Learn Christmas poems with children during Advent

Reading time: 2 minutes Was it also common for you to learn Christmas poems during Christmas and give them for presents? Unfortunately, this custom is increasingly forgotten. It is a great Memory training to memorize some verses. Encourage your family to practice a poem together.

Learn Christmas poems with children during Advent

Children love language games and rhymes. Therefore, revive the tradition of learning Christmas poems and reciting them during Advent. Especially in kindergarten children learn very quickly, especially catchy rhymes. Your child will playfully train his memory and learn new words along the way.

Unfortunately, many adults have negative ones memories the school days when they had to memorize long poems and recite them in front of the class. Therefore, refrain from pressure or educational pressure and try to convey the fun of reciting poems.

Learn Christmas poems with the whole family

It is only fair if not only the children but each family member learns a poem during Advent and recalls it before giving it away. Such a familiar ritual strengthens family cohesion and gives children a feeling of security. Make sure that everyone chooses their own poem. The length of the rhymes doesn’t matter.

Children love crazy or nonsensical texts. There is nothing wrong with children saying a cheeky Christmas poem. Or maybe you have a very long favorite poem in the family. It is a lot of fun dividing the stanzas and reciting the poem together. If children are not enthusiastic about poems, they can learn a song text and sing it instead.

How children memorize a poem

Children have surprisingly good memories. It is often enough for them to just read a poem a few times. Ask your child to read the poem aloud. Unknown words often appear in old rhymes. Explain these terms or look up the meaning of the words together in the dictionary.

Now your child reads the first verse, covers the text and tries to quote it from memory. Repeat until the text is memorized. If the child’s concentration drops quickly, he can memorize a verse every day. So that the poem is fixed in the long-term memory, the stanzas in the coming week repeat a few times.

Learn Christmas poem: visualize difficult passages

Sometimes a certain passage is memorized or the transition to the next stanza simply does not defy constant repetition. Then this trick will help: Ask your child to imagine the poem in his mind. The colorful plate full of sweets, the cold snow on the skin or the sizzling baked apple in the oven. Anyone who imagines the scene with all their senses can remember it much faster.

Sometimes it also helps if you want to learn a Christmas poem to make the verse of the poems particularly funny. However, there is a risk of laughing at this point when the poem is recited.

Christmas poems for children

Classic and popular Christmas poems are “Christmas (market and streets)” by Joseph von Eichendorff or “Advent” by Rainer Maria Rilke. These poems are very beautiful, but difficult for children to grasp.

Children are more enthusiastic about funny stories, for example "The Three Sparrows" by Christian Morgenstern or "Der Bratapfel" by Fritz and Emily Koegel. A wonderfully humorous poem is "Die Weihnachtsmaus" by James Krüss. However, it is very long. Split the stanzas between family members.

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