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  • Cardboard-bound cover
  • 273 pages
Cardboard-bound cover


How just a few minutes can change a person’s life! In broad daylight and out of the blue, two masked men gained access to the business premises of entrepreneur Christiane Wuth, thus changing their lives. Just a few minutes and the lifelong consequences. "It survived" later wrote a well-known German consumer magazine. Yes, she survived this insidious attempt to murder her. But only physically. Since then, the once tough entrepreneur has only been a shadow of herself, lives only from impulses from third parties, has not left the house alone for over a year, is no longer able to work, even to run her household. Result: Care level I. Christiane Wuth literally has "Life Sentence" received, since no progress in mental recovery can be determined even after more than a year. The only thing that is left to her is that memories a once carefree life worth living and the love of her husband, who bravely took up the fight against windmills. Diagnosis: victim. "It is investigated for attempted murder, in deed with deprivation of liberty and serious bodily harm." According to the responsible public prosecutor. To this day, however, the perpetrators still have no face and every day turns out to be afraid of the unknown. A touching, deep story under the skin without any beautification of the circumstances. The authentic path of suffering of a person from the middle of our society, as it were a practical guide, which is aimed at the many victims and relatives in this country to show them helpful advice.

Christiane Wuth was born Mayer in Hanover in 1964 and later grew up in her parents’ house in Bokeloh near Hanover. Two daughters, a son and a grandson, along with their husband Armin, stand by their side. After completing secondary school, completing a training as a restaurant specialist, earning a technical college diploma and successfully completing a 4-semester course as a state-certified business economist, she has been working in the consulting industry since 2001 Expert, later also self-employed as a publisher. Since then, it has belonged to many organizations and has nationwide accreditations. As a publisher, author and co-author, she has already left recognizable literary traces. Since 2008 she lives with her husband in Bad Nenndorf in the Schaumburger Land / Lower Saxony.

quot; Invisible Wounds – As a second foreword, I would like to describe my explanations, as the foresighted, explanatory of all the circumstances described in this book that affect myself. At the same time I hereby offer a mirror in which you yourself, but also "Your loved ones" can recognize. My explanations are all about the invisible in us, the soul that has become a patient. In each of the subsequent ones chapter the different ways of looking at the topic will be raised, again and again new aspects, insights and messages will line up around the sensitivity of our innermost. It is not seldom about the repair that deals with it "workshops", one "TÜV" and many special examinations to get that "vehicle" keep mobile. All of my ideas, the associated knowledge, but also the handouts are not always transferable to the experiences and related feelings of the individual viewing. This one-off is too sensitive in us to be able to compare it at all times. The skin was too thin over the wounds to allow it to crack. (.) I am constantly looking for the healing power of silence, to look inwards, to feel my breathing again. The power of faith has become a feat. "Feel the pulse of your own heart. Calm inside, calm outside. (.) It is my story "between garden and dwarfs", the daisies towering like trees and the grass as high as hedges. With the knowledge of all past experiences, I am very clear that I can not trick my soul, but maybe to feed it permanently, so that it becomes sluggish again and in idleness in me "can set up". (.) May she feast on my cognitive processes and the results associated with them. If you speak of a balance that no longer exists, this is associated with countless symptoms, which I must first recognize and allow in order to be able to stand up to them piece by piece. When I report at the beginning of a mirror in which you can recognize yourself, if only in the beginning, or the suffering of your loved ones, I would like to grind the glass a little more to make the explosiveness of the emotional sensations, these disturbances tangible and understandable do. In this respect, I allow myself to present a short list below, which certainly does not claim to be complete, ultimately based on the experience mine draws, but still offers signals, which creative basis should offer to spread the seed, always with the goal in mind to be able to bring in the harvest at some point. This includes the heavy mental and everyday burdens, includes symptoms in which you may be able to recognize your own suffering. . "

1 Ahead of my thoughts
2 invisible wounds
3 company anniversary
4 Just died
5 terminus slaughterhouse
6 Interview with God and Death
7 20 DEN
8 Delivered, delivered
9 A night in someone else’s bed
10 One red light too many
11 Siamese twins
12 The visible and the invisible
13 May it be a little bit more?
14 letter to my soul
15 My life plan
16 I assume that I cannot accept anything
17 The Suicide Handbook
18 The end of the tranquility
19 I’m packing my suitcase
20 Apparently inconspicuous
21 From a long flu
22 Blood is not always thicker than water
23 "Fear eats up soul"
24 An eye for an eye
25 The Forbidden City
26 blind cow
27 When the cheese disappeared into the shoe cabinet
28 Visit to the zoo
29 Life is public
30 So it is right for the press
31 Help yourself, otherwise someone will help you
1. Victim-perpetrator discussion and the long way to the therapist
2. A strong partner, or how I find one
3. Deal with what happened
4. Be careful
5. From my everyday therapeutic work
6. What else can I do for myself?
7. Act before things are there
32 final chord
33 said thanks
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