Name change in the child: requirements and costs

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Would you like to have the child’s name changed? When it comes to legal requirements For this, a distinction must first be made between changing the last name and changing the first name.

Change the child’s last name

You can change your child’s last name relatively easily. In general, a child can bear the name of the mother or father or, in the case of married parents, the married name. If the mother or father remarries and the child should have this married name, this is also possible. However, consent from both custodial parents is usually required.

How can you have the first name changed?

Changing the first name is more difficult. There must generally be an important reason for this. On a simple whim, you shouldn’t and shouldn’t change your child’s first name. It also depends on which name change you are aiming for your child: For example, if you only want to delete a first name or add another, this usually works without any problems. The change of a foreign first name to the German version is usually without your registry office problem take place. However, if the complete first name is to be changed, there must be a valid reason for legal reasons, as the Name Change Act states, otherwise the registry office will reject your application. An important reason can be given, for example, if your child is teasing strongly suffers from the name or if the first and last name together result in an unreasonable combination.

Where can you have the name changed?

The child’s name change is regulated in the Name Change Act and is applied for at the registry office. To change the name of the child, various documents such as birth certificate and identity card must be submitted here. When changing the first name, a medical certificate confirming psychological impairment due to the name can be helpful. Depending on the change request, additional documents may also be required.

What are the costs of changing the child’s name??

The costs for changing the child’s name can vary and depend on the administrative effort. Up to EUR 255 may be charged for changing the first name, and up to EUR 1,022 for changing the family name. As a rule, however, the fees are significantly lower. The more precise and reasoned the application, the less effort is required for the authorities and the lower the fees. There are also fees for new documents such as ID cards.


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