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Class teachers Ms. Holz (VSK a) and Ms. Stamm (VSK b). Ms. Ertel provides support in the classroom, supports in small groups and conducts physical education classes.

What are the preschool children of the VSK doing?? We were read the story "The yellow-red pumpkin". It begins with a pumpkin seed and tells of its development to the giant pumpkin.
Then we had to paint a pumpkin with yellow, red and green wax crayons.
Finally, we cooked and ate pumpkin soup. It tasted good to almost all children, some just tried it.

Preschool Information: The children "learn" five hours a day and play like the "real" school children.
Classes start at 8 a.m. every day. The school day ends at 1 p.m. From 1.00 p.m. the children have lunch in the cafeteria. For this, the children have to be registered.

In the VS, learning and playing times alternate during the day. During the learning period, all children should take part in the offers according to their possibilities. In the following season, the free game will be the focus.

Timetable: Twice during the week we go to the gym or exercise room for sports.
Once a week there is the toy day, to which every child brings a game, book or toy. It then presents it to the other children. We celebrate birthdays and celebrations in class and take part in almost all activities that take place in primary school.

Content: Preschool work is based on the "Guidelines for Education in Pre-School Classes", which describes the skills and abilities that are important for later school enrollment. The offer is based on the cycle of the year and the needs of the children. The preschool work can be divided into different areas: music, works, mathematics, language, play, creative design, living and learning in social terms, sport, cooking / baking and traffic education.

Mathematics: We use the time until school to expand the mathematical knowledge of your children. Our support in front of the school is tailored to mathematics learning in primary school. In the pre-school we work with the small number book and in the primary school with the number book.

 Small number book for early math education
 Promotion of high-performing students through research tasks
 Support weak pupils through small group work
 Reinforced instructions for independent and individual learning through versatile materials In the 1st class, the number book begins with the two thematic blocks "Development of the concept of numbers" and "Power of the Five" (structured counting), which are prerequisites for arithmetic in the twenties and beyond.In preschool, we prepare future elementary school students precisely for these first two subject blocks of the number book in 1st grade. Wherever possible, the time until enrollment should be used to develop the previous knowledge of all students.

Language education: encounter with literature

• Visit to the library
• FLY – family learning
• Reading corner in the class

Create speaking opportunities
• Talk about a topic
• Questions about a read book
• Toy Day pre-reading and writing exercises

• Swing and writing exercises
• Rhyme and syllable training
• Loud exercises
• Stamp exercises with letters

The essential prerequisite for mastering the initial lessons of primary school is the use of the German language. Our preschool makes an important contribution to this: it promotes the child’s communication skills, it is the basis for the systematization of language, and it arouses interest in the written language. Lessons in preschool are always language lessons. We address all children and their needs so that they are able to follow the lessons and actively participate in a conversation at the beginning of school. Depending on the child’s level of language development, we support in preschool each Child individually according to his needs.

Parental involvement: Parents are needed every now and then when support is needed, e.g. as an accompaniment to baking and handicrafts at Christmas time and of course on excursions. The help of interns in preschool is equally important. Interns are welcome and welcome here!

Registration for preschool: Registration starts in December and is possible until the end of January. The school office is responsible for this. Please bring the following documents with you to register:
  • birth certificate their child
  • official registration confirmation for your child
  • Identity card or passport of the legal guardian
  • if necessary, a court decision on parental care

Please fill out this form in advance. It applies to both 1st grade and preschool.


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