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Maxalt is a migraine drug from the group of triptans. The active ingredient Rizatriptan narrows the blood vessels in the brain, thereby alleviating migraine symptoms. More info

A doctor will assess your request and issue a prescription if necessary. The prescription is forwarded to a pharmacy. The pharmacy will send you the medicine within 1 to 3 working days. Here you will find further information on the procedure.

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Max. 10 mg 3 Tabl.

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Max. 10 mg 6 Melting tabl.

What is Maxalt?

Maxalt is a migraine drug from the group of triptans. The active ingredient Rizatriptan narrows the blood vessels in the brain, thereby alleviating migraine symptoms. This migraine drug is only suitable for adults.

What is this medicine used for?

Triptans like Maxalt are prescribed for migraines. This type of headache has the following symptoms:

  • hammering, often one-sided headaches,
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Light and noise hypersensitivity.

Sometimes a migraine attack is preceded by a so-called aura: visual disturbances such as star or wave vision, or “flashes” in front of the eyes. There may also be signs of loss, such as tingling in the arms or legs.

How do you use Maxalt?

Maxalt is available as tablet and fused tablet. Take the tablet with a little water. Let the tablet disintegrate on your tongue. Take one tablet as soon as you feel a headache. Maxalt is only effective if the migraine attack has already started. This medicine cannot be taken as a preventive measure.


One tablet contains 5 mg or 10 mg rizatriptan. The doctor knows the best way to relieve your symptoms. Unless prescribed otherwise by the doctor, the usual dosage of Maxalt is as follows:

  • Adults: 1 tablet per seizure. If headaches recur within 24 hours, you can take 1 more tablet. The time between taking two tablets must be at least two hours. The maximum daily dose is 20 mg.

This medicine is not suitable for children. Read the package insert before use.

side effects

Medications can cause side effects, although not all users experience these symptoms. Some of the side effects that can occur are:

  • Pain or a tingling sensation in various parts of the body. These symptoms generally subside within two hours.
  • Gastrointestinal complaints (diarrhoea, constipation, nausea);
  • Fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness.

You will find a complete list of possible side effects on the package insert. If these symptoms affect you significantly, please consult your doctor.

When should I not use this medicine?

Maxalt is not suitable for every patient. Do not use this medication if you:

  • are hypersensitive to rizatriptan or any of the excipients used;
  • suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or any other serious condition;
  • had a stroke or a TIA;
  • take or until recently have taken certain medications (the doctor knows what they are);
  • are younger than 18 years.

When you place your order, tell us what medicine you are taking as it may interact with Maxalt.

Pregnancy/driving ability/alcohol

Do not use Maxalt if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant in the foreseeable future, or while breastfeeding. Your doctor may prescribe another painkiller that is safer.

This medicine may cause dizziness and tiredness. Do not drive if you notice these symptoms.

Alcohol can increase side effects such as dizziness and also cause a new migraine attack. Do not drink alcohol if you have taken Maxalt.

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