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1 Dry chesty cough in children – an observational study with marshmallow syrup M. Fasse, E. Zieseni[t, D. Bdssler Son.


Dry irritable cough in children an observational study with marshmallow syrup M. Fasse, E. Zieseni[t, D. Bdssler reprint auspdd (11)2005

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Irritant cough in children liockener with marshmallow syrup an application observation the first three days of a cold occurs and has no physiological benefit. It can also occur irrespective of colds (2.8.Allergies, heavy smoking In this application observation of parents, dry heating air), the efficacy and tolerability of a herbal cough syrup can still be known if other symptoms of colds are present.Dry marshmallows with the active substance marshmallow root under irritable cough are examined primarily at night in practice conditions. 313 children up to the age of 12 took part in paediatric sleep-through disorders in doctor’s surgeries in the form of a sensation of lousiness, since it can lead to insomnia and examination. The children suffered from >mucosal irritations in the mouth and cough in general is an ephysioanswort pharynx and associated losischsinnvollereflektorische mechanical, chemical or entdiffli- ed from dry irritable cough material 3 to ( 6 years, > 6 to ( 12 years.10 paediatric practices participated in the observation. The children’s sled to the >mucosal irritation in the mouth and throat and to the dry and dry and irritable coughs 3 b i s 6 b i s 6 bis ( l2lahre (n = 98). the pain in the throat, pain in the throat, as well as undesired documented the youngest patient was three months, who was also the doctor in those zenin the breast) and accompanying symptoms,

According to the different age of the patients, body weight and height varied strongly between the individual age groups. In all age groups, irritation of the mucous membranes and dry irritable cough were caused by acute catarrhal lung diseases of the respiratory tract, only in a few cases was irritable cough caused by dry (3.8%) or other heating air diseases. The average duration of the disease before the start of treatment was 2.9 days, but varied between 0 days (doctor’s visit on the day of the beginning of the cough) and 35 days. A total of 133 accompanying diseases were documented in98 children’s cases. In 56.4oÄ of the cases, these were diseases that could be regarded in the wider sense as concomitant diseases of the colds causing the cough irritation, in 12.8o/o of the cases abdominal/gastrointestinal complaints and in 30.8% other diseases. The accompanying diseases were usually treated causally or symptomatically with one treatment. Three children on lead medication were excluded from the efficacy evaluation because they received a lead medication, which was also indicated for dry irritable cough.

The severity of the various coughing symptoms, cough-related symptoms and accompanying symptoms at the beginning and end of the observation period. The number of children, both of whom were registered for the individual symptoms, is given.

TeitNumber, point Total

moderately low none

Cough symptoms Cough intensity Beginning 3 1 0 ano End Cough frequency Beginning 3 1 0 End 309

Time of day start 308 Characteristic end zJl

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