New, floating method of calculation: giffey: child surcharge is granted more often

Minister Giffey is certain that the new regulations will provide more families with child allowances.

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The child supplement is also intended to enable children from low-income families, for example school trips, sports in a club or lessons in a music school. In order for more children to benefit from it than before, the income of applicants will be calculated differently from January.

According to Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey, significantly more families will benefit from the so-called child allowance in the new year. The SPD politician said that she expected 750,000 children to be reached. "That would be more than a doubling compared to today", said Giffey.

Families receive a child supplement with a low income that is only slightly above the Hartz IV level. Parents with a gross total of at least 900 euros and single parents with a gross amount of 600 euros and above belong to the group of recipients. The surcharge is paid up to an individually calculated maximum earnings limit. Depending on the need, there is a maximum of 185 euros per child per month. The amount is transferred together with the child benefit.

New regulations from 2020

The law is being broadened by new legal regulations that come into force as part of the so-called Strong Family Law on January 1, 2020 Basis of Receiver. The previously hard, upper income limit will be abolished and replaced by a sliding calculation model. As a result, a family that, according to the old calculation, might have been just above the income ceiling and would have received nothing, is now still entitled to child allowance. In the future, benefits will slowly expire as income increases.

"It is about parents who get up and go to work every day, but whose income is still not enough to make ends meet with the family. The application is worthwhile for a large number of parents, especially those who have been living in hidden poverty so far", said Giffey. The number of applications had already increased by 50,000 in the past few months after the first stage of the Strong Family Law came into force.

The child allowance had been increased in the summer. Since then, the following also applies: Those who receive the service are automatically exempt from daycare fees and are entitled to so-called educational and sharing benefits, i.e. free lunch in the daycare or school and grants for class trips, music school or membership fees for the sports club.

Online application possible soon

According to Giffey, parents should also be able to apply for the child supplement online from spring. That will probably increase the number of applications again. As with child benefit, the family funds of the Federal Employment Agency are responsible for the benefit. The application for a child supplement must be made there. You want to make it as easy as possible for parents. "It is important that those who are entitled learn about the performance and can use it." Giffey had the law "Strong Family Law" baptized and justified with a better understandability. In the original it says "Law for the targeted strengthening of families and their children by redesigning the child supplement and improving services for education and participation".


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