Kuala Lumpur with children – Excursions and sightseeing

Some parents don’t think city trips are for kids. If you mean to stroll through the streets for hours, visit countless museums and go shopping, then you are probably right. Our children are normal children and they find it boring. But there is another way and we are of the opinion that you can also make great city trips with children. The main principle of everything you do is: Don’t plan too much. With children everything takes longer and honestly: They just want to spend time in a hotel or pool. That has to be in there, too. On the spot you can drive everywhere well with the grave. Since it’s really hot, a buggy should ideally be in your luggage. A very small one is also enough.

In Kuala Lumpur we had a mixture of everything. You can find my tips on accommodation, transport, food and costs in the blog post of the same name. After we arrived in peace and quiet, our first stop was the Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur. They are huge caves in limestone rocks, in which there are several temples. Extremely impressive is the huge golden statue dedicated to the Hindu god Murugan. The Batu Caves are a popular pilgrimage site for the Hindus in Malaysia. Admission to the caves is free. You are welcome to donate something, but you don’t have to. A sarong is also lent free of charge at the entrance.

The atmosphere is friendly and warm. At the moment the temples are being built in the caves and everyone who goes up the long stairs is invited to take a bucket of building material with them. Our children were very impressed by the caves and the bats. Also from all the beautiful colorful figures. Even if the highlight were certainly all the monkeys. Without payment the children are offered bananas and so on to feed by the locals, but I have too much respect for my terms. Nevertheless it is of course super sweet to watch the whole gang. Our children didn’t even get a grip on each other before clapping.

If you keep left after the caves towards the train station, you’ll come across a great lake, souvenir market and traditional gift market where you’ll find lots of flowers and fruit.

Chinatown – definitely something for kids. The best thing to do is to go directly in the morning, then it’s not so crowded yet. Grab one of the delicious cakes from the street vendor and go for a stroll. For children there is a lot to discover here. I would also call it plastic toy Heaven. I don’t think the kids have ever seen so many Anna and Elsas and Hello Kittys in one pile. Behind the stalls there are still a number of shops. Take a look behind them, because it’s worth it. There are also some original shops like a button shop. Here the children were really amazed and were allowed to choose a special button as a souvenir for their treasure chests.

Visit different temples, because Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of different cultures. Directly around the corner of the main visit road of China Town there is a Chinese temple. Squeaky colorful with all kinds of BlingBling. I definitely believe the culture that processes the most LED in their temples. The children were thrilled, as you can imagine. But in our churches you look for a real dragon for a long time.

Quasi diagonally opposite one dives then into the Hindu faith. A large Indian temple is waiting for visitors. Important: Always take off your shoes before entering. When we arrived, a big ceremony was in progress. We welcomed the children directly. Besides the many colourful colours and figures I find it especially nice that the children are just allowed to walk around. Unlike in our faith, where one sits quietly in the church, there is always movement in an Indian temple. And so the children walked around enthusiastically, admired the many colorful, big pictures, the flowers, the gifts of the gods. And they invented games.

One of the absolute highlights for the children was the visit to the aquarium. That’s why we kept it until the end. Almost as a reward for the children, because of course they also took part in a little “adult program”. It doesn’t work in Kuala Lumpur without a mall visit ;-) Well, the aquarium is best visited directly in the morning to the opening. The absolute highlight is the Ocean Tunnel, through which you can easily drive. Also the feeding of the otters and the show of the divers were absolutely great. All four of us were really thrilled.

There are of course many, many more things you can do in Kuala Lumpur. We are looking forward to coming back again hopefully.

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