age and body temperature. The Thermoscan 7 also has a tip preheated to 34 ° C for precise temperature measurement. This prevents the measuring area from cooling down in the ear and ensures a pleasant feeling. In addition, the correct position in the ear is confirmed with a light signal and beep.

If you do not need the full range of functions of the Thermoscan 7, but are still looking for a good device from Braun, you will find more devices from the series here.

  • Braun ThermoScan – the medical thermometer most often used and recommended by doctors. Professional precision guaranteed.
  • Patented, color-coded Age Precision Display (age-dependent temperature display) with night light.
  • Patented, preheated measuring tip to ensure maximum accuracy
  • ExacTemp technology confirms the safe positioning and thus an exact measurement result in seconds
  • Incl. 2 AA Duracell batteries, storage box and 21 hygienic disposable protective caps

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Technical data and special features

    Braun ear thermometer with storage box and 21 protective caps Age-adjustable fever limit (Age Precision) For infants, toddlers and adults Stores the last 9 temperatures Incl. 2x Duracell 1.5V AA LR6 batteries

How the Braun Thermoscan clinical thermometer works:

Medisana FTN infrared clinical thermometer (forehead thermometer)

The Medisana brand is well known in the field of health and care. The device is a pure forehead thermometer and measures the body temperature in a matter of seconds and without contact. So it is recommended as Infrared thermometer for babies and children. A look at the product listing since 2009, the numerous reviews from verified buyers and that good value for money make the Medisana FTN an interesting device.

  • Fast and precise: Now you can easily control your temperature by just turning the thermometer 5 cm. hold it away from your forehead or alternatively hold it in your ear
  • Noiseless: Measure the temperature of your baby or toddler without waking it up or even scaring it
  • Non-contact: The non-contact measurement reliably prevents pathogens from being transmitted
  • Additional functions: With our infrared thermometer you can not only determine the body temperature, but also the temperature of surfaces and liquids as well as your ambient temperature
  • Visual fever alarm: The visual fever alarm signals an increased body temperature by changing the color of the display
  • Scope of delivery: Medisana FTN infrared clinical thermometer, batteries, storage box, instructions for use

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Technical data and special features

    quick contactless measurement with infrared forehead thermometer display with backlight and visual fever alarm by color change memory for 30 measurement results incl. 2x AAA batteries and storage box

Fairywill ET- Dolphin – forehead and ear clinical thermometer

In babies of about 0-3 months, the temperature measurement in the ear is not always possible. Due to the small auricle, the temperature on the eardrum cannot be measured exactly. The use of a forehead thermometer is ideal here. The temperature is measured without contact about 1 cm above the forehead.

The Fairywill ET-Dolphin combines the advantages of an ear thermometer and a forehead thermometer in one device. Compared to similar devices, it has one very good value for money and numerous positive reviews from verified buyers.

  • Dual mode EAR (no cover required), FOREHEAD, detection, safe and hygienic, easy for children. Easy to use by pediatricians, or at home by parents, also for individuals.
  • An accurate measurement measurement time of 1 second, just press the button to measure the temperature, ensuring highest accuracy (laboratory): ± 0.2 ° C (± 0.4 ° F).
  • Fever alarm and memory function fever warning (when the temperature is higher than 37.5 ℃) the backlight is red and beep while the other value is green. 20 saved records for tracking temperature changes. Automatic switch-off within 10 seconds without operation.
  • Safe and hygienic No disposable lens filters or probe covers required. Cost-saving and environmentally friendly. CE certified.
  • Child’s favorite Ergonomic and beautiful dolphin design. Hold comfortably and test. The children will love it from the first glance!

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Technical data and special features

    Dual mode can be used as an ear and forehead thermometer Memory for 20 measurement results Operating instructions in German, English and other languages ​​Incl. 2x AAA batteries and storage bags

iProven DMT-489 – forehead and ear clinical thermometer

The iProven thermometer also uses a dual mode with temperature measurement on the forehead or in the ear. Especially with frequent otitis media, the use of a forehead thermometer is a good choice. Compared to similar devices, the similar housing shape is striking.

  • Digital ear and forehead thermometer – it has never been easier and more practical to measure contact and infrared temperature
  • Clinical thermometer – UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE through improved CALIBRATION TECHNOLOGY – clinically calibrated for medical purposes. Temperature measurements are carried out quickly and reliably.
  • Baby thermometer – Both pediatricians and medical professionals trust this first-class thermometer – CLINICALLY TESTED and SAFE for all ages and suitable as a baby clinical thermometer.
  • CHILDREN’S LIGHT – With just two buttons (for forehead and ear), this thermometer is child’s play to use. The device displays the measured temperature after just one second; a sufficiently loud beep indicates that the measurement has been completed. The measuring device does not have to be kept in a separate case and has a fever alarm. The last 20 measurements can be called up very easily.
  • ORDER TODAY and benefit from our 100-day, no-reason money-back guarantee and top-notch customer service.

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Technical data and special features

    Dual mode can be used as an ear and forehead thermometer Fast measurement with acoustic confirmation Display with backlighting Memory for 20 measurement results Incl. 2x AAA batteries and storage bags

reer 9840 digital clinical thermometer with flexible and gold-plated measuring tip

If an infrared clinical thermometer is too expensive or if you are looking for fewer functions, you can alternatively use a digital contact thermometer. The devices are cheap and a rectal temperature measurement also leads to precise results. However, the longer measurement times and the increased risk of injury, for example in lively children, are disadvantageous.

  • ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR ALLERGICIANS: The gold-plated measuring tip is particularly kind to the skin
  • FAST AND RELIABLE: Measures the temperature in just 30 seconds
  • FLEXIBLE MEASURING TIP: For gentle and risk-free fever measurement
  • FEATHER ALARM gives a warning signal when the temperature rises above 37.5 ° C
  • SAVES THE LAST MEASUREMENT: Always have an eye on whether the fever rises or falls

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Measures to lower the body temperature again

Measuring regular fever provides information about the course of the disease and allows a diagnosis of the recovery process. As a rule, fever drops on its own after a few days when the pathogens in the body are defeated. The following measures can be used in the event of illness to support the recovery process:

    Verme > Drink a lot to make up for the loss of fluid from sweating. Moist calf wraps can help lower body temperature. Use antipyretic medication only after consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

In this video you can find out what you should consider when you have a fever:


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