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When her son is one year old, Inga notices for the first time that he develops differently with other children. The diagnosis five years later: Tourette syndrome. The funny grimaces and sudden exclamations challenge the whole family. Ingas’ son hates his illness.

In the period around his first birthday, I noticed for the first time that my son is different from other children. Back then he always had a “flip-flop” at the same time, he always ran around and hurt himself and others. It later became apparent that he only spoke the bare essentials and didn’t want to run anymore. Then there was a phase that was a real stress test for me.

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This text corresponds to the requirements of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.

Researchers have studied the evolution of reproduction

Our type of reproduction is associated with some health risks and yet many different organisms have developed this method of reproduction in the course of evolution. The question is where the evolutionary benefits of this type of reproduction lie. The results of a new study now suggest that this shape which protects reproduction from certain types of cancer.

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We will find the right dog for you.

At first glance, the girls and boys are just normal children. It is only at second glance that you notice: They often do not answer questions, they are easily distracted, they like to talk or they are introverted, some have screaming attacks and are not to be calmed down, others have special interests or special talents, some sit silent, others walk around constantly touching all objects. Some children prefer not to leave the house, the others like to be out and about, but have trouble recognizing the dangers of the street and have to be kept back by their parents. Others run somewhere and are suddenly gone.

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Ashtanga yoga

The lessons are taught in yoga centers or at your home for 75 minutes. Ashtanga Yoga is a very old form of yoga taught by Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta. Sri T. Krishnamacharya was taught this yoga form by his guru, Rama Mohan Brahmachari, in the early 1900s and later taught to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, who founded the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. The institute is run today by his grandson R. Sharath Jois.

It is a powerful and transformative form that uses the synchronization of breath and movement in a progressive series of yoga poses. This process produces one inner, cleansing heat which detoxifies muscles and organs. You will notice improved blood circulation, a light and strengthened body and a calm, clear mind.

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markArtur HB5-6 – Inside the helmet are lining removable parts that can be washed and dried repeatedly. The helmet is equipped with six ports providing a constant supply of air to the interior of the helmet – AIR FLOW system. It offers comfort for the child, even when riding on a bicycle in a child seat.

High quality helmet ensures comfort and above all safety. This helmet can be easily adapted to any shape and size of the head. Children’s bike helmet meteor mv6-2 helmet for the youngest user. Child while driving is particularly prone to falls, wind and sun, which protects the face from injury because the front of the helmet has a slightly contoured visor and, above all, does not limit the field of vision.

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Stories, fairy tales and poems

04 Monday Nov 2019


When the little angel met a fairy tale

One evening when the little angel landed on a trip to earth in a small town, he met a fairy tale. It was sitting on a branch of the market tree, which was festively decorated with many lights and glittering stars, and was waiting for a human child. It could not wait to finally meet a child or, better, a lot of children, since it had a lot to tell. Because it was a new Fairy tale. A Christmas fairytale, to be precise. A wonderful, brand new Christmas fairy tale.
"Hello," greeted the little angel. "Are you a human child? I’m waiting for you. For a long time. "
The angel shook his head. "No. I’m sorry. I am not a human child. I’m an angel. A little angel, but that should change over time. "
"Then you are an angel child. How wonderful. ”The fairy tale was happy. "That fits. I could also have been waiting for angel children, because what I want to tell appeals to every child. Every angel child too. It is designed for children. I, the fairy tale, was made for children. What are you saying?"
The little angel was startled. He didn’t understand what the fairy tale was trying to tell him. "I guess there are no angel children. In any case, I haven’t met any and I already have a lot of… "
"Child is child," said the fairy tale, which now finally wanted to tell its fairy tale, quickly. "And therefore …"
"Stop! Stop, ”the little angel interrupted the fairy tale that was just about to start telling. "Don’t waste your fairy tale on me! For most people, I’m often one myself. So let’s go together on a child wait who believes in fairy tales and angels! "
He sat on the branch of the fir tree next to the fairy tale and then they both waited. The time was not long for them, because they knew each other much tell.

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Horstmann-Neu Munich

So-called “late speakers”, ie late talkers, are 2-year-old children who have a lower than average vocabulary. – A 2 year old child should have about 50 active words in his or her language. It is not important whether the child always speaks the words correctly. Childish word forms can also be counted here as a word. Like "wau wau" for dogs ect. It is important, however, that the child points out something with a sound that always sounds the same. The older the child is, the more words they should speak. Children aged 2 1/2 years should use at least 100 words. If not, it belongs to the group of late talkers.

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Mental disability and mental disorder

Table of Contents:

Difference between learning disabilities and ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and learning disability are two separate entities that can coexist in a child. If a preschooler has problems reading, writing, completing a task, learning a new task, social skills, friendship, or communicating, they definitely need help. Some children learn quickly while others are slow. But if a child is far behind in their class and also has certain behavioral problems, then they must be tested for learning disability or ADHD by an experienced counselor or pediatrician. These conditions, if diagnosed early, can be largely treated. Let us understand each of these conditions in detail.

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Tests of smartphones, digital cameras, tablets and much more: CNET.DE provides well-founded editorial reports on all current trends, products and technologies in digital life. With its independent and competent product tests and useful practical contributions, not only provides valuable support in the purchase decision, but also in the practical everyday use of the products. Interactive services and multimedia-based content make an appealing range of information for an active and modern readership.

Cnet »Press Release» LEGO® Education celebrates 40 years of STEM learning for children with a new, practice-oriented learning concept

LEGO® Education celebrates its 40th birthday with the global launch of the new learning concept LEGO® Education SPIKE ™ Prime. The practical STEM learning solution combines LEGO bricks, a programmable hub with motors and sensors and 32 teaching units. With the SPIKE app, which is based on the popular programming language Scratch, the hub can be controlled and thus the self-made models can be brought to life. Since 1980 the company has been a pioneer in the field of .

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Part II of
"The Hidden History of Humanity",
of Phillip Lindsay

In part one of "The Hidden History of Humanity Documentary" we have given an introduction to the greater scheme of the cosmos and the enormous cycles of the Manvantaras that circulate through the chains and globes of our earth scheme. This included looking at the Hindu yugas and astronomical precession cycles, as well as the cyclical nature of time, all of which are inextricably linked to the development of the root races, subraces and nations, in short the history of civilizations. We examined the idea of ​​human individualization in ancient Lemuria and the implantation of the spirit spark that started the evolution of consciousness across the root races. This period of planetary history encompasses the deep mystery of the origin of the human soul.

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